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100 Regiments for Only War

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Posted 02 July 2012 - 05:36 AM

( 38)

276th Goguryeo Guerrilla's

Homeworld: Goguryeo/Imperial World/Segmentum Ultima

Military Specialty: Guerrilla Warfare Infantry

Order of Battle: 3000 men in 25 companies of Light Infantry, 6 Companies of Heavy weapons and 4 companies of Light Artillery.

Commanding Officer: Commisar Commander Suicho Kana Pang

History/Summary: Goguryeo was heavily forested Imperial world settled during the Imperial Age and its exports were manufactured goods and some specialist agriculture.
In 938.M48 Chaos forces made a from the Eastern fringe made a concerted effort to take the planet. Overwhelming Chaos forces enjoyed huge success initially. They crushed the defenders in the vicious battles for the first few cities in bloody battles which left those cities mostly ruins. As the Archenemies forces began sweeping through the remaining cities on the planet the defenders knew there was little they could do.
Lord General Bang Seong ordered a change of tactics. They began taking all of the military supplies, food and machinery they could and disappeared into the forsests, mountains, caves, under-cities and swamps that they could. As predicted Chaos forces took all but 4 of the remaining cities with little resistance, the seemed to assume that the defenders were spent. That is when the defenders struck back. Appearing as if from no-where, the defenders started to attack vulnerable positions. Supply dumps, logistic trains, air power bases, weapons manufactoriums and chemical factories were all targeted in a concerted effort. Usually they would mercilessly attack one type of target for a while and just when the Chaos forces would move men to defend them they would change to another target. The war went on in this way for nearly 400 hundred years. The Guerrilla's never quite able to gather enough forces for a concerted counter attack but the Chaos forces pinned down defending every asset. By the time Imperial Forces landed on the planet the Loyalists were in control of 3 quarters of the cities.
The 276th was typical of the regiments raised in these late war periods. Able to travel through the darkest, densest terrain and attack out of no-where, with rifles, heavy weapons, and even light artillery that is disassembled and carried through the jungles and tunnels on foot. Now that Goguryeo has been re-conquered, the Guerrilla's provide both the PDF and Imperial Guard from their deep bunkers and their type of warfare is exported to other warzones.

Miscellaneous: The average Goguryeo Guerrilla is lightly armed, a solid Las-carbine, flak vest and numerous grenades, bombs and trap equipment. They rely more on camo cloaks, often made from simple patterned infra scattering material which is re-dyed with local flora added on site, rather than sophisticated camo cloaks. During the war on their home-planet they used flamers, grenade and missile launchers, auto cannon, morters and heavy stubbers almost exclusively. In later battles on other worlds more exotic and expensive arsenal is much welcomed but still rare. Light artillery has always been limited to what can be carried so lighter cannons, heavy mortars and rocket artillery are used.
Due to the immense secrecy that is required to keep increasingly large complexes hidden iron dedication is expected and the Commissariat is highly import in the command structure.

Adventure hooks: The 276th has been hiding in dense jungle attacking the enemy with little external support for months. Now they have sent a message that they have liberated a valuable piece of archeotech. The PC's are charged with heading into the jungle and the Guerrilla's caves to obtain the devise and bring it back, of course the traitors aren't going to let it go that easily.

RPG system notes: The Guerrilla can be based on any freedom fighers, partisan or rebels. My initial thoughts were about south east Asian wars (Vietnam and Korea to name a few) and Afganistan. They are specialists in, or have bonuses to, Survival, Stealth and Trapping. They are insular and don't often work in the normal command structure so a penalty to fellowship (or penalty when dealing with strict organisations) is a balancing factor. They might have a higher WP, representing the harsh dedication, or a Hatred of Chaos Militia (due to vicious occupation).

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Posted 02 July 2012 - 11:58 AM


33rd Tritonian Shellbacks

Homeworld: Atlantis/Agri-world/Pacificus Segmentum

Military Specialty: Abhuman Aquatic Assault Troops

Order of Battle: 6000 Abhuman aquanauts in 25 companies of 200 troops. Various support water vessels of various sizes.

