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Best Characters by Sphere

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Posted 18 January 2013 - 11:02 AM

Pickles said:

benhanses said:


But Eowyn is going to be my first major split from where your comments lead.  I will admit to being like every other fresh player when I started… I ran her in EVERY deck, she's just too easy to put in there for questing.  But after that, her abilities are just….. absent.  About the only thing that can be said for her is that she can burn unwanted cards out of your hand.  Let's think about that statement…  If you have that many cards to just burn for willpower, you may need to retool your deck.  While she clearly has the best willpower for heroes, this game now has TOO many options for generating willpower in other ways to hamstring your fellowship by relying on a hero that can only do ONE thing.  Success in this game has proven to be solidly tied to "action potential" - gaining extra questing, defending, attacking, text abilities, etc from your heros.  Glorfindel, Aragorn, Boromir are example of these built in.  And you can use them in multiple phases successfully because of their abilities AND stats.  Let's say we ready Eowyn once she quests.  Then what?  Is she really the hero yo plan on defending or attacking with??  Now with that all being said, she does add extra value in multiplayer BECAUSE of her "card burn".  Even though I poo-pooed it a moment ago, there is a difference between using her in solo games, where she is very limited in what a solo player can do with her, as opposed to in a multiplayer game where she can "quest tank" in the place of two different heros.  The ability for, say, three people to potentially push her willpoer to a value of 7, for example, means that another player has the potential for saving one of their heros from needing to quest.  That's about the only way that she can generate extra "action potential".  So even though I have tried to break my friends that I play with from their Eowyn addictions, I really don't mind when they plunk her down in a game (one less hero slot they might use to conflict with any of my chosen heros as well…. lol).



Interesting analysis of Eowyn. I see your point but even at her super focused state I think she is very strong even in solo play. She quests as well as 11/2 other heros so she gets that pseudo action advantage & 11/2 heroes is conservative as she can be boosted & has quite low threat for her 4 points so to get the same willpower you need about double her threat (Glorfindel & Dain boosted dwarfs excepted as they are an issu in themselves)

Why she is so much better than Beregond especially solo is that you need to quest pretty much every turn to keep you threat low even if  you do not want to progress the quest. Attacking & defending are activities you only need to do when a monster appears. This will not be every turn in solo play & even in multi you can make a deck that rarely has to actually attack the enemies - just fend off the odd one. This gives her much more versatility than Boromir - even though he can attack repeatedly for loads afer defending 4 times if all you have are locations then he is a 1 point quester who gives no action advantage.  It's a subtle strength of Beravor that she has something to do if her solid atack will power & questing are not needed, assumiong you do not just go for her more overt strength & draw cards in planning. 

Occasionally 4 points of questing can be a problem if you really do not want to progress a quest stage but it is an abundance of riches you can live with.


Can't recal comparing Eowyn to Beregond.  I was trying to stay within the spheres each character comes from.  Be that as it may, I stick with my assesment.  There are just too many decent options for generating willpower in the game now to hamper your deck by selecting a hero that only does that one thing.  Like I said, she has her uses, but I couldn't see myself using her in a solo game anymore.  Glorfindel has only one less willpower, much better attack, and a host of other options (LoV, Asfaloth) that more than make up for the single willpower you give up.  I could only see using her in a multiplayer game if someone else was already plunking down Glorfindel.  And I still might prefer to use other spirit heros instead of her.  Either of the Spirit dwarves if I have them paired with Dain (who then boosts their willpower to close that gap), Eleanor (hate on her if you will) or Dunhere depending on what encounter we are playing (to counter treachery or enemies generated by the larger number of encounter draws).  Or Frodo if I know we are going up against some larger enemies that we need to absorb damage from.

To compare her to the Tactics heroes is a bit misleading, since your deck build would be COMPLETELY different.  It's not like I would take a similar deck and just replace her with Beregond, Boromir, or Legolas.  And outside of Tactics, there's just plenty of ally and event cards to cover the willpower difference.  I'm not going to delve into every strategy here, of course, but some of them should be obvious (Dain, Faramir, etc).  For just willpower purposes, there are plenty of low-costing allies that can add up to match her 4 willpower quickly, leaving your heros to use other abilities.

I'm not going to chide anyone for using her.  If they can build up a decent strategy around her, then by all means…  All I'm saying is that as an early and frequent user of Eowyn, once I finally freed myself of the NEED to use her, I found that it really freed up my deck-building to form lots of fun other strategies…

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