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What to buy for the casual player?

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#1 Ceodryn



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Posted 09 May 2013 - 01:04 PM


I am a fan of the Warhammer world, and received last christmas the WHI Core Set. I play it casually with my friends, and I am the one providing the cards. 

I'd like to expand, but I am quite confused as to what to buy, between the multitude of battle packs within the 6 cycles, and the deluxe expansions.

Should I focus on one cycle and buy all packs within? For example, what would the Corruption cycle do to my game? Or should I just go for the deluxe expansions?

Thanks in advance



#2 Mallumo



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Posted 10 May 2013 - 04:29 AM

I'd recommend getting Assault on Ulthuan first, so you get the High Elf and Dark Elf factions. The other deluxe expansions, March of the Damned and Legends, should be the next purchases, simply because they give you the most bang for the buck while also providing interesting and useful cards.


Then I'd see how the game works for you. If your main concern is having a good deck for each faction, decks that are pretty balanced against each other, you should see which factions need help to keep up in your group, and cherry-pick battle packs with good cards for them. If everything seems to be balanced, just get any packs and keep expanding the card pool. Keep in mind though that the Corruption cycle packs did not have three copies of every card, so you'll probably be better off with the later ones. The packs of a cycle are usually loosely connected by a theme, but there is no need to get complete cycles at once, or to complete a cycle before you get a pack from another.

#3 Magehammer



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Posted 10 May 2013 - 04:15 PM

I am a casual player and provide the cards for my opponents (though several of them have expressed an interest in buying their own cards). I started with the Core Set and bought Assault on Uluthan next. Then I bought some of the Corruption Cycle packs. My next purchases after those were March of the Damned and the Legends expansions. I completed the Corruption Cycle and now I buy two Battle Packs at a time when my funds allow. I buy one pack from an older set and a pack from the Eternal War cycle. That way I have the new shinies (like those talked about on Mallumo and Happy DD's excellent podcast, Winvasion) and am also building my collection with older cards.

A word about my deck construction: it is quite unorthodox. In an effort to play with every card I own and not intimidate new players with established decks, I randomly build decks. One for each of the capital board factions. 

I shuffle all of the units of a faction and deal out 25 of them face down. Then I shuffle the support cards of that faction and deal out 5 cards, do the same for tactics cards. Then shuffle the quest cards and deal three, Legends and deal three, add the epic spell for each faction, and then deal out 8 neutral cards (divided by order and destruction, of course with true neutral cards randomly dispersed between order and destruction) to round out the deck.

This method seems to generate surprisingly balanced decks as many of the games we have played have been a blast and not runaway victories. Every so often, I 'reset' the decks. Usually after receiving a new Battle Pack or Deluxe expansion. 

Hope that helps. 




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