Commanding Officer: Major Sebastian Delaware

History/Summary: Triton is world entirely covered in water, with unhindered swells breaking against unseen features under the surface, baking sunlight over most of the surface and torrential rains sweeping across the surface in rapidly moving storms.
Against this background the Tritonians seem to be abhuman adaption to an entirely aquatic life. While they still raise young on communal floating, houseboat networks they spend almost all of their lives in the water, gathering materials, food, hunting and fighting. While some of their tithe is made up of sea food and specialist materials the adminstratum also demanded these abhumans be tithed for the Imperial Guard. While many find them distasteful it helps regulate the number of these proud warriors.
The Tritonians, Homo Sapiens Maritimus or Mers, are a strange aquatic breed of humans, with flattened faces high noses with slit nostrils between their bulging eyes. Their bodies are powerful and flexible, their skin is thick and blubbery and their hands and feet are webbed.
The 33rd Tritonian was raised like many others, from the strongest of local tribal warriors, and taken to the planets main flotilla of Imperial Guard warships. They train here and in the sea for vicious combat. They are given only the basest of equipment, and even this was earned after the earliest regiments succeeded with only their own tribal weapons.
They are issued with a flak vest, a las-gun and a knife. These are quickly adapted to match their tribal style, with shells, teeth and fishbones. The warriors usually leave the knife, or use it secondarily in favour of their tribal weapons, either a single tooth, the size of a short sword from a mighty Megolosaur sea monster or a longsword with steel hard 'Sawfish' teeth. They used spears and harpoon almost exclusively so often lasguns have jagged spear tips attached underneath or harpoon gun pipes along the sides.
Given their light armament they fight in stealthy manner after being inserted into a warzones sea. Sneaking onto beaches at night and attacking coastal positions, collecting information, sabotaging enemy craft and defences. They seem to delight in pulling off such audacious missions.

Miscellaneous: The Tritonians have a plethora of primitive style weapons, from meglotooth knives that are sharper than combat knives and the vicious sawfish sword with their jagged serrated blades. To the spears and harpoons for underwater combat.
The boats used by the Tritonians are dependant on the situation from bearly armed supply ships and river patrol boats with Heavy bolters and auto-cannon to Naga class warships and even larger. How ever these are mostly used for supplies, down time and command by the human officers which doesn't necessarily mesh with the subtle tactics of the Tritonians.

Adventure hooks: Preping for a planetary assault is serious business. The main body of the  force is being dropped over water and the PC's have a vital location to take on land. The Shellbacks have already scoped out the territory and will be taking the PC's there. The Tritonians don't re-act well to strangers, the PC's aren't going to get any respect or much help unless they make a show of strength, skill or just downright savagery in a fight. Can the players resist the urge to steam in with the boats rather then enter unoticed with the Mers.

RPG system notes: The main features of these abhumans are hugely increased swim speed (both in skill rank and distance multipliers), length of time they have hold their breath (again multiples, x2 at least), and depth at which they can function. They should have a lower intelligence, a penalty when dealing with normal humans but an intimidation bonus (but amongst themselves they are quite social) and higher agility. They also require many things (e.g. guns, gloves, masks, helmets) to be adapted to fit them. Something that normally means they don't get such items at all.

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38th Khazar Lancers

Home-world: Khazar/ Imperial World / Tempestus Segmentum

Military Speciality: Rough Riders

Order of Battle:
About 1000 horsemen
12 companies of Rough Riders each 50 horsemen
6 companies of Mounted Rifles each of 50 horsemen
4 companies of Horse drawn Heavy weapons each 12 heavy weapon squads
4 companies of Horse Artillery each 9 guns plus crew and command unit

