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Shining Aquas' Creation Workshop - This update is literally the size of the Abyss

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Posted 10 September 2013 - 12:33 PM


I've got nothing to say, so here's some junk.


9/10/2013 - Leaf on the Wind



New Guardian - Tempestas, Arcana of Wind

-Tempestas can be found in the Arcana Heart tab under Guardians.  Image Gallery has been updated accordingly.



Annie Hastur

*Summon Tibbers is a big, awesome effect that really helps define what Annie can do, but I wasn't a big fan of how it was operating.  Because Tibbers lowered the toughness of monsters by 1, it was best to use it simply to clean up 1 toughness monsters without putting people at risk.  I wanted to remove the indiscriminate removal that Tibbers was offering while still making the ability enticing.  Hopefully, these touch-ups will accomplish that.
-Tibbers now reduces monsters to a minimum of 1 toughness, instead of 0.
-Monsters defeated by Tibbers are now claimed as trophies by Annie instead of returned to the monster cup.

King Gallon (AO)

*It's been a while since I got a hard look at King Gallon's actual ability, and after some simple research found that the second clause didn't actually do anything.  This AO has been under my radar for way too long, so I made a series of small changes that will help make his interactions just a bit more active than passive.
-Combat modifier decreased to -1 from -2
-Main ability no longer contains addendum regarding removing monsters via gate closing.  This didn't actually do anything since no undead monsters are removed from gate closing anyway (except for Dark Druid and Child of the Goat, in the case of this AO)
-New effect: "Whenever an investigator closes a gate, they remove an undead monster from the board or outskirts".  Yes, that does trigger King Gallon's main ability.
-Start of battle slightly reworded, but effect is mostly the same.
-Attack reworded to reflect changes made to Start of Battle.  Overall effect: Instead of simply replenishing the Extra Doom track, you actually repeat King Gallon's start of battle after each bonus round.  Ultimately, this makes King Gallon harder to fight.

Mu -12-
    >Every time you defeat a monster, you get 1 counter. Every time you close a gate, you get 2 counters or 3 if you sealed the gate. Once you reach at least 10, you pass.
    >If you are knocked unconscious by a monster without defeating it, you fail.
    >Pass reward lets you either get a 2-handed weapon of your choice from any deck, or gain a blessing.  If you choose to get blessed, you can't ever lose that blessing.
    >Fail punishment is maximum sanity reduced by 1 and your story resets, losing half the remaining counters (rounded down).  If it's the third time you would fail, you are instead devoured and add 1 doom token to the doom track.

Shane Talos
    >You need to complete a 5 area mission with the cost being 1 clue token per area.  Afterwards, you may choose to either pass OR fail.
    >Pass reward reduces number of counters needed for Swirl of Aether to 3.  Anytime an investigator would gain a spell, they may instead have you gain 2 clues.  Other investigators in the same area as Shane may choose to receive the full effect of his Eye of the Storm ability.
    >Failure causes all players to discard all spells and returns the spell deck to the box. For each spell discarded, that player gains 2 clue tokens.  Monsters no longer have resistances and immunities.

Twisted Fate

*I'll keep it simple: I made TF too strong on accident.  Loaded Dice was intended to be the defining ability for TF and the intention was to give him some control over his other abilities, but people just save the Loaded Die for Skill Checks making him almost constantly blessed, and just flat out broken when he's actually blessed.  Hate to do it again, but TF needs a serious nerf.
-Loaded Dice now allows you to add or subtract 1 to/from the result of a die rolled, instead of just adding 1.  Still restricted to once per turn.
-Loaded Dice no longer allows you to change the result of dice rolled on a skill check.

Venser, the Sojourner (Guardian)
-Venser's Diffusion is now optional.

Yosuke Hanamura

*Yosuke is a cool character, and I love watching people work with his clone.  After a good amount of research, I've found the core strengths and weaknesses of using his abilities and tech.  I'm making these minor changes to improve the way Yosuke's clone works, and to give him more unique options without just flat out buffing him.
-Reliably Surprising's range has been extended to within 3 spaces of Yosuke instead of 2.
-Jiraiya's ability is now "Any Phase: Exhaust and pay 1 sanity to have Yosuke switch places with his clone".
-Yosuke's Personal Story Reward has been modified.  Now gives your persona "Exhaust instead of paying 1 sanity for Reliably Surprising" in addition to it's normal ability.
-Yosuke's Personal Story Fail Condition is now when the terror level reaches 4, instead of when it reaches 3.

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Posted 14 October 2013 - 10:56 PM

I actually intended to update this thread about a week ago, but out of nowhere the topic page EXPLODED!  I don't know how for how long, but ALL THE LINKS WERE BROKEN.  I'm actually surprised no one noticed <_<


But that's all taken care of and it came at a plus since I was given a good reason to reorganize the list slightly.  So, here are the updates you're probably waiting to see:


10/15/2013 - Your Journey Begins Here



New Investigator - Journey, the Illuminus

-Journey can be found in the Enigma Aether section of Investigators.  An alpha version of her has been hiding in the Image Gallery for a while, but the most updated version has replaced it.



-Sneak decreased to 3 from 4.  Luck increased to 4 from 3.
-Wording updated for 8-Seal Magatama.

