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Corpse-Starch Soup for the 40K Soul…

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Posted 16 June 2013 - 10:19 AM

A question about the Nature of the Soul (in 40K, anyway):
So, the 'soul' in the 40Kverse is defined as the psychic energy signature of an individual, which resonates in the warp. Some races (the ones with a high percentage of psykers, like Eldar) have 'stronger' souls than others (the ones- like the Tau- who have few if any psykers). My question is: is the 'soul' a product of consciousness, or sentience, psychic aptitude, or something else? Do animals have 'trace' souls, since people don't recoil from them the way they do from soulless Untouchables? Would a sentient race genetically engineered from lower animals have nominal souls, or would they be considered soulless?

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Posted 16 June 2013 - 12:28 PM

The WH40k Soul is hard to catch. In the End everything relates to the Warp, the question is: how much. Everything is driven my emotion, the good and the bad though the stronges embodyment of the warp we can see is clearly the bad side but this does not mean there is nothing "good" (in my interpretation this is where faith talents and things like living saits have to be put).

Well, now that we have specified that emotions are necessary we more or less are stuck with sentient species, those that actualy can have feeling. This includes every sentient species like Tau, Eldar, Humans, etc. Orks for example are a grey area. They are so simplistic and self-confident with their pure emotions that they are very unlikly to willingly accept chaos for it hols very little attraction for them. Beeing an Ork is the best thing for them, and the promise of slaughter is quite uninterisitng for their life actualy already consists of slaughter. Nevertheless they can be driven into chaos.

And now that we have consciousness AND sentience we have to address the overal psycic power of a race. The Eldar are an "awaken" race. They have reached their zenith while the humans are still developing. I cant say where I read it but it seems that psykers became more and more common over the millenias but still the humans race is just a mere shadow of the eldar race. The Tau on the other Hand are very weak and have not reached a level where they brought a single psyker on the galactic stage. Either they are kinda "blank" or they still have to age as a race to increase their overal psychic aptitude.

And now we actualy talk about the Soul. The Soul as it is "devoured" by Chaos for example is the combination of conscious emotions that "resonate" through the warp. Their resonation in fact is dependant on their psycic strenght. Hundred "average" dead humans wont create such a strong resonance like a hundred "average" eldar would do. A Tau may still have a soul in this definition but its impact on the warp, the power it holds, is just a glimpse in comparision.

And about the Untouchables. They are not soulles per definition though there is no definition in WH40k fluff for this. It is just a nickname. In fact they just work different. Their "Soul" resonantes differently kinda like a negative of what seems to be "normal" but it still is there, it just has another frequency that works like a neutralizer, of if it is realy poerful, may even burn you out.

An artifical race would be like the orks that are, in fact, more or less artifical. They have a soul but just like for any young race it requires time to develope and as you can see, the Orks have psykers in their ranks but the simple ork minds abuse them for some rather silly tasks.

And animals way wield some psycic resonance but they are uncable of real emotions that actualy affect the warp. This is the reason why humans and not lotsa kittens are sacrificed.

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