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SW LCG Dream Cards

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#221 Galak Fyyar

Galak Fyyar


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Posted 07 November 2014 - 03:58 AM

Hello to everyone!!! FFG create so beautiful game for us, even our local dream card project can't be so extremely powerful, useful and playable, than what we see in third game cycle.
And I want to ask you - do you want to see new dreams, or FFG cards with alternate images from me? (third variant - you post image, text - and if I can create your card, I'll do it).

P.S. About myself - I want to apology to all of you for my ignorance - I leave in another reality - in the world of Star Wars The Old Republic, and because of that I don't have enough time for anything, but as Star Wars fans, you must forgive me for that...




#222 MarthWMaster



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Posted 07 November 2014 - 09:45 AM

For image-based cards, I recommend either A) cards that can replace existing cards a la the legal alternate-art promos, or B) whole objective sets so the dream cards can actually be used in casual play. No offense meant, but dream cards that don't belong to their own objective sets aren't very useful in this game.

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#223 DavFlamerock



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Posted 11 November 2014 - 04:43 PM

Is there any chance you have templates for Star Wars player cards of various types and factions? Or at the very least a tutorial on how to make a template? I'd love to get in on the kind of custom card creation you've been doing but my photoshop-fu is too weak to do it on my own, and creating text cards just isn't good enough.

#224 MarthWMaster



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Posted 23 November 2014 - 11:24 PM

A Mechanical Bond - Objective (Rebel)

Resource: 2

Capacity: 4


Each Droid unit you control gains 1 Force icon during the Force struggle.

MWM16 - 1/6


C-3PO - Unit (Rebel)

Cost: 1

Force: 2

Resource: 1

Capacity: 1



Reaction: After you win a Force struggle, draw 1 card.

"Excuse me sir, but that R2 unit is in prime condition. A real bargain!" C-3PO, A New Hope

MWM16 - 2/6


R2-D2 - Unit (Rebel)

Cost: 1

Force: 1

Resource: 1

Capacity: 1


While you control C-3PO, this unit gains elite and is considered committed to the Force.

MWM16 - 3/6


Secondhand Astromech - Unit (LS)

Cost: 2

Force icons: 1

Damage capacity: 1

Combat icons: [B]


Interrupt: When this unit would focus to strike, you may move a focus token from one of your exhausted Droid units onto this unit instead.

"Uncle Owen, this R2 unit has a bad motivator, look!" Luke Skywalker, A New Hope

MWM16 - 4/6


Secondhand Astromech - Unit (LS)

MWM16 - 5/6


Automated Affections - Enhancement (Rebel)

Cost: 1

Force icons: 3


Enhance a Droid unit.

Enhanced unit gains "Protect Droid." If enhanced unit is C-3PO or R2-D2, he also gains +3 damage capacity.

"Why I should stick my neck out for you is quite beyond my capacity." C-3PO, A New Hope
MWM16 - 6/6

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