-Shadow Awakening is now usable during "Any Phase" instead of "Movement".  This was always meant to be an Any Phase ability, but I guess I missed it.

The Cauldron (AO)
-Main ability marginally updated to help match it to Leventhan.  Now states "nothing can move or remove The Cauldron monster token" as opposed to just "nothing can remove it".  This means you cannot move The Cauldron token with Migo Brain Case or Milk of Shub Nigguroth anymore.

Valkenhayn R. Hellsing

*The original intended design of Valkenhayn was to use Summon the Beast Within flexibly, turning it on and off as various situations dictated.  What I failed to respect when making the investigator was the sheer power of the Inner Beast card.  Instead of switching between forms, people playing Valkenhayn would either cast a spell or wait for their sanity to lower at all, and then proceed to play with Inner Beast on at all times for the rest of the game since there was never a good reason not to.  With these changes, Valkenhayn's stats have been reworked and now he receives some serious bonuses as long as he doesn't have Inner Beast.  Hopefully, these changes will encourage what Valkenhayn was designed to do all along: Be Versatile.
-Fight decreased to 3 from 4. Sneak increased to 4 from 3.
-Now has Will +1 and Sneak +1 as long as he doesn't have the Inner Beast card.
-Casting Summon the Beast Within on a phase other than upkeep no longer causes it to forcefully refresh at the end of the turn.
-Second clause of Werewolf is now "Any Phase: Once per turn you may pay 1 sanity to cast or refresh Summon the Beast Within".
-Since Valkenhayn now gets the equivalent of 2 extra stat points outside of Inner Beast, he now starts with 2 fewer clues and 1 fewer common item to help keep his new stat alignment a bit fairer.
-Valkenhayn's Personal Story reward and punishment have been augmented to include benefits/detriments for not having Inner Beast.


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Posted 05 November 2013 - 03:38 PM

Hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween dressing up as their favorite Lovecraftian terror.  I attempted to crash a party dressed as a Crawling One, but got taken away for being "indecent in public".  That's a joke, its okay to laugh.  Ha. Ha ha. Right.


ANYWAYS, I got some new updates for y'all today.  This is definitely the largest update in a while but surprisingly not that much has actually changed (wait what).  Also, I want to ask the readers if the current format of updates is good or not.  I usually start with new stuff first, then post the balance updates after that, and for a few things I leave some extra commentary on why those changes went into effect.  If you want to see improvements or you think the system is good as is LET ME KNOW.  Put a post in this thread telling me "I love it" or "Go die in a fire!".  Ha ha how EXCITING!


Here's the updates.


11/5/2013 - All that Glitters is Gold


New Investigator - Karolina Dean, the runaway outlander
-Karolina can be found in the Runaways tab of investigators.

Persona 4 Investigators (All of them)

*Now I know what you're probably thinking: "Changes to ALL OF THEM!?"  Yes, all of them.  However, these are mostly cosmetic changes.  Each Persona 4 investigator had a first ability that made it impossible to lose their starting ally, which makes sense since it's attached to their soul somewhat.  Unfortunately, this made it so that each investigator sheet had about 3 abilities on them, which clutters the sheet tremendously and makes it less appealing to read.  So, I've removed that ability entirely and decided to integrate parts of the effect into their other abilities.  Overall, the sheets have much less text-shrinkage, making for happier players.
-Every one of these investigators have had their first ability removed, which means it's now possible for them to lose their Persona ally.
-Every ability these investigators had that involved spending 1 sanity now comes with the condition of needing to have your Persona ally in order to use it.
-Every character now has the ability to regain their Persona Ally if they ever lose it by spending 1 sanity.
-The Persona 4 bundle has been updated to accomidate these and other changes.

-Trial of the Dragon's trigger now reads "+2 to skill checks" instead of "+2 to combat and horror checks".  While this was done mostly to save space on the sheet, it also means that Chie receives a bonus to casting spells against a monster if Trial of the Dragon triggers on that monster.

Gier (Herald)
-Sichel now applies a -1 penalty to skill checks concerning red skills, instead of -1 to all Will and Luck checks.

-Heart of Gold now gives "+1 to Will and Sneak" as opposed to "+1 to Will and Sneak checks".  It occurred to me that simply giving bonuses to the checks as opposed to the skills would not give benefits towards horror and evade checks, which was largely the point of the skill.


*Klara is mostly in a good spot play-wise, but some of her values and strengths seem just a tad too high.  These nerfs are intended to make playing her a little less safe, while still retaining her play-style.
-Speed increased to 5 from 4, Lore decreased to 4 from 5.
-Tangle of Thorns now gives a combat bonus of +4 from +5
-Tangle of Thorns now has a casting modifier of -1 from -2. Still costs $4.

Leventhan (AO)

*These are actually huge changes to the way Leventhan plays.  While I do think it's important for all Ancient One's to have some strategies or methods of counterplay, Leventhan was actually plagued by actually having too much counterplay.  These changes aren't made for the sake of simply empowering Leventhan but rather giving him a way to fight back.
-After Baby Leventhan has been engulfed by the Cauldron, it now adds 6 doom tokens per upkeep instead of 4.
-Defeating Baby Leventhan now adds 2 doom tokens to the doom track.

