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An Unfortunately Critical Review of My Core Set Experience

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#41 signoftheserpent



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Posted 13 January 2013 - 04:24 AM

I have no problem with the theme, nor with characters fighting starships.

However the coreset as a product is terrible. It is plainly obvious the game doesn't work with the deckbuilding mechanism and one core set. It is far too ramdom. The choice of cards to include in each objective set was not well made. There are too many single events and units to account for any kind of strategy despite the fact that cards imply you can build such a thing. Unfortuntely you can't. This doesn't inspire me to buy a second box, it feels like I'm being manipulated rather than feeling that I want to buy it. That's not good. Even then you can only have two copies of a given card, that's not really much better. Two force lightnings? Not much to work with, even if it is a powerful card. However no Sith player is never going to have less.

The ideas in the game are sound, but the product fails the game entirely. Playing from the core box just feels too random. The game is won by whomever gets the best draw, simple as that. Everytime. There is nothing that can mitigate this. Most of the events are useless except a few so the majority get saved for edge battles. That means the game just comes down to playing units and fighting. So whomever draws best wins. There's no synergy or strategy. If that's what you enjoy, good luck to you. It's not what I want from a card game.

Including the two fringe factions was a mistake. That's card space that should have been used to flesh out the existing factions or more neutral cards. Likewise including copies of 2 limited objectives for the sole purpose of a transient training wheels scenario was another mistake. Any of the neutral objectives could have been used, why double the one card that can't be used twice?

7 factional objectives is nowhere close to enough and most of them are a bit bland. It's going to take a long time to correct this - assumign subsequent cards are desined well. Given that most of them will now focus on the Hoth keyword there's less likelihood of expansion packs actually adding to the faction based objectives that do exist. And each pack will leave out one faction so it will be many months before enough cards are released, all because of the choice of deckbuilding mechanism.

The fundamental problem is FFG spreading themselves too thinly with the core set. You have one neutral objective working with ewoks, but no other set has ewoks and won't for months. Some others are simply there to allow you to forego resource affiliation matches, but there's no point mixing deckss since the best decks at the moment will focus on one faction. There's nothing to be gained other than your own personal amusement mixing factions that a single faction can't do more effectively. Whereas, if things were done differently, you might want to splash Tarkin or the Devastator in your Sith deck, or Yoda in your Alliance deck, here you have to carry a load of other cards as well, some of which will be worthless.

I don't dislike the gameplay at all, but i probably wouldn't have brought the game had I known it would play like this with a single set. I don't really feel that inclined to buy a second, though I'd be curious to see how much difference it made. It feels a bit like i've been shortchanged. I'll probably put my core set up for sale. If i knew the expansions were going to be handled less exclusively, with respect to the Hoth concept (or whatever a given cycle will be…Endor, Yavin, etc), and that the deckbuilding mechanism meant that each faction got more out of each pack, I might feel differently. As it stands I think FFG blew it.

#42 Ulairi



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Posted 13 January 2013 - 04:51 AM

I think having one core set is for casual play. The game is more of a board game. That goes for all the LCGs. But, with 2 core sets the game is very playable.I think the one core is deisnged for the 4 starters from the rulebook and that's about it. 

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