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New player with tons of questions, help!

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#1 Odessa



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Posted 29 June 2013 - 04:08 AM

I have so many questions I don't even know where to start!

I will be playing on the side of the Axis. Totenmeister will be leading the Blutkreuz suicide squad. She has 4 health points. The Suicide Squad has 5 health points. Isn't it true that when a squad is led by a hero, they take the combat values of that hero? Does that mean that the suicide squad will now have 4 health points instead of 5?

I've played the game once. Both my friend and I read the rules but we had to guess quite a bit on how to interpret them. If a player has 4 health points, does that mean they have to get hit with 4 hit symbol rolls to die all at once and during the course of an attack can they take let's say 2 hits and survive and then continue on injured with 2 hits? Is it all or nothing in terms of damage/death/elimination of a player?

I will be using the Axis hero Stefan. He has a Flammenwerfer 40. On his unit card it's listed as 1/+ under the armored value of 2 and 3. I have no idea how to apply this to any attack against the Allies. How many many spaces does he fire the flamethrower? Is it just any adjacent spaces?



#2 golem101



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Posted 07 July 2013 - 03:50 AM

The squad plus the hero will have the combined total of 9 health points. Remember that the damage is distributed between hero health points and squad health points (single minis) by the owning player, not the one that inflicts the damage - unless it's the snipers or units that operate in a similar way.


Damage points need not to be inflicted in a single attack, they pile up during the game in the usual fashion. So you take 1 point, go on with a minor injury, then you take another 2, go on with a bit of a risk, and then the final point of damage takes you out of action.


Stefan's Flammenwerfer is a range 1 weapon (the small number between the weapon's name and the actual damage line), so just adjacent spaces; according the rulebook it's a damage blast weapon - page 24 - and as such you roll 1 dice for each targeted miniature and eliminate the entire unit if at least one die result is a +.

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#3 Stryc9



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Posted 29 July 2013 - 04:50 AM

Just to clarify this, there are two combat values that are attributed to these attacks. Incendiary Blast (X/+) where you roll "X" dice for each targeted minature and inflict one point of damage for each HIT result (for squads, or multiple minatures on a single base).


The other is AP Incendiary Blast (X/skull) which is used for targeting vehicles. With this you roll "X" dice and eliminate the unit entirely if at least one HIT result is rolled.


On pg 24 of the Core Rules Revised, the wording suggests that for AP Incendiary Blast you roll "X" dice for each targeted minature, however since this applies to vehicles there is only ever one targeted minature. It could be a wording redundancy, but you never know exactly what they could have planned for this game ;)

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