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Star Wars LCG Stream

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#21 TinyGrimes



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Posted 19 May 2013 - 04:07 AM

I'll echo the sentiment that I usually look for the best players I can for the stream is because I'm intending it as a tool for the community. Watching me beat up on less experienced players isn't as helpful. Having said that, I play plenty of less experienced players, so you don't have to worry about me being elitist. If it appears that way, it's for the good of others. However, I would add, if you want to do some serious testing you should be seeking out the best players you can find. As I've said many times to many players, the best way to learn is to lose.

As far as my own skill is concerned, I don't make any claims either way. I will say I feel like I play about 60% of my skill on the stream. I'm spending a lot of energy on attempting to both interact with those in the chat lobby and providing useful commentary. But I have thick skin (as anyone who makes their game public should) so feel free to criticize my play. In fact, I think talking about strategic errors you see in my games are good learning tools for the community. 

In short, I hope you enjoy the stream and I'll continue to try to find the best opponents I can while not excluding people who want to be on it. If people are finding it not worth watching due to play errors please do say so as my goal is to provide a tool and not waste your time.

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Posted 19 May 2013 - 04:12 AM

1. @ Tiny, I wouldn’t worry about narrating and playing if anything it will make you a better player – able to multitask and deal with pressure.  Everyone is going to make mistakes, its more about how you play back from them then making them in the first place alot of actions start as pure sweetness then a twist of fate, heat of battle, or ackbar later it looks like a fools errand.  Hindsight is 20/20 and so is speciation. 

2. Confidence can appear as condescension – While I find it irritating that Tiny names every single deck on the podcast I listen to it because I enjoy it, I don’t have to if I stop enjoying it.  I would look at this stream the same way.  What I think tiny is really doing here is opening the community up to an expectation of more competitive play.  I know netrunner players who play 15-20 games a day on octgn to practice for worlds Tiny streaming is not a way for him to “show off” im sure it does not make it easier or more fun.  It’s a way to educate and help a lot of us get better, some of us play in smaller metas then Tiny and Ben, we might not know all their tricks by Tiny streaming is a way of sharing game play tips and extending the reach of the podcast so we can see what he is talking about, its simply more community interaction and will really excite a lot of players into playing on a higher level.

3.  Streaming, and watching replays is a good way to practice Star Wars, which seems to me is a game about luck and skill more then deck building (this factors into the luck though) Watching a player work through bad hands in ways you would not is how you learn to play.

Granted, when you host a podcast and run a stream your opening yourself up to feedback and we shouldent jump on people for asking "what does skilled mean to tiny?"



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