Commanding Officer: Lieutenant Colonel Katherine Simelov

History/Summary: Khazer is an Agri world, with large modern cities and proud traditions. One of their most proud traditions is their horse rearing. They proudly proclaim to have the best horses in the Imperium, the Adeptus Astartes of horses. No one knows how they bred such good horses, the world seems have had humans and horses since before the crusades. Whether millennia of intensive breeding or their forefathers used genetic manipulation techniques is unknown, but the results speak for themselves. The horses are larger, stronger, far faster with bones that are nearly unbreakable.
Not every regiment from the world has the honour of riding their horses into battle but all are proud of their world and their Imperial Heritage. Although they export manufactured goods and agriculture they maintain their environment and host a constant stream of nobles and governors as luxurious guests.
The previous Khazar rough riders have all been closely monitored, with the help of Khazar's contacts in the Adeptus Terra, and mostly they have performed admirably. But for the Khazar there have been complaints. Mostly of not having close enough support as they advance. So with great ceremony the 38th Khazar Lancers have been raised with their own fast, horse mounted support. They left the planet in splendid green flak uniforms with gunmetal helmets and breastplates, both embellished in gold, the breastplate with the Khazar crest. Even their horses wear gunmetal plates and green flack armour.
They took part in the Part in actions against the Xenos Tau. They were able to cause serious damage in close combat and positions taken were quickly reinforced by their accompanying rifles and artillery. These were able to suppress and provide smoke cover against the next positions. It has been bloody conflict but that the moment, against this enemy, the Kazars have been making a good account of themselves.

Miscellaneous: Part of their tactics are specifically drilled to try overcome some of the inherent issues with horse. The mounted infantry, artillery and heavy weapons are drilled to hitch and unhitch their weapons as fast as possible. They will often jump of their horses (unhitching their weapons where applicable) while one of their squad leads all of their horses back out of the way.
Both their Artillery and heavy weapons are horse drawn, the artillery by a team of 6 horses and the heavy weapons on a wheeled carriage by a pair of horses.

Adventure hooks: A detachment of Khazar horses have gone missing in long transit between battle zones. They are very valuable but when the PC's are assigned to track down missing horses it's clear that the Khazar have used their influence with someone in the top brass.

RPG system notes: Khazars are a proud precise army. Obviously the main benefit is a barded super horse and the skill to ride it. They also have connections with many Noble families. They are unfortunately insufferably entitled; they would have a significant penalty to Fel tests when dealing with common folk, Guard, workers and scum. I can see a moderate bonus to Ws and agility as most appropriate. They are keenly drilled in horse manoeuvres so halving (or reducing) the time to mount / dismount / unhitch loads and some other manoeuvres might be appropriate but I'd need the rules to see if that fits.

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Posted 10 July 2012 - 06:59 AM

 5th Jovian 'Immortals'

Home-world; Priaxis Station, Jupiter Orbit/Star Fortress/Sol Sector/Sol System/Solar Segmentum

Military Speciality: Heavy Elite Infantry (Parade Regiment)

Order of Battle: 2000 men in 20 companies of 100 heavy infantry. Mixture of Valkyrie, Chimera, Crassus and Gorgon transport.
Their regimental HQ is an ancient Capitol Imperials.
They are supported by 4 companies of ancient pattern Leman Russ of all varieties, plus 2 companies of a variety of super heavy tanks, 4 companies of Sentinel armoured walkers.
They have their own dedicated air defence in the form of 3 companies of Hydra, 3 companies of Manticore and a company of Praetor armoured assault launchers.

Commanding Officer: Lord General Augustus Cappadocia Saratoga

History/Summary: In the whole Imperium only a handful of Space Marine chapters hold honors above the 5th Jovian. In their fortress, floating above Jupiter, there are hallways miles long detailing their many battles and victories. Wall after wall, room after room of tapestries, paintings, rewards, medals and scrolls of glorious litany. These list, among innumerable others, such impossible battles as Ullanor in the great Crusade, the Battle of Terra in the Horus Heresy. After the Heresy, when others Guard units were raised and expected to be destroyed in the course of duty, for their past glories, they were awarded the honour of Immortalis. They would remain forever, being reinforced where needed.
For many years afterwards they were at the front of important battles, their ancient war-gear and inspirational history gave them many victories, when others floundered. Generation after generation of Jovians from orbital stations and the many moons of Jupiter joined the Regiment. It became a hereditary responsibility and most of the families that it drew from were elevated to noble status.
However, it was becoming apparent to the Lords of Department Munitorium that this regiment was costing far more than it's worth, to them each battle was counted by throne and at such a high cost to resupply, to transport back and forth between warzones and resupply points to meet up with new recruits. So it is that for the last 3 millennia the 3rd Jovian has been posted to only the safest warzones, usually at the rear. Often just in time for the planet to join the victory parade. They are often referred to as parade regiment by the Munitorium.