Onyx (AO)

*Onyx's main ability was just way too messy, and cluttered his sheet pretty ridiculously.  I tried to find many different ways to reword the functions and rearrange the effects, but ultimately the best fix I found was just making custom monsters to take some of the heavy lifting away.  As a result, Onyx requires more printing to play with, but is also much more coherent.
-Onyx's main ability has been revamped. Instead of creating fire tokens, it now creates spawn monsters called "Emberkin" that contain most of the rules the main ability used to have.  Functionally, the ability is mostly the same.
-Unlike Fire tokens, Emberkin don't close areas.  Instead, they explode when making contact with an investigator, dealing 2 stamina damage in the process.  If it happens during mythos, it delays that investigator.  Investigators that are knocked unconscious from this effect are still devoured afterwards.
-Instead of lasting 3 turns, Emberkin have 3 toughness and have their toughness reduced by 1 at the end of every mythos.


*These changes are very minor, but the hope is that by adding a much more rewarding 6 effect people may be more encouraged to use Rewritten Destiny.
-Rolling a 1 on Rewritten Destiny now forces Naoto to discard Sukuna-Hikona.  Originally caused nothing to happen but allowed you to spend an additional sanity to roll again.
-Rolling a 6 on Rewritten Destiny now claims the monster as a trophy, ignoring endless.  Originally returned the monster to the box.

Nicol Bolas (AO)
-Main ability now written as "if you didn't discard anything to Bolas" instead of "if you don't have any weapons to discard".  This will allow his ability to surpass weapons that aren't lost unless you choose to lose them (Enchanted Cane, Derringer, etc.)

-Not discarding an item to Bolas now also causes you to lose 1 sanity in addition to all your clue tokens.
-Nicol Bolas now has Sinister Plot cards!

-Midnight Navigator no longer restricted to once per turn.

The Cauldron (AO)
-Main ability got some wording cleanup and alterations.  Now adds a token whenever a monster is defeated or removed from Arkham (but not the outskirts), instead of adding a token whenever a monster is killed or removed for any reason. While this is technically a nerf, it does encourage a new method of counterplay.
-If an investigator is devoured before The Cauldron awakens, it now adds 2 doom tokens instead of 1.

-If Yosuke's clone is ever reduced to 0 stamina/sanity, he must discard the Jiraiya ally.



-Art updated.  No specific changes other than the universal P4 update.

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Posted 04 December 2013 - 12:38 AM

Oh god, I definitely ate WAY TOO MUCH on Thanksgiving.  I can still taste the turkey.


Look...I'm gonna put the updates down, then just let me finish getting over this turkey half-coma.  Erg.


12/3/2013 - Mirror Mirror, On the Wall Everything



New Herald - Heliogabalus, Arcana of Mirror

-Heliogabalus can be found in the Arcana Heart section of Heralds.



Bang Shishigami

*In this set of changes, I've been looking at characters with "once per turn" abilities and seeing if they can be cleaned up a bit.  Bang was one of these characters, with a restriction that I honestly don't think needed to be there. On top of remodeling the restrictions on his main ability, I've also made lots of small touch-ups to his kit.  Stay fancy.
-Burning Heart completely reworded and cleaned up.
-Burning Heart's once per turn restriction is now once per combat.
-Burning Heart now gives a number of blaze counters equal to how many successes you rolled, instead of automatically giving 1 each time.
-Furinkazan no longer delays you when you run out of counters, but now you will also lose the effect if you are knocked unconscious.

Chie Satonaka

*I'll be honest, this small adjustment may end up doing big things to Chie's overall performance, possibly too much.  By removing the limit on how many counters Trial of the Dragon can build up, Chie can stockpile a ton.  Since each one obtained requires defeating a monster, I think the simple limits of what the game can produce will help keep this in check, but we'll have to wait and see...
-Trial of the Dragon no longer has a limit to how many ki counters you can have at once. Costs are all still the same.
-Chie's personal story punishment now adjusts Trial of the Dragon's cost to 5 ki counters, instead of 6.


Iron Tager
-Starting location is now Miskatonic University Streets, instead of Science Building.  Starts with 1 less clue token as a result.


-The casting modifier for Zero Weave Mode Shift is now +2 instead of +1. Cost is unchanged.
-Successfully casting Zero Weave Mode Shift now grants a scarlet counter if you rolled at least 2 successes when casting it.

Litchi Faye-Ling

*I really enjoy that Litchi can chain Kokusho into Daisharin in the same turn, but it really bothers me that you can't do it both ways.  For a character that's all about making your abilities flow naturally into one another, this was completely unacceptable, so I modified Daisharin's cost to make it possible to chain in either direction.
-Daisharin now has a cost of 1 sanity and up to 2 movement points, instead of 1 sanity and all your remaining movement points. The function is more or less the same, but has been adjusted to match these new values.
-Kokusho's wording has been cleaned up tremendously.

Makoto Nanaya

*Another victim of the "once per turn" restriction, and much like Bang it was really unnecessary, even more so in Makoto's case.  On top of removing the restriction (which is a flat-out buff), I'm also reinforcing the theme of the move (in the form of a nerf).
-Impact no longer has the once per turn restriction
-Rolling a 1-3 on Impact now sets your combat modifier to (-1) instead of simply removing all rolled bonuses so far.  This was done to add more of a "gamble" aspect to the ability.
-Makoto's Personal Story Reward now includes "If the gate you returned from is in the streets, seal the location it spawned on, closing any gates there"

-Desperate and Determined now triggers off of any skill check that would knock Mu unconscious, not just combat checks on monsters.

