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Taking the Shuttle instead

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#1 MrJoel



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Posted 31 May 2013 - 05:12 AM

I have a feeling my players may want to try taking the Lambda Class shuttle the Imps arrive on. Does anyone have the information that would be needed to perform the space battle portion of the game if I let them take the shuttle instead of the Krayt Fang? I would gues they might attempt to try to "fly casual" to get past the TIEs if they can pass the check I would send their way.

I have heard of a compilation that was made a starships but my searches have come up blank.

Any help would be great.




#2 Bjbu



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Posted 31 May 2013 - 06:13 AM

It is not that clever to let the PCs get away from Tatooine with the Imperial shuttle instead of capturing and getting away with the Krayt Fang, because in this case the PCs don't have a starship to use in future adventures without attracting attention - it wouldn't be a good idea to fly around with a stolen Imperial shuttle. Further reasons are: The adventure seeds "The Krayt Fang could be full of adventure! Each item or person … "  and "If Trex survived  …" cannot be used by You in further adventures.

Therefore it should be very, very hard to capture the Imperial shuttle. I would make that clear to let the players think about it twice. But if they want to attempt this nevertheless, then - of course - it shouldn't be impossible to do so. It should be more challenging than to capture the Krayt Fang. In such an encounter You could use the values of Trex for an Imperial Stormtrooper Officer and some Stormtrooper Minion Groups. But if the PCs really manage this task, then I would let them fly away with the shuttle. The TIE-Fighter-Pilots wouldn't attack one of their allies, would they? Because the PCs don't have to install the HMRI to jump to lightspeed, they can jump to lightspeed as soon as they are clear of the planet's gravity. So, encounter 7 wouldn't take place. WHAT? A Star Wars adventure without space combat … by no means … Another reason that the PCs should get away with the Krayt Fang.

#3 MrJoel



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Posted 31 May 2013 - 07:24 AM

I suspect whatever vessel the TIE launched from Might inquire as to why the shuttle is leaving ahead of schedule or why they had not updated their flight plan thus revealing themselves if they fail whatever deception check I would throw their way. I would also expect that the Imperials might have a means of tracking their shuttle thus forcing an encounter with the imperials down the road and opening up an option to infiltrate an imperial facility.

I just don't know how to have the shuttle stack up against the TIE fighters or other vessels if they enter combat.

But yes space combat does certainly add flavor to the session.

#4 CStevenRoss



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Posted 12 July 2013 - 09:30 PM

Heck yeah, stealing that shuttle would be AWESOME! Here is a stat sheet I did for the ol' Lambda Imperial Shuttle: http://triumphdespai...-shuttle-going/

And I mean, come one, when Wave 3 of XWing miniatures comes out you're going to be looking for a way to justify buying that big shuttle expansion, amiright?!

#5 Khaunshar



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Posted 15 July 2013 - 05:55 AM

I d actually let them do it. Its an inventive way, and if they manage to fight through an entire docking bay of stormtroopers, AND manage to talk their way through the usual docking/landing procedures of the ship the shuttle came from, more power to them. Also, you could have Trex hunt them in the Krayt Fang, if you want your starship combat, with the TIE fighters on THEIR side. Just beef up the Krayt Fang a little, its a cool, possibly three-way space combat.

#6 Nemecci



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Posted 16 July 2013 - 07:35 AM

I'd say 15-20 storm troopers came aboard that shuttle. Most of them having some drills or handling cargo in hangar when players approach the area. If that doesn't drive PCs to another direction I don't know what will.

If they somehow manage to steal the shuttle TIEs will attack stolen shuttle since the Empire doesn't allow theft of its vehicles.

Cargo could still contain same type of story seeds as Krayt Fang you never know what the empire was hauling.

#7 copperbell



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Posted 04 August 2013 - 04:08 AM

Done that in as a player in a d6 game but the gm never followed up on that, a shame really!


Darth Vader's personal shuttle but it was an alternate universe right before he ran a game where we ended up in another parallel universe involving Daleks and Cybermen.


That's when the game ended, mostly because he wanted to reboot it, I knew how to resolve it without a problem and another player had a fit because he thought if I ran that game his character would be altered since every time he ran the game he boosted his character's abilities.


All I had planned was explain they were stuck 20 years in the past and my character left them hidden stuck in carbonite until help arrived since my character died shortly before he could arrange their safe recovery but did send help to the one member who wasn't stuck in the past.


Shame really it only meant I'd introduce two new potential enemy groups based on the idea that the Emperor wouldn't have those force sensitives captured and brainwashed and yet not do anything with them.


The Brotherhood a Darth Maul inspired group who are combat heavy but not force heavy a limit to insure they're not a threat to the Emperor and his apprentice, and the Sisterhood the order whose best operatives are the source of the Emperor's Hands doesn't mean a Brotherhood operative couldn't become one but the Sisterhood are Force intensive in one area so they work in groups of threes with one good at one specific force power rather than all three for the same reason as above.


Had this image where his character is approached whilst asleep and in a force dream she warns his character that if he doesn't get rid of his darkside points the Emperor and his operatives will be able to hunt him down wherever he hides and those around him would die if he doesn't.


One thing I really hated about the d6 version is that it should be easier for the Emperor to locate Jedi with darkside points because he's the Sith Lord and darkside is his thing!


Okay the gm was looking at setting up his character to become a rival to Vader ignoring the fact he had turned Luke to the darkside making this idiotic but as he said its his game.


Sorry I'll stop there still would like to know what happened if this particular idea is followed up by your PCs! :D

#8 kinnison



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Posted 07 August 2013 - 11:55 PM

They can take the shuttle only if the GM lets them.


The way I would think of it, there are at around 20 Troopers, maybe one or two trooper Sargent.  A Imperial officer and 3-5 crew.  Half of the troopers are patrolling Mos Shuuta, while the other are in reserve and guarding the shuttle.


Now lets say you distract the troopers, you have to hope that there is no lockout activated by the shuttle crew,and  players are not locked out of the cockpit.


If they had a highly skilled slicer in their group (unlikely due to it being a starting adventure) they could probably take off and try to  leave tatooine.  The local imperial garrison, once it found out the shuttle was stolen, would likely send everything it had against you.. that would be a full squadron of TIEs.


I could go on.


My players saw the troopers and ran the other direction.

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#9 Jaenus



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Posted 11 September 2013 - 12:37 PM

Can we take the shuttle?


Yes, but there is likely a squad or two of stormtroopers there, a couple technicians, plus security bots.  You'll also have to hack the security program to gain access to the shuttle and then convince starport control to release the clamps, as well as convince the TIEs that you've left ahead of schedule for some good reason, but, yes, you could.  It's also likely that the Fang doesn't have nearly this much security.  The call is yours.


And sit back and watch.

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