Miscellaneous: The Capitol Imperialis in an ancient super heavy vehicle, one of the largest. It is primarily armed with a gigantic Behemoth cannon and literally bristles with anti-personnel bolters. It hold is large enough to 2 full companies of Imperial guard or the equivalent armoured vehicles and air vehicles can land directly on top of it. It acts not only as transport vehicle but mobile command center, with it advanced communications. Defensively, it has the thickest armour possible of solid adamantine plates, which can be electrified to repel assaults, and boasts 6 void shields. In short it's a moving plot device, I won't bother with the stats.

Adventure hooks: The General staff have found that the Jovians several hundred kilometers out of position at the rear and not responding to communications. They seem to be steaming towards directly towards the enemy in an unauthorised assault. Not only that but several interposing units have fallen into formation with them. It seems that Lord General Augustus Cappadocia Saratoga has gone mad with his many years of service with no real action and has taken it upon himself to order and attack before he dies. Not only that, but as the regiments Capitol Imperialis was used as a forward command and control post the chain of command has to be re-established and other regiments are just deferring to the Jovians. The PC's are ordered to intercept the Jovians bring them back in line by any means.

RPG system notes: In all honestly this is written as an NPC/background Regiment more than a PC one but in the name of completion. The Jovians are an entitled bunch, much though they used to boast the most dedicated troops now it is a matter of hereditary titles and littles action is actually seen. Stats wise, as mostly noble births they are well educated and mannered (+Int and +Fel) but suffer Str, Ws and Toughness penalties. Skills and Traits would be: Scholastic Lore Imperial Guard, Literacy, Tactics, possibly a bonus to recounting their own regimental history. They are well respected by all other armed forces and commanders, even the immortal Astartes often want to hear intently of their ancient battles and of fighting alongside the Primarchs and Emperor, however other Guardsmen hate them with a passion.

Primarily though they would have amazing gear, probably better quality or unique stats initially and perhaps bonus to equivalent rank. Offsetting this is the point that they need to be able to be extracted at any so perhaps have to spend requisition (or equivalent) on a recovery team and if the players actually take casualties they will be brought home and the mission effectively finished.

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63rd Eminance Rangers

Home-world: Eminance/Imperial World/ Segmentum Tempestus

Military Speciality: Abhuman Mountain / Low Atmosphere Infantry

Order of Battle: 3000 Abhuman rangers in 20 companies of 150. They are supported by 3 heavy weapons companies.

Commanding Officer: Colonel Balin Borespar

History/Summary: Eminance is, rather than a one dominated by mountains as one might expect is dominated by low lying land masses, but the air pressure on the surface is very low, akin to being up the tallest mountains. The Eminancians themselves have settled their many millennia before the founding of the Imperium of man. Their culture is entirely distinct, the Name Eminance was given by the exploratory fleet that arrived their and native name for their planet is in their own guttural tongue.
The natives have adapted to this planet over many years and are classed as an Abhuman subspecies. They are shorter than Imperial average buy about a 0.3 meters, their arms and legs somewhat shorter and stockier but their chests are massive, with huge lung capacity. They are also thick skinned to deal with the cold on the planet and tend to be much hairier.
It seems, from the natives own records that at one time the planet was not so inhospitable, with thick air, warm climate and a great abundance of crops. At some point though it seems that the planets interior started cool dramatically, this reduced its magnetosphere and as a consequence a the planet has been gradually loosing atmosphere to the solar winds.
Another consequence was that, with a thinner atmosphere, the planet has little protection from meteors. They rain down all over the surface of the planet and force the population to live in bunker like communal homesteads. They underground towns live by mining, collecting meteoric minerals, farming the hardy plants that can survive the climate and fishing in the receding oceans.
They are a proud and hardy people. While meteors have destroyed much ancient records and technology what remained was hidden in their deep vaults, protected as they might protect their own children. And they have had call to defend it when an outlying tendril of Hive Fleet Behemoth thrashed across the planet. It was during this war that the 63rd Made its name. Harrying forces that were attacking cities or traveling through the hills and snowfields, or locating gathered Tyranic forces for long range artillery attack.

