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Magic Projection. Losing Concentration.

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#1 MoonShadow



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Posted 20 May 2013 - 08:39 PM

Just for clarification :

1)I am a wizard and I am attacked from someone with a sword. Do I have the choice as a wizard to use my Magic Projection as a defensive roll instead of Dodge or Block and if I succeed I will raise a shield using one of my spells?

2) About a Wizard losing concentration: If I am attacked and the attack succeeds do you lose the zeon you have accumulated if you roll under the amount of damage you received or under the base damage of the attack without the modifiers? For example, someone attacks me with a Dagger (base damage 30 Str bonus +10 final damage 40).If I roll lower than 30 or 40 do I lose all my accumulated zeon points?

I ask this because the rules and the example in page 110 Damage During Accumulation confused me a little.

3) Last, what does that means: "In cases where the character's Intelligence does not even allow him to reach the minimum value of the spell, the spellcaster will be incapable of understanding it".Page 113 about Using Spells last sentence.


Thank you very much!

#2 Black-Fox



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Posted 21 May 2013 - 01:23 AM

1) You are able to use your Magic Projection in place of defence IF you have already, or are able to immediately, cast a defensive spell.

2) This question I can understand your confusion, as the passage has a mistake in it. The example is actually right.

Eg. If you have accumulated 50 Zeon, and suffer an attack with a Final Damage of 60. You must make a Withstand Pain check with a Difficulty of 120. If you fail the check with a result between 60-119, then you loose those 50 accumulated points of Zeon, however, they do go back into your Zeon pool and can be accumulated again. If you failed the check with a result of 59 or less, then not only do you loose those 50 accumulated points of Zeon, but they do not go back into your Zeon pool, and need to be recovered. Ie. They act as though they have been spent. (Remember we discussed Spent points back when talking about Ki.

3) This one is a little tricky, and personally I feel that it might take me a while for you to understand it, but here goes. For this lesson and example, I will be using the Incinerate spell, which is the Level 60 Spell of the Path of Fire, and can be found on the page 145.

Now in the description of Fire Ball you can see under a label of Maximum Zeon that is says "Intelligence x10". What this means is that maximum amount of Zeon your character can spend casting this spell is your character's Intteligence characteristic times 10. For example if your character has an Intelligence of 5, then the mazimum amount of Zeon they can spend while casting that spell is 50 Zeon. Which in this case is well below the Base casting cost of the actual spell. What that means is that even if your chracter had invested 60 Magic Levels in the Path of Fire and thus technically knew how to cast the Incinerate spell, they would be unable to actually cast that spell. However once their Intelligence increased to a high enough value to allow your character to spend enough Zeon equal to the Base casting cost of the spell, in this case they would need to have a Intelligence of at least 10, then they are able to cast that spell whenever they so wish.

#3 MoonShadow



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Posted 21 May 2013 - 05:00 AM

Thanks again!

Everything was explained perfectly but can you please explain how a wizard or a mentalist use a shield in a fight ?

#4 Sidisessinu



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Posted 21 May 2013 - 01:31 PM

For a wizard/mentalist, it depends on wether the spell is created from Magic, or Psychic powers. If from magic, then he uses his magic projection for his defense roll, and this is only IF he has the spell already in place, or has the Zeon acculumated to cast at that time. If it is a Psychic shield, then he uses his Psychic projection for the defense. I do believe that a Psychic though can raise a shield at any time, if they have not already used all their potential during thier turn… in that regard the Psychic uses the amount of his potential that he wishes to use in the power, and rolls to see how powerful the shield is. From there the defense is the same.

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