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How to deal with a starting hand full of agendas?

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#41 Khudzlin



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Posted 18 November 2012 - 11:24 PM

But if you have too many agendas in hand, you probably can't protect your hand, so you're caught between a rock and a hard place. When I'm in this situation, I install agendas that need at most 3 advancements (I don't play Jinteki). That way, the runner cannot know whether the cards are snares, money assets or agendas without running or infiltrating them. It doesn't always work, but the alternative (keeping the agendas in hand) isn't much better.

#42 profligate



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Posted 19 November 2012 - 02:02 PM

No question, a hand full of a Agendas is going to suck, regardless.  IMO, you're almost certain to lose one or two.  Knowing that, I'd rather hide as much info as possible, and minimize the loss of extra clicks and credits, both from installing and advancing.

But here is a ploy that I might try.  Install one agenda facedown unprotected as your first action.  Try to do it as non-chalantly as you can, or failing that, confidently.  Do it first so it's obvious you could have advanced it, but chose not to.  The bluff here is that it's a PAD Campaign.  Then, if you don't lose it, on your turn right after drawing your card, sigh or groan audibly as though you're frustrated at having forgotten to rez it.  Repeat on the next turn if you haven't been able to ICE it, only more vehemently.

This is a game of bluffs, just like poker.  You have to be able to sell your bluffs.

#43 Maine



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Posted 28 November 2012 - 08:23 PM

profligate said:


This is a game of bluffs, just like poker.  You have to be able to sell your bluffs.



I played a game just like that at a tournament tonight.  It was one of the most tense games I ever played, as I constantly felt like I was one run away from losing.  My opponent, however, felt like he got his butt thoroughly kicked.  This surprised me as I felt I barely squeaked by.

Playing Weyland (stock) vs Criminal (stock), I drew 2 Agendas.  I didn't mulligan, I figured I'd roll with it.  Drew another agenda as my first card…  I then proceeded to draw an agenda on average every other card.  I spent the majority of the game with 3 agendas in my hand, protected only by a single ICE (an Ice Wall with 1 advance on it) which was mostly just a tollgate to my hand.  My only protected remote datacenter was protected by 2 unrezzed Archers used purely as unknown bluffs, because I didn't have the Agendas to sacrifice.  A Melange Mining Corp in an unprotected data center was left alone (as it made a good target for Bank Job).  Eventually, late game, I would, and the surprise rez of one of the second would eat my opponents Crypsis and Femme Fatal and give me a chance…

My opponent eventually got Sneakdoor beta out.  He ran on my unprotected Archives to view 3 face down trashed cards (discards due to hand size), then ran on my HQ via Sneakdoor, and failed to draw 1 of the 3 Agendas in my hand (out of 5 cards).  He started to run on my HQ nearly every turn, and never stole an Agenda.  After the initial run on Archives, he commented he didn't know why he bothered to run on Archives proper because 'nobody every trashes anything good' - next turn I trashed an Agenda due to hand size, which my opponent would never run directly on Archives to discover.

The game ended with about 30 cards left in my deck, and only 2 agendas in the mix.  I won with 7 agenda points to 4, 1 agenda in my hand and 1 in the Trash.

I credit my win to luck, poker face, and bluffing skill.  Had my opponent been more aggressive early on he would have had a pretty quick win.  One or two turns during the early game of dedicated running against my hand or even my R&D and he would have had a quick win, though that would have been an expensive gamble.

Strategy wise, I also tried to mitigate risk by scoring the 1-point agendas as quickly as possible, or placing them in the riskiest positions in the hopes that if my opponent did score them he would be satisfied with the score and let the pressure up for a turn or so.


Edit: Another player had 8 remote servers at the end of a game, playing as Jinteki; 6 were protected, one of which was a Junebug.  Only one server had an Agenda, and it was unprotected.

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