Miscellaneous: The Eminancian native abhumans are a hardy stock somewhat restistant to many environmental factors, thin or poorly oxygenated air, low temperatures and high altitudes. In 'normal' conditions however it is a different matter, they seem to have boundless stamina, and this alone makes them very useful to the Imperial Guard in many roles. Were it not for the fact that normal troops operating in their speciality environments are at such a disadvantage, they would no doubt be used in many other theatres. Other imperial citizens however are suspicious of abhumans, they are known as Barrels and Lungers amongst others. Normally this means that abhuman regiments are relatively poorly supplied but Eminance's sizable industry means this is not the case and they maintain a fair level of equipment.

Adventure hooks: One of the lost undercities of Eminance is being recovered and the PC's have the pleasure of being involved. Recent evidence has hinted at lost technology and possibly even a partial STC down there. However the PC's are going to join the 63rd in the claustrophobic tunnels, with life support apparatus and plumb the depths, hoping that rumours of remaining Tyranic infestations aren't true.

RPG system notes: As abhumans with their own strange culture Eminancians are strange and foreign to most Imperials, they are also stubborn and insular so they'd have a penalty to Fellowship, in addition they have short limbs and stubby extremities so they have a penalty to agility. They should have a bonus to toughness and perhaps will power. More than that though, they should have a large static bonus (or even automatic passes) for performing in low oxygen or thin atmospheres. While they won't nescesarily have a better Bs they should at least negate penalties for firing in different gravities or atmospheres.
These do seem to be similar to Squats, and certainly I can see some similarities although it was never my intention at the start, I'd always started with a thinking about adaptions to the environment but I may have taken some queues from squat or dwarf backgrounds but you should not think that these are culturally Squats but may be classed as squat subspecies to the Adeptus Mechanicus.

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The 5th Sanctioned Xenos support battalion (“D’Hune’s Xenoscum”)


Homeworld: Various

Military specialty: Xeno infantry, some xeno cavalry

Order of Battle: 25 human officers, 17 human Munitorum Personnel, 1247 Xenoforms, composed of the following:-
-984 Kroot of the bloodied spear clan
-83 Nekulli lancers
-71 Tarellian dog soldiers
-54 Scythian poisoners
-28 Gaphari thunderers
-15 Enoulians
-12 Unknown (various types)
-various pack animals, war mounts and warbeasts

Commanding Officer: Throne Agent Falder D’Hune (nominal Munitorum rank: Major)

History/Summary: The 5th Sanctioned Xenos support battalion are an extremely unusual unit, one of only a handful of this type in the entire Segmentum.

Sanctioned Xenos are aliens who are permitted to live by the Imperium. They are extremely rare, far rarer than Sanctioned psykers. Such unusual individuals generally find their way in ones and twos into the retinues of powerful Imperial figures of a radical persuasion, such as Inquisitors of the Ordo Xenos or Rogue Traders.

Military units of Sanctioned Xenos are very occasionally formed on an ad hoc basis for short periods by the Munitorum. These rare units contain small numbers of aliens who can offer limited local assistance as guides or advisors to campaigns in regional theatres. Naturally, the loyalty and reliability of such alien scum is not well-regarded by Imperial forces; it is generally tacitly accepted that once the Xenos have fulfilled their useful function, they will be eliminated.