*I really want to delve much deeper in Mu-12- someday, because I do believe she needs some serious improvements before she's "solid". This quality of life improvement will help get her back in the game a little bit, but I am still looking for "the right fix".


Naoto Shirogane
-Naoto's Personal Story Pass Condition is now "If Naoto ends her movement on the Police Station after having sealed a gate, or she becomes Deputy of Arkham"

-Art Updated, no actual changes made.

Noel Vermillion

*I kinda feel that Noel falls in the same boat as Mu-12- (which is funny since they are technically the same person) in that they both feel a bit underwhelming in their current state.  However, I don't think Noel is in nearly as bad a place, and hopefully this impact on her personal story will give her a greater goal to reach for.
-Noel's Personal Story pass condition is now "spend 5 clue tokens and 3 monster trophies while there are at least 2 seals on the board". Originally was "If you ever have 7 clue tokens and 4 monster trophies, and there are at least 2 seals on the board..."
-Noel's Personal Story reward has been changed to "Noel gets +1 Lore and Will. When you get this card, gain a skill."  Originally was "Draw 2 skills, keeping 1 and discarding the other."  The second clause regarding Chain Revolver remains unchanged.

-Archetype Shift got some wording cleanup.

Relius Clover
-Instead of making a separate monster trophy pile, all monsters defeated by Ignis are now attached to Ignis.  The overall function is exactly the same, but the wording comes out cleaner and it's much easier to keep track of which trophies are Ignis' and which are not.
-Using Dissection on the Science Building now only yields an additional clue token if the entire cost was paid using the Ignis pile.

Sieg Wahrheit

*Alright, it's been a long time coming, but this time instead of getting Sieg in a good place, I think I finally have him in THE right place.  Shifting his ability from Movement to Upkeep makes the entire interaction cleaner, and retuning his Legions to all feel about equal in power should make this more or less THE Sieg build.  Everything from here on out will likely just be minor tune-ups and small tweaks, if any.  Please let me know how he plays.
-Speed decreased to 4 from 5.  Fight increased to 5 from 4.
-Apocrypha of Yzarc activation is now 2 focus instead of half of your remaining movement points (rounded up).  Activation is now during Upkeep instead of Movement.
-Sieg now starts with a Cavalry Saber and an extra random common instead of an Enchanted Blade.
-Legion of the Sword no longer claims endless monsters.  Instead, now has "Any Phase: Exhaust and pay 1 stamina before making a combat check to move your Fight/Will skill slider furthest right."
-Legion of the Shield is now usable against the Ancient One.  Additionally, Sieg only gets shield counters if he prevented damage with the legion now (instead of prevented with anything).
-Legion of the Shield's counters don't work as combat clue tokens anymore. Instead, Shield now has "Any Phase: Exhaust and spend all your shield counters to add that many die to a single skill check. If you fail that check, lose 1 sanity."
-Legion of the Bomb got wording cleanup.

Tsubaki Yayoi

*I liked all of Tsubaki's abilities except for Gaea's Embrace, so I remade it.  I don't really have anything else to say on the matter -_-
-Judgment Art: Heavenly Wings is now worded "you can only move up to 2 spaces this movement and may ignore any monsters along the path".  Originally was "For this movement, you gain 3 movement points and may ignore any number of monsters while moving".  Not only is the number of spaces reduced by 1, but you cannot combine it with any item that gives movement points anymore.
-Punishment Art: Gaea's Embrace has been reworked.  Now costs 5 stock and 1 sanity/stamina each, roots all monsters on the board, forcing them to skip their next movement. Additionally can force any number of flying monsters to land, placing them in any street area of your choice.  If at least 5 monsters were affected by this, gain 1 stock counter.

Yukiko Amagi
-The bonus for choosing Heal as your starting spell is now "May cast Heal during Any Phase, and may target investigators in adjacent areas" instead of "May target investigators in adjacent areas, and healing another investigator also heals Yukiko for the same amount".
-Yukiko's Personal Story Pass Condition now requires 10 counters instead of 12.

-When using Triplet Spirits, you now only discard soul counters for each 1 you roll on a skill check, instead of every 1-2 you roll.

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Posted 25 December 2013 - 03:14 PM

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year in advance.  I say this mostly because I won't be here on New Years and thought it might be nice to put the New Years update a little earlier.  Hope you enjoy.


12/25/2013 - A Legacy Like No Other



New Guardian - Traele, Chronicler of the Aether

-Traele can be found in the Enigma Aether section of Guardians



All of the following characters now have Personal Stories
-Professor Layton
-Relius Clover
-Vivian Deshaun

*Since our newest Guardian, Traele, is entirely focused on Personal Stories, I decided to put a bigger effort towards giving Personal Stories towards characters that were missing them.  These stories not only benefit the play experience of Traele, but also for those investigators.


Bhanri (Guardian)
-Static Clash now only triggers once per combat.

