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Runes balance?

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#1 CroOrc



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Posted 02 July 2013 - 04:53 PM

Anybody found a way to balance runes for rune wars scenario?


Imho Tact and diplomacy rune (+3 total strength during a battle or siege) is way overpowered vs other runes and player lucky enought to get that rune wins almost always.


Other runes are not bad if you are not noob. But Speed and stealth and death and decay rune are rly bad, no mather how you play they just cant beat other runes even if you are pro.


Any house rules for hot fixing runes like:


Tact and diplomacy -> +2 total str instead of 3


Wrath and vengeance -> you can use it when attacking other players home realm but you must destroy 2 cards from hand to activate


Pain and sacrifice -> deal 1 dmg to home realm, reveal top 2 cards. Draw 1 to your hand and discard OR DESTROY other.


Wealth and industry -> when you spend a gold card OR INFLUENCE (from stronghold card) exhaust this card to temporarily increase gold or influence value by 1. That gold card or stronghold card is destroyed at the end of spend gold/influence action


Death and decay -> same effect but you can destroy more than one card to deal more than one dmg to home realm


Speed and stealth -> can be activated when other players attack your home realm but you must successfully defend it to use its effect. And it should deal 2 dmg to enemy players home realm



For now on... We play this scenario without runes. Its much peaceful game then :)

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#2 daggonthing



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Posted 09 September 2013 - 08:32 AM

I do agree that some of the runes are a bit overpowered, but it all depends on the group you're playing with. For example, in my group, when someone starts pulling ahead, everyone pretty much gangs up on them, which totally mitigates the powers of the runes. We don't really play that scenario much anymore though, there just isn't enough strategy involved compared to some of the other scenarios. One important you can do is check the faq every now and then to see if they adjusted any of the cards for balance.

#3 Vynomer



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Posted 28 March 2014 - 02:46 PM

Wealth and Industry, as it stands, is already the most powerful rune in the deck. Only making it weaker could help. Nothing like destroying those irritating gold cards from your deck at the same time as purchasing super cool expensive dude at the same time!


Tact and Diplomacy is almost as broken, but recall it only works when fighting at cities, and not at home realms. No, it's major benefit is the ability to snipe high cost cities from the central play area for low strength, and then keep them without much trouble. Yay for quick 3 gold or, worse, quick dragons!


I think the rest of the cards are decently balanced against each other. It's really only those two. Recall that any change that 'forces' a player to destroy cards out of his own hand is basically a free way to cut the chafe. This game is about removing cards from your own deck as much as about buying new cards into it. Optimization is the name of the game.

#4 Valdemart



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Posted Yesterday, 02:49 AM

Tact and Diplomacy is almost as broken, but recall it only works when fighting at cities, and not at home realms. No, it's major benefit is the ability to snipe high cost cities from the central play area for low strength, and then keep them without much trouble.


You are right about the rest, but I am not certain about the Tact and Diplomacy Rune. The way it is written, alongside with the text of other cards, I assume that "During a battle or siege against a city" means that it can be triggered only when you siege the city, and not when you defend it. Otherwise they write it like this: "When you participate in a battle or siege of a city...".


As for the Death and Decay - I think it is alright, you can start from turn 1, if you wish, to attack home realm with a 1-cost unit, pass and deal 1 damage, alongisde destroying cards you do not want. 5 turns - 5 damage against the strongest player, filtering those coins and basically changing your 5 1-gold coins to higher value gold. The downside is that you are basically losing 2 cards per turn to run this and your oponent gets to cycle his cards... It sure has it's uses, especially for races with more card fetch.


My concern is Wrath and Vengeance - defending the Home Realm is a primary task, and to utilize this card you have to spare a card in your hand, taking the 33% chance that your oponent will roll no skulls. Seems too random to me. An idea you can try - modify the ability like this: "...and destroy one card from your hand, if any, to...". This way you can dump your units to the battlefield to minimize the incoming damage if your luck is bad while still destroying any obsolete gold/ tactics that slow your deck down. Use this carefully though, as in addition to minimizing the early aggression, now it will be awesome in the endgame as well.


Finally, Speed and Stealth. I have no idea what to do with that. The thing that troubles me is that 4 of the 6 cards are features you can choose to use. However, Wrath and Vengeance requires someone else to do something so you can use it, and Speed and Stealth gives you the bonus AFTER you fulfill a condition - so basically it is not a rune, but a quest. Therefore it is good to think of house rules that makes them activate by the players choice to increase their potency. My idea for Speed and Stealth is this: "Whenever you defend successfully in a siege, deal 1 damage to the attacking player's Home Realm. Do not exhaust this card when you use it." Thus we keep the spirit of the card, being a counterattack, and now it is actually good - makes the opponents think twice whether they should attack you.


Here is the place to admit that I still haven't played Runewars scenario, besides testing it alone. However, some of the effects on the runes are quite obviously weak as you too have observed. When I manage to gather my gaming group and play several times I will share my observations.

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