The 5th are by any standard a very unusual Sanctioned Xenos unit. For one, the unit is extremely large, for another, it has been in operation for over a decade, and has served in a variety of Imperial Campaigns.

The unit operates under the Sanctioned Seal of Inquisitor Ferran of the Ordo Xenos, a known radical who is unusually vocal in advocating a “divide and conquer” strategy for dealing with Xenos. His avowed aim is to recruit “xenos to commit xenocide until there are no more xenos.” The 5th Sanctioned Xenos support battalion is an exemplar of this policy; consisting largely of captured xenos mercenary forces offered a simple choice between Imperial service or death, the unit is typically employed against alien forces in brutal wars of attrition.

All Xenos within the unit are prominently branded with the Imperial Aquila and the symbol of Inquisitor Ferran on the most visible part of their anatomy. They live under an unforgiving regime which sees them under armed guard when not in action. The unit consists of a number of a number of extremely dangerous xenomercenary races, many of whom have no love for the Imperium at all, so they are sent into action equipped with explosive loyalty collars, similar to those employed by the penal legions.

On the face of it, then, the unit should be a lethal accident waiting to happen, a hotbed of dissent and xeno scheming; in fact, by all accounts, the unit is a cohesive and effective military force. This is probably due to the effective leadership of Falder D’Hune, a disgraced former Imperial Stormtrooper who found his way into Inquisitorial service under mysterious circumstances. D’Hune mixes brutal oppression with an apparently unforced genuine affection for his alien charges, and his loyalty to them has been rewarded with stellar service.

Naturally, this will do nothing to protect this unit of alien scum when the attention of the Inquisition moves on to other matters, and the Munitorum tires of harbouring the alien in the bosom of its armed forces.

Miscellaneous: xenomercenary culture. The unit consists of a number of martially-inclined alien races, many of who have had their homeworlds destroyed by the Imperium. As such, they are inclined to display extreme agitation or even violence in the presence of Imperial agents who display a particularly xenophobic or arrogant attitude towards them. However, life in the Imperial armed forces has at least bred a common sense attitude within the unit’s members, and the unit as a whole can perhaps best be compared to longserving conscripts rather than penal legionnaires.

Adventure Hooks: Falder D’Hune is a man on the edge of a nervous breakdown. He knows that his mentor Inquisitor Ferran, died five years ago. He also knows that if the wider Imperium became aware of this, his unit – and perhaps his own life – would be forfeit. D’Hune is a compassionate and humane man, disciplined in years past for refusing orders to exterminate a harmless nest of xenos infants. His actions brought him to the attentions of a radical Xenos faction who devoted themselves to saving as many aliens as possible from the insanely xenophobic policies of the Imperium. D’Hune was recruited to save aliens earmarked for execution, and he has fulfilled this role admirably for ten years…but the strain is starting to tell, and his old mentors’ political enemies are beginning to circle, seeing their chance to destroy Inquisitor Ferran’s legacy of cooperation between man and alien…


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The 79th Caducean Field Hospital

Homeworld: Caduceus VII, Hive world, Nex Subsector, Klepsydra Sector, Segmentum Tempestus

Military Specialty: Field Hospital

Order of Battle: 104 Chirugeons, 219 Apothecaries, 49 Phisikia Majoria, 305 Servitorised life support units, 250 sisters of the Hospitaller order, 15 Magos Biologis of the Adeptus Mechanicus, 400 support staff including lay-medics, gurneymen, loblolly-boys and barber surgeons.

Commanding Officer: Colonel Varhize

History/Summary: The Imperial Guard prides itself upon the efficiency of its field hospitals. It is a point of honour among Guard officers to ensure that the troops under their command receive the very best medical attention available, and a point of military necessity to ensure that injured soldiers can be patched up and rotated back to the front as quickly as possible.

While much of the Ars Technica of the dark age of technology has been lost, knowledge of the Ars Medicae remains widespread throughout the Imperium. Medical science within the Imperium can achieve wonders; resurrecting those on the cusp of death itself, reconstructing shattered limbs, replacing damaged or ruptured organs and extending lifespans into centuries.