Gier (Herald)

*The last few changes have been tailored around making Gier feel tougher since I feel like he's always been underperforming as a herald.  This will probably be the last buff to him for a while.
-Vicious Stalker now makes you roll a Speed (+0) check instead of a Fight (+0) check or lose 1 movement point.
-The Burden of Despair now has "If you failed the Speed check on Vicious Stalker, you have -1 to all skill checks instead of just -1 to skill checks made with red skills".

Lillet Blan
-Time travel via "The Endless Five" no longer allows you to keep Blessings.

-Hex Core's cost has been changed to $6 from $8.  Viktor now starts with an extra clue token.

Zillael (Guardian)
-Crusade can now be used at any Stable Location, instead of just St. Mary's Hospital or Arkham Asylum.


See you guys next year.

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Posted 16 January 2014 - 01:25 AM

Hey investigators, the new year just rolled out.  Another year of dread terrors, non-euclidean horror-scopes, and space mead.  Glorious.


Here at the Shining Aquas Party Zone, we know how to keep it real.  With updates.


1/15/2014 - Winter Wonderland



New Guardian - Almacia, Arcana of Ice

-Almacia can be found under the Arcana Heart section of Guardians


New Scenario - Corrupted Beast (Darkova)

-Corrupted Beast is the 1st of 5 scenarios in the Erion Armageddon set. The Ancient One for this scenario is Darkova.

-Corrupted Beast can be found in the Odin Sphere section of Scenarios. Download includes all parts needed.

-Darkova's download also includes Corrupted Beast now, so there are two places to grab it.

-For more information about recording scores on Scenarios, visit the thread here!



Darkova (AO)

*This tweak is very minor, but I am going to use this chance to mention that whenever I release a new scenario, I will also give that particular Ancient One another thorough look.  As a result, each of those Ancient Ones may or may not receive little tweaks as their scenarios are released.
-The cost to ignore Death Roulette is now 2 clues instead of 1 clue.

Mu -12-

*In December I mentioned that Mu was in a pretty bad place, and I still agree with that.  I did also say that I was looking for the right fix, so for the sake of finding that fix I'm making a rather interesting tonal shift in her archetype.  These changes will help take Mu in a slightly different direction, and does redefine her play a bit, but I'm hoping it will help identify a new niche for her to fit.  Here's to hoping these modifications give her a more unique and wanted feel.
-Sanity increased to 6, Stamina decreased to 4.  Originally was 5 for both.
-Lore increased to 5 from 4. Focus decreased from 2 to 1.
-Steins Gunner is now "Investigators in Mu's space don't need to exhaust weapons and spells to use them in combat (extra effects such as rerolls still exhaust)".  Originally was "Mu doesn't need to exhaust guns or projectile weapons in combat"

Noel Vermillion
-Lore increased to 4 from 3, Luck decreased to 3 from 4
-Now starts with a Spell.  As a result, starts with 1 fewer common and 1 less dollar.
-Chain Revolver's cost is now 1 stamina OR 1 sanity, instead of 1 stamina AND 1 sanity.
-Art changed.

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Posted 17 February 2014 - 01:15 PM

Hey guys, Happy Valentine's Day.  Too late?  Yeah, I know.


Anyways, I got some new stuff for you, the 1-3 other people that read this.


2/17/2014 - Soul Sisters



New Guardian - Koshmar, Arcana of Punishment


New Herald - Sorwat', Arcana of Sin

-Koshmar can be found in the Arcana Heart section of Guardians, and Sorwat' can be found in the Arcana Heart section of Heralds.

-Both of those links lead to the same file, so you'll actually be getting both either way.

-Their position in the visual gallery is still based on the first post's order, so unfortunately they will remain separate in the visual gallery.



*Truth be told, this is actually less than half of the changes that were implemented this week.  All of the unlisted changes went to things that haven't been released yet and are in beta testing, including: Kagura, Kokonoe, The Pantheon, Chaos, Red, Merkava, and others.


Agatha Prenderghast (AO)
-Agatha's combat modifier is now reduced individually by that investigator's Lore or Will, whichever is higher.  Originally was just Lore.
-Slight cleanup on her Start of Battle wording.

Amane Nishiki
-Spiral now only requires 3 drill counters to activate, instead of 4.

Bloody Marie (AO)
-Sinister Plot cards reworded and cleaned up a bit.

-Starts with +1 clue, +1 dollar, -1 common item.
-Ouroboros can now only be used while in Arkham, and can now only target investigators that are also in Arkham.

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Posted 20 March 2014 - 12:28 PM

Today is the first day of Spring!


Spring as a season is often stated as a season of rebirth, renewal and of new life.  To celebrate this occasion, I've started releasing the first of many new investigators from an entirely new category: Under Night In-Birth.  Enjoy!


3/20/2014 - New Beginnings



NEW Investigators - Hyde, the Disruptor  +  Linne, the Eternal Heiress

-Both of these investigators can be found in the Under Night In-Birth section of Investigators



Bang Shishigami

*Apparently taking out the delay trigger at the end of Tenjou Overdrive caused some larger than expected power spikes, and after seeing Bang literally go from one end of Arkham to the other twice in the same turn while killing monsters along the way, I decided his overall mobility with Furinkazan was a little too much.
-Bang is once again delayed upon losing Tenjou Overdrive.  This is a revert to the previous change a few months ago.
-Reminder Text added to Furinkazan, so that people will actually discard blaze counters on the first turn (as intended).
-Tenjou Overdrive no longer allows you to move to a street 2 spaces away as if they were adjacent.  Instead, it now has "Up to twice per movement phase, you may spend 1 movement point to move yourself to an adjacent area, regardless of monsters. This cannot be done mid-combat."

