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New to the game: Building a character. Need advice.

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#21 IdOfEntity



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Posted 19 January 2013 - 12:58 PM

Cymbel said:

My main issue with the Impostor is that it lends itself towards you being a con artist or you assumed the name/role of the acolyte you are playing (at least how I see it), but you can always ask the GM to change the fluff as well, but I am glad you are giving the others a second chance, the vigilante one is a fun one for a lot of PCs

The ranks of Detective-Espionist within the Adeptus Arbites are often impostors within their duty location.  Posessing that background, especially as a rank 5 arbitrator, seems to fit very well within the existing lore.

#22 Sang de Poulpe

Sang de Poulpe


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Posted 21 January 2013 - 06:52 AM

Hello all,


A few things, I played yesterday and it was really fun. Thank you for all your advice it was really helpfull.


I finally went for the Justice, Not Law background as it was a bit better xp wise, IMO.


As for my gear, I went for a combat shotgun (augmented), a combination of flak and mesh armour, and utility gear.


By the end of the scenario, we looted several bolt guns, chain weapons and other stuff. Money shouldn’t be a problem at least for buying ammo ;).

I had one blazer shell and it hit. Those things are really usefull for putting enemies out of combat. I might buy a vanaheim shotgun, I am in love with the semi auto function of my combat shotgun, I guess full auto is even better.


I am considering buying the talent for pistol training bolt. 


Small question, is there a selection of talents to make sure I can stay in PBS range ? For the two combat we had I only got one chance to use it. The first time was because enemies went to melee and the second as enemies were shooting us with bolt guns and had chain swords and didn’t feel like leaving cover or getting close enough to get hit by the chain weapon.

Any advice on that? Or maybe I am doing something wrong wich is more than possible.

#23 Cymbel



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Posted 21 January 2013 - 05:30 PM

Sprint I suppose? It is tricky to get into the 3m range, but not get into melee, which is what makes shotguns a mixed weapon, on one hand they can **** on short ranges (which is often when you need it), but except at FAR ranges they still do decent power. Plus they are amazing with the sheer variety of special ammo they can use (especially if your GM lets you have some of the fun stuff from ItS, HA and so on), Blazers are an amazing toy as you saw and can singlehandedly change how a combat is going (FLAME is a powerful weapon special ability, as well as having a cone that covers multiple things), with stuff like Slugs, Cryptus Glass Shells, Flechette Shells, Toxic Shot, Gas Rounds, Bolt Rounds, Inferno Shells, Acid Shells (OP but awesome), Executioner Shells, Snare Shells, etc.

Later on you will be rolling with only Flechette Rounds, Slugs, Inferno Shells and so on as your normal ammo and your trusty shotgun will not let you down :-)

On the Vanaheim, it becomes a visibility issue. Combat shotguns may stick out a bit, but heretics will have them too, looted from Armories and what not. A vanaheim belongs in the class of the Nomad Rifle, Cadence Spectre, Carnodon, Hecutor and other rare specialist/finely crafted guns. They are not normal and stick out. But if you think it won't (or keep it as your assault weapon for raiding places), then don't worry. But yeah, in terms of DH and Top End shotguns there are the versataile and powerful vanaheim, with lots of ammo, full auto, laser sight and free nice bayonet, the OP Arbites XBAWX HUEG shotgun, the way underpriced for all the awesome it can do Ironclaw shotgun and the solid fun Arbites Persecutor Combat Shotgun (+5 Range, +2 Shots, Reliable and can be used as a Shock Staff in melee compared to a normal Combat Shotgun).


#24 Theron Magnus

Theron Magnus


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Posted 18 May 2013 - 11:58 AM

Not sure if it has already been mentioned or not, but if you want to be an infiltrator of heretical gangs and cults, then you might want to give the Malifixer alternate career path from the Book of Judgement a look. They pretty much thrive on this kind of thing, and can spend years undercover before yurning on the cult at a moments notice.

The problem with this for you is the fact that a Malifixer has to be a scum class, and they tend to work for heretics themsleves. If you were playing this then you could have been recruited by the Holy Inquisition, and decided to use your acquired skills and expertise to do the Holy Emperor's divine work.


Just a thought.


#25 Inquisitor Drakon

Inquisitor Drakon


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Posted 27 May 2013 - 05:09 AM

im pretty sure the untouchable quality is perchasing a trait not a backround. you can have both. at least thats the way ive always seen it. 

#26 Cymbel



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Posted 28 May 2013 - 08:54 PM

1st off, it is a background that GRANTS a trait.

2nd, it costs 400xp, which is all your XP you can give out for Backgrounds anyway.

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