One of the major advantages of entry into the Imperial Guard (other than the chance to achieve glorious martyrdom in the service of the God-Emperor) is the availability of medical attention of an extremely high standard. Imperial Guardsmen injured in the line of duty can expect to be nursed back to health in well-equipped field hospitals, enjoying a standard of medical care beyond the means of all but the wealthiest Imperial nobles and officials.

Injured Guardsmen can expect to receive new organs to replaced damaged ones (harvested from the bodies of deceased Guardsmen in other units), cosmetically ugly but robust augmetic replacements for amputated limbs and, in rare instances, rejuvenat treatment for elderly officers or specialists who are regarded as particularly useful to the Imperial military.

The 79th Caducean Field Hospital is a classic example of a typical Imperial military medical facility. Situated 75 miles behind Imperial lines, it currently operates from within Blackmoor House, a vast mansion constructed by an eccentric former planetary governor. This huge building-constructed in the high Gothic style from black basalt and glossy ebony-commands splendid views over the surrounding fenlands. Its grounds are now covered in prefabricated medicae centres and landing pads for medical Valkyrie landers, and its leaf spattered pathways echo night and day with the tramp of gurneymen ferrying the injured to and from the surgery wards.

The hospital can treat up to three thousand injured Guardsmen at any one time, though the actual number of patients varies tremendously depending upon the progress of the ongoing campaign. During lulls in the fighting, the hospital can become a very quiet place; with long, dark corridors lit by flickering candlelight, and vat-wards filled with glass and brass tanks brimming with the organs and limbs of the deceased, silently awaiting their chance to serve the Imperium once more.

Miscellaneous: recent events: An unusually high incidence of suicides has been noted among medicae staff serving within the facility. These have coincided with an increased number of anomalous deaths among patients. These happenings have coincided with quiet periods, and the facility’s commanding officer, Colonel Varhize, has concluded that such issues are best resolved by keeping his staff busy to avoid morbid thoughts. Varhize, like all Caduceans, is a breezy and efficient man, who has devoted his life to becoming adept in the medical sciences to best serve the Emperor. In the view of this political officer, he is not well suited to investigate peculiar happenings within his own facility.

Adventure Hooks: The players are shipped to the hospital to recover from wounds honourably obtained during combat with the Imperium’s enemies. Whilst recuperating, they observe strange events occurring within the dark corridors of Blackmoor House.

Patients and staff begin to die…at first, the deaths appear natural, the sad but workaday tragedies that happen within hospitals all the time. However, as time progresses, the deaths become stranger, more inexplicable, and bloodier. Why did a patient cut his own morphia drip and then his own throat? Why did a loblolly-boy disembowel himself with a scalpel? Soon the players begin to grasp that something is stalking the wards, slaying patients in strange and gory ways. Can they catch the culprit before whatever it is works events to a bloody and climactic finale?

RPG Notes: I have shamelessly ripped this concept off from the “100 Missions for Only war” thread. Number 90 on that list is a mission concept by a forum member, AluminiumWolf, that really grabbed my attention. I thought it was, without a doubt, the best mission concept on that whole thread: a haunted house/military adventure. I’ve embellished it a little here by creating a whole military unit and setting that could be used as the basis for AluminiumWolf’s excellent concept. I may well work this up into a full adventure at some point, but in the meantime this could still be used as the basis for a “downtime” encounter for your players!

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Voidbound Freelancers

"Violence with Enthusiasm"


Homeworld: Various. The Freelancers are mercenaries recruited from any drop-capable unit including but not limited to the Harakoni Warhawks, Elysium Drop Troopers, the Protasian Swamp-Rats, Kasrkin, and members of the Storm Trooper Regiment.

Military Specialty: Drop Troops, specializing in XHALA jumps (extreme-high-altitude, low activation) from barely sub-orbital Halo Barges.

Order of Battle: The Freelancers are a mercenary regiment, recruited by Rogue Trader House Meridius, for deployment in his own personal Warlord-authorized Warrant of Trade. The Freelancers number roughly 900 troops and are organized into four battalions - 1st & 2nd for grav-chute assault, 3rd for Air, Ground & Recon support, 4th for Logistical support.

