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Make your own WFRP3 cards: Strange Eons version 3 released

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#41 DrWorm73



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Posted 09 June 2014 - 10:37 PM

Best to use a blank version from Liber Fanatica 7 .seext version (Strange Eons version 1 or 2..current version doesn't work with the old stuff).

Perfect.  Now I just need to see how my players react to a strange Priest of Taal with a Giant Wolf as a pet.  LOL.

#42 Nimsim



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Posted 02 July 2014 - 04:05 PM

I made a bunch of item cards and race cards and I was wondering if it's okay to share them on here and also what people recommend as a good host.

The item cards include every piece of armor in the game with item description, encumbrance, cost, soak/defense, and special abilities. It also lists every weapon (other than unarmed or improvised, which maybe I should go ahead and add) that include item description, encumbrance, damage, and special abilities. There is also a set of "miscellaneous" cards that list encumbrance from 0-6 that players can write the actual item on a card that matches the encumbrance. They're all mini sizes and I printed them on card stock, glued the two sides together and put them in sleeves.

The racial cards list EVERY racial ability (with ogre hunger being slightly truncated) for all of the core races and all of the hero's call races. They don't have backs because of how the strange eons plugin I used for them.

I think that these cards could be helpful tracking encumbrance and also ammo (I may modify the ammo cards a bit to aid this).
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#43 Emirikol


    ~Ĉiam subskribi antaŭ-nup kun Fimir

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Posted 02 July 2014 - 06:54 PM

I'd love to see them.  I think they are a great idea.


[edit:  Yes, I think the Improvised Weapon rules would be a great thing.  We did up the racial abilities back in the day, but I think this is something that may be best just written on the character sheet. IMO.]

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#44 Nimsim



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Posted 04 July 2014 - 12:54 PM

Here's an example of the cards I've created. I emailed a copy of them to DrWorm.



#45 Thindaraiel



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Posted 25 August 2014 - 03:00 AM

4 months. It has been 4 months I said I was working on these templates and asked you to be patient... I can't believe it took me so long. And it is not even finished ! But I can already present you a new version of the plugins :



Yes, "plugins" in plural. I have updated the 3 plugins from Hurlanc, Sunaset and LiberFanatica to make them compatible with Strange Eons 3. I have also translated the plugins into french (well, it is not finished but it does not really impact most of the people here), and more over made the plugin easy to translate into other languages. If someone wants to translate the plugin into german, spanish, or whatever language, just contact me and I will explain you how you can do it very simply.


The package now contains a 4th plugin, which is a common basis for the 3 others. It contains most of the game vocabulary and common images which are used by the plugins. It is neded to install it alongside the others in order to make them work.


Please download and use the README file which contains the installation and configuration process.


Feel free to notify me with any remark or bug. I hope you'll enjoy it !

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#46 Evil Knivel

Evil Knivel


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Posted Yesterday, 05:27 AM

 I have updated the 3 plugins from Hurlanc, Sunaset and LiberFanatica to make them compatible with Strange Eons 3.


Great work. Thanks!


Any suggestion what I should do with the old .eon data? I have a lot of career sheets from Liber Fanatica 7 in .eon format. Can they be imported or should I run Strange Eons 2 in parallel?

#47 Eradico Pravus

Eradico Pravus


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Posted Yesterday, 08:58 AM

Thindaraiel! The legends were true!


Great job, thanks so much for your efforts. Well worth the wait! Thanks!  :)

#48 Thindaraiel



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Posted Yesterday, 09:37 AM

Alas, I tried to make old SE2 .eon files compatible with SE3, but a major change in the product itself modifies some sort of header in the files and makes them not compatible. Therefore you cannot open old SE2 files with SE3. You will have to open SE2 in parallel than SE3, and copy/paste each field (which can takes some time...).

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