Bloody Marie

*No actual changes have been made to Bloody Marie, but I added an additional 3 Sinister Plots to keep the final battle with her a bit more interesting.
-3 Additional Sinister Plots have been added, putting her up to 6.  Over the course of a full Ancient One Fight, you will still only resolve 3 of them.


*Yeah, I know, Hazama's been getting a lot of changes recently, but it's because he continues to be a bit of a problem case.  These changes probably won't fix some of the ridiculous interactions he has with low cost spells, but it will tone down his unbelievable mobility.  Additionally, I've restructured his personal story to do something a bit more awesome.
-Using Ouroboros to jump to another investigator now prevents Hazama from moving any more for the turn.
-Using Ouroboros to jump to another investigator now prevents Hazama from gaining any more snake counters for the turn.
-Personal Story completely restructured to do something...very unusual. Guess you'll have to download it to understand what I mean :)

-Bionic Arm now has some restrictions.  The third hand can only be assigned a 1-handed weapon or spell, and that weapon cannot have a dollar value over $4 nor does it count for Martial Arts.  Originally was a free hand that could be used with anything, but didn't count as an unassigned hand when not used.

Edited by Shining Aquas, 24 March 2014 - 11:04 AM.

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Posted 16 April 2014 - 11:41 AM

Sup. Updates. Done. Wow.

Not much for today though.  I guess things are just too balanced right now.

4/16/2014 - Heavenly Star



NEW Ancient One - The Corruption, Scourge of Eden

-The Corruption can be found under the Miscellaneous tab under Ancient Ones.



All the following characters now have Personal Stories

-Amane Nishiki




*Hey, my copy of Chrono Phantasma finally came in the mail.  Excellent fighting game, love it, but more importantly this means I could finally play through the story mode, which in turn gave me a much greater understanding of some of the newer characters.  As a result, they now have personal stories.


-Title changed.  No actual changes made.

-Title changed.  No actual changes made.


Carmine Prime
-Effects are mostly the same, but massive rewording for clarity.
-The sanity reduction on Blood Spike is now restricted to once per turn.
-Crimson Carnival cannot reduce monsters below 1 toughness.

*Wait, dangit, you weren't supposed to see this.  He's not ready yet.  Come back in May.


Iliad Palette

*I really like Iliad, and I also like how she's intended to be played, but that's not how she's actually playing.  Her current ability to just outright ignore bad encounters is maybe a little too strong, and possibly a little too binary because of how it's worded.  Basically, she's really great when she has clue tokens to pick up, and horrendously underwhelming when there aren't any.  As a gameplay crux goes, that's not too bad, but I also don't think it makes enough sense given her focus on being more of a utility character.  So, I've reworked her main ability to have it make more sense, work better, and allow her a better range of options.
-Easily Inspired slightly reworked.  Now reads "Iliad may use the Painter skill in any Stable Location."  Additionally has "Upkeep: Spend 2 focus to roll a die.  On a success, you may also use the Painter skill in any Unstable Location for this turn."

Edited by Shining Aquas, 16 April 2014 - 11:51 AM.

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Posted 18 May 2014 - 11:45 AM

Well, here's the monthly update, which to some people's disappointment is excessively light.  Well, I recently got myself a new job, which occupies most of my time and will continue to do so until the end of May.  Then, school begins again, and I'll still have my job.


My time will no longer be my own in the upcoming future, I feel.


So unfortunately I don't have any balance changes for you guys today.  The aforementioned time restrictions are part of it, but there's another side in which I think everything is starting to approach that point where balance is achieved.  Almost every character I feel is in a "good place", so balance changes overall should be fewer and fewer.  Which is good.


So, here's the new content at least for today.


5/18/2014 - It's Gonna Be a Bloodbath



NEW Investigators - Waldstein, Steel-Armed Titan + Carmine Prime, the Bloodlust Vandal

-Both of these investigators can be found in the Under Night In-Birth tab under Investigators.



We don't have any.  Everything's good for now :)

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Posted 17 July 2014 - 01:17 AM

Ha ha, no I haven't actually forgotten about this site.


But updates have been sparse since my new educational journey has been more than a little taxing, and time is no longer something I have in large supply.  Truth be told, I haven't even really played a game of Arkham in about 2-3 months.  Hard to playtest things when you don't play the game.


Don't worry though, I'm still alive and hey maybe there's other people on this site and maybe they've made some cool things too or maybe not.  It's a little hard to tell at a glance which mechanical contraptions people have made that actually work, but just like rummaging through a can of legos you sometimes have to feel your way around EVERYTHING to find the pieces you like.


What was I talking about again?  Updates?  Right.


So, yeah I'll try to get something up soon, but chances are there won't be any balance changes yet again because I haven't really had the time to do proper analysis, which might be good or bad depending on how you look at it.


There are a couple of small things I've been working on that I figure you might be interested in:


Arkham Light!