Commanding Officer: Technically, Colonel Anson Merikur is the CO of the Freelancers, however he is still in the chain of command below Lord Captain Meridius and his High Arch Militant.

History: Centuries past, House Meridius received affirmation that their Warrant of Trade had been amended to include authorization to draw mercenary troops from the IG & PDF, subject to stringent and arduous requirements. Over time, House Meridius has grown and expanded and frequently assists the Imperial Guard when storm troopers or drop troopers are unavailable. House Meridius has seen to it that the Freelancers are equipped with top-of-the-line equipment (including Hellguns as primary armament, Harakhukri warblades as melee weapons, & Storm Trooper Carapace armor for their line troops), making their effectiveness in battle of far greater import than ostentatious displays of wealth or power normally associated with Rogue Traders. Recently, the Freelancers assisted the Protasian Swamp-Rats overcome subversive internal conflict that was leading towards open civil war on Protasia. The nature of the conflict came to the attention of one Inquisitor Lord of the Ordo Xenos, who was compelled to induct a full platoon of Freelancers into his own retinue, rather than permit them to share what they discovered during the assault on the enemy stronghold. The Freelancers were also responsible for retrieving Lord Captain Meridius after he & his retinue were overcome by unknown Xenos psychic assault while investigating the enormous derelict battleship, the Lord of Light.

Miscellaneous: When not in operational armor, each member of the Freelancers wears sky-grey headdress, representing their home unit. Harakoni warhawks wear a wedge, former Kasrkin or Storm Troopers wear a beret, troops from Elysium wear a field cap, and Swamp-Rats wear a tilly hat. All wear the Crossed Star, the approved symbol authorized for use by the Freelancers.

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25th Cladius Void Guard

Home-world: Stenar Station / Asteroid / Cladius System / Segmentum Solar

Military Speciality: Celestial Assault Battalion

Order of Battle: 2000 heavy void infantry.

Commanding Officer: Icarius Johan Scraph

History/Summary: Claudius is solar system that suffered a huge trauma in its primordial past. Apart from 2 gas giants there are no planets in the system, just vast fields of asteroids. These asteroids give the system incredible mining potential. And there is a large number of stations in orbit around the gas giants facilities on the numerous planetoids. Unfortunately the plethora of mining opportunities also gives rise to vast number of pirates and bandits.
A strong PDF was raised to deal with these attacks, they became practised in combat in the blackest, coldest of space in void armour and in long forgotten mining bases.
Eventually they brought some level of stability to the system. With food and materials flowing more readily the systems wealth and power grew. With this increased power so did the systems tithe, and after the effectiveness of their Void Guard drew some notice from the Administratum the Governor was asked to raise Imperial Guard regiments. The Void Guard were an important part of the systems culture and history. Novels and holo-vids about these soldiers were popular and were sent far beyond the system. As such they formed a regiment in the finest gear they could lay their hands on and sent them out to battle foul Xeno's among the stars.
Unfortunately, beyond the fiction, the reality of life in the Void Guard is a harrowing ordeal that stretches the resolve of the most fanatical volunteer. Even training exercises in the hard vacuum are dangerous affairs, a single minor equipment malfunction or mistake can cost a life or consign a guardsmen to drift into the abyss until lack of oxygen takes their life. Add to that, the fact assaulting a facility from the lifeless void gives a huge advantage to the defenders. Booby traps, remote weapons, turrets and vulnerability to counterattack all add to make it incredibly dangerous and traumatic. The dark purple and grey armoured Void Guard are stoic bunch, extremely professional, but hesitant to get attached to one another and often psychologically damaged.

Miscellaneous: The Void Guard deploy from space going ships, often simply Argus Lighters but will have more advanced craft depending on Navel support. Wearing Void Sealed carapace armour with a respirator, com-bead and armed with Las Carbines and even Hell-guns, they are well supplied. They'll often bring shotