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Countering the psyker

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Posted 22 July 2013 - 02:12 PM

No that's fine about the fellowship stuff I'm just being a D*@% is all, it's the internet and all.


I was talking about the Dodge skill in general against other psychic powers, for Firestorm there isn't really anything you can do short of having the minor psychic power Endure Flames from the Disciples of the Dark Gods on page 27, which gives you immunity from fire damage.

Funny story about that one, may team and I where waiting for a ride on some back water planet and I floated up to see over the buildings, to see if I can see our ride coming. So the pilot must've seen me do this and told the Priest (PC by the way) on board that there was a deamon incursion or something and then next thing I know is our ride comes in and the Priest with troops under his command and tries to arrest me. Well I try to give up peacefully so as not to involve my teammates in a bloody fight, but Eli (Arbite) tell him no that the cell is not going to hand over the party psyker. That's when **** hits the fan, the Priest gets back on the ship and his troops starts firing at us. I'm like great just wonderful and then I realize that the Priest is going to tell the pilot to open fire on use with bolt rounds from the ship, I'm like Oh F#@% so I teleport into the ship as it's lifting off to try and reason with the Priest. And what do you know that jerk shots me with a Flame pistol, so on my turn I make my WP test and use Endure Flames to protect myself from anymore damage from his flame pistol but in the process the whole ship is on fire in the inside of the plan and the pilot and him are burning to death. I'm like I'm out of this dead bird now and I teleport up and out of the plan as it crashes directly on top of Ovan (PC I.G.) but with his luck (he has 9 Fate Points) it didn't leave a scratch on him.

So anyways, the Psyk-out grenade is very expensive and hard to come by so that may be out of the question but it's still possible. The only thing that I can think of that could possibly stop the Psybolt or Psycannon bolts is the Catch Projectile psychic power from Telekinesis Domain, but that can be left up to arguing on another thread though.

So basiclly you have to stay out of site to advoid Firestorm, maybe you could use concelment or knock out the lights or something idk or use a flash grenade to blind him first possibly so he can't see you and target you as well, that to say as long as he doesn't have protection from photon grenades.

Now you don't have to worry about Holocaust and Incinerate as long as you stay at the very least 11 m at all times and just keep moving way from him if he gets close or if he is acting funny, so try scouting when you can I guess to stay away as much as possible.

P.S.: OMG I didn't know that Fire Storm could get so powerful, I totally misread that power.



Players who can teleport at will and others who have 9 fate points???? This game is so broken and beyond repair I can't even imagine it.

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