Okay what...even IS that?  Like, all I can picture is a Cthulhu with a bib and a big ol' smile.


But seriously, what is that?  Well, I don't know if anyone else noticed, but a few of the characters I've created have some complexity issues.  Maybe after you've picked up those characters a few times, you may find that their large collection of tools is RAD, maybe even SERIOUSLY COOL, and I think that's GREAT.  The problem however is that those characters aren't usually going to get to that point simply because the initial information hurdle is just too much, even for experienced players!  That's just WHACK, absolutely NOT COOL.  The objective of Arkham Light is turn that frown upside down, cracking open these superimposing investigators like a flipped over crustacean.

After the update goes through, downloading any character that may be a little more complex than average will receive a series of "Arkham Light" rules that help to introduce those characters' abilities in smaller chunks, allowing players to get more familiar before diving deeper.  The alternate rules will appear as a simple text document, and will come in a couple different varieties.  The above character, for example, has a beginner version in which you only have access to 3-4 of her most basic abiilties, as opposed to all 8.


>Doesn't that undermine the player?


Possibly, but it's definitely not intentional.  I actually feel the opposite way, I feel like I may have been expecting too much of the people trying to play these characters since they are just plain difficult to pick up and play.


>Doesn't restricting a character's options make them worse?


Unfortunately, any character run through the Arkham Light rulings will probably be weaker by default, but never in a crippling manner.  The core identity hasn't changed, just a few branches have been trimmed.  As you gain confidence and comfort with these investigators, you can start dismissing the Arkham Light versions.  They are 100% optional in all cases, and fully adjustable.  At best, they function as personal recommendations.



More organized playtesting

This is a more minor detail, but before I play another game of Arkham, I'm going to try to flag down characters that seem like they are most in need of attention for one reason or another.  This way, I don't get too bogged down playtesting characters that don't need it so badly.

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Posted 01 August 2014 - 03:04 PM

Back from the eternal hiatus!

I finally have a brief respite from school work, so I'm gonna use that time to finally update again.  Lucky you!


Like the last time, there aren't really that many updates, but most of that is due to many characters reaching a point where I can say I'm content with their power level and thematic representation.  Additionally, the changes listed are only a small pool of the total changes, but the rest all deals in future content.


8 / 1 / 2014 - Summer is Over



New Investigators:

-Gordeau, the Snatcher - Available in the "Under Night In-birth" segment of Investigators

-Orie, the Holy Dispatch - Available in the "Under Night In-birth" segment of Investigators




Dieu Mort (Herald)

*I really like Dieu Mort as a high difficulty Herald that's especially good for advanced players or people seeking a challenge, but one of his abilities is a little out of theme.  When I first made him, I was trying to stick to his primary abilities from the actual game, but while his first two abilities carry a similar "death" theme, the third ability is more about "chaos" then "death".  So, I've changed the third ability to be a little bit more in theme.
-Mirior has been removed.
-New Ability: Execution
"Whenever an investigator is knocked unconscious or driven insane, roll a die.  On a 1-2, that investigator is devoured."


*Shaggy has an interesting history of balance.  The last major change he received was no longer starting with Food and having an extra dollar to compensate, which funnily enough made him go from super powerful to incredibly weak.  Not only do I feel that Shaggy really needs Food to function (ha), but it's also more in theme to have his 2 fixed possessions be Duke (Scooby Doo) and Food (Scooby Snacks).  Since I don't want him to be stupidly broken again, I added some more reasonable limits to how often it can be used.
-Starts with Food and 1 less dollar.  This is a revert to an old change.
-When Shaggy exhausts food to pass an evade check, he places a token on the food.  Any foods that Shaggy has are automatically discarded upon reaching 3 tokens.
-Passing Shaggy's personal story now also adds "Shaggy doesn't need to discard foods until they reach 5 tokens".


Good to be back on the beat.

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Posted 19 September 2014 - 01:50 PM

Oh man, this new school term is brutal.  5 classes plus a part time job.


And I still make time for all of you, because you matter.  THANK ME!!!!!!!!


Anyways, STUFF!


9 / 19 / 2014

Golden Guardian



New Guardians:

-Djinn, Essence of the Lost Art - Available in the Miscellaneous segment of Guardians.



-Tryndamere, the Barbarian King has been completely removed.

-Malcolm Graves, the Outlaw is a new investigator that will be replacing him. Graves can be found in the League of Legends segment of Investigators.

*Tryndamere was originally built as a "stack killer" designed to fight large clusters of monsters all at once.  He definitely did his job well, but players just ultimately didn't like him very much.  He often felt boring, awkward and out of place.  For the sake of the Arkham environment, I feel that Graves can easily cover that stack killing role while incorporating more flavor into it.  As for Mocking Shout, it won't be missed since we now have other characters that can accomplish that same sort of power as well (Gordeau, if we're just looking at recent developments).  So, ultimately I feel this change is for the best.



-Art updated!  No other changes made.

