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Scaling encounters for high level PCs

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Posted 16 December 2013 - 12:02 AM

And I find it baffling how anyone could think TB skin armour was a good idea. I guess such different positions are just the result of how we perceive the ruleset's effects on the atmosphere, and how we interpret the setting itself. :)


This version of Righteous Fury is offending my sense of realism. Yes, yes, we may be playing a game that has daemons and Warp magicks and futurespace laser guns, but that doesn't mean we have to condone such hilarious ideas as the RAW making no difference between a rock and a las blast when it comes to applying damage. The old "+1d10 bonus damage" at least placed greater emphasis on the gear itself, although I would have preferred if the damage would actually scale with the weapon's original damage. That being said, at least RF in Only War does not need confirmation like it was the case in earlier games, so that's at least one area where it got (subjectively) better.


Truth be told, I'm not even sure we should have something like Righteous Fury in these games at all, given that we already have a degree of randomness in the default damage profile, but I can see its merits in terms of cool narrative results, like shooting someone in the eye. The way you are relying on it to defend the massive resilience of characters in these games, however, is something I just can't understand. Even more interesting is that it is exactly this Righteous Fury that would also allow your Space Marine to get "beaten up by little kids". Yet somehow this is not an issue for you here, it seems.


Anyways ... yes, increasing weapon damage might actually be another viable idea. That being said, given the number of weapons this sounds like a lot of effort. Much easier to just do away with TB for a similar effect with less work. Though I am, as you know, in favour of adopting one of the alternate systems to make TB count somewhere else. :)


Anyway, you may not like the RF mechanic, but it exists, and this is why "a mass of troops with Lasguns may wound a Space Marine with Armor 10 or 12 sometimes, but not much per shot," which is the point being addressed. A mass of troops with lasguns can, and will, do this. This is a mythical problem.


1 point of damage is "not much per shot". 6 damaging hits out of 120 shots is "sometimes". So I'd say his point still stands.


And just because a mechanic exists doesn't mean we cannot look for improvements. That's what threads like these are for.

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