Journey Corston:

*Journey is a neat character, her version of future sight allows investigators a few moments of excellent capitalization, but there are a few issues with her current arrangement.  The primary issue is any game in which her main ability only triggers once ever at the start of the game, which has proven to still be very effective but really prevents Journey from making any meaningful impact on the rest of the game.  The secondary issue is that her item selection is actually not intuitive with her ability.  I've restructured her starting items both to prevent confusion and give her full game impact in cases where her ability never happens, and fashioned for her a Personal Story to give her more to do and consider over the course of a game.
-No longer starts with Astral Mirror, instead starts with Sigil of Hermes Trismegistus. Starts with 1 more dollar and 1 fewer clue.
-Wording cleanup on her main ability. This was done to prevent possible confusion on when it actually triggers.
-Journey now has a Personal Story!


Shauna Vayne:
-Art updated!  No other changes made.


Tsubaki Yayoi:

-No changes this update, however...

*Back in July, I mentioned that I was working on a side project called "Arkham Light" which was an attempt to take the overly complex characters and simplify them both for beginners and for general ease in approach.  That idea, however, has been scrapped in favor of taking all the majorly complex characters and redesigning them with ease of access in mind.  Tsubaki will be the first on the list of major redesigns in this manner; truthfully I'm already done making it...sort of.  The current rework is in an Alpha stage and will be playtested before I have anything meaningful.  But chances are, a newer version of Tsubaki will likely be done by October.  Look forward to it.

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Posted 17 October 2014 - 12:11 PM

Happy Halloween in advance.  Hope you guys are pumped for trick or treatin', pumkin carvin' and scaring away the little kids with your gruesome costume.


Like for most months, this will probably be the only update in October, but I do generally plan to get my unreleased content out just a little bit faster in the future.  Hopefully.


Here's what we have today:


10 / 17 / 2014

Tradition; Evolution



Wait, what?

-Um...technically we don't have any new content this time around.


You Monster!

*Calm down, there's a good reason.  This month has no "new" content, but two investigators have been completely overhauled to the point where they way as well be new investigators.  I'm more concerned about fixing them then shoving more potentially broken content down your throats.

-Two Investigators, Tsubaki Yayoi and Viktor, have received an entire kit rework.  Practically new investigators as a result.



-Now, whenever content is changed, that download will be marked with the "UPDATED" sign on the first post.  This will make it easier to see what has been affected most recently.



Tell me a Story

The following investigators now have personal stories:


-Linne Yato


-New Art
-Temptress renamed to Mystical Charm
-Essence Theft now allows you to split the recovery between Sanity and Stamina freely.

-Relinked Cho'Gath's download on the list of downloadable content (holy crap I had no idea he was missing)
-New Art
-Slightly weakened the pass effect on his Personal Story.

Tsubaki Yayoi

*Tsubaki is an investigator with a good identity: Versatile with tons of options, but those options are limited and costly.  I like seeing her played to the fullest, but unfortunately she brings way more problems right now then she's worth.  First off, no one plays her, most likely due to information overload and difficulty.  Second, she's likely way too strong, simply a by-product of having so many abilities.  When I reworked Tsubaki, my aim was to improve the upfront display of information as well as reduce her power by a fair amount.  Instead of being a character that simply has all the tools, she now feels like a character that can progressively learn all the tools, which I feel is just more rewarding.
-New Art
-Tsubaki's Judgment Art cards have been completely reworked.  The newer cards are now sorted with large background numbers indicating "Tier" or level of that JA.
-Tsubaki no longer starts with all of her Judgment Art cards.  Instead now starts with a "Tier-1 Judgment" of your choice.
-Divine Judgment now allows you to choose one of two possible functions each turn.  The first is similar to the original Judgment Art functionality, but no longer stops you from using Install.  The second is a new function, called "Illuminate", which allows you to spend 5 stock during upkeep to gain a brand new Judgment Art of the new highest tier that you don't own already (maxing at Tier-4).
-Personal Story completely reworked to open up additional functionality with new kit.  By completing your personal story, you can open up Tier-5 Judgement Arts.


*Viktor is very underwhelming to play right now, but he's not really broken.  He's actually a decent investigator as is, and has a clearly defined goal right from the start.  His theme isn't really pushed as hard as I feel it should however, and his kit is a little unrefined.  In this rework, I aimed at bringing a little more zing to this character, improving the possibility and feel of his "Artifical Evolution" theme, while also getting rid of unnecessary elements like "Bionic Arm".  Viktor should definitely feel like a more dynamic investigator this time around.
-New Art
-Hex Core cost raised to $8 from $6.  Viktor starts with 1 fewer clue.
-Bionic Arm ability completely removed.
-Evolving Technology replaced with Glorious Evolution.
-Glorious Evolution: "Whenever Viktor picks up any amount of clue tokens from the board, he gains that many evolution counters on his Hex Core.  When it has 6 or more, remove them and gain an augment of your choice."
-The 3 augment choices have been renamed and slightly adjusted, but retain the same base function.  More importantly, you can potentially gain all 3 of them.
-Personal Story completely reworked to better fit his new playstyle.


Get that candy.

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Posted 21 December 2014 - 03:05 AM

Sorry I haven't updated for a while.


Because I haven't played Arkham in about 2-3 months, I haven't really been able to test any of my content in a while.  It would be irresponsible of me to post changes and new content without making sure it's stable, or at least make sure there aren't broken interactions I may have missed.  Nobody wants that.


When I get a chance to mess with things again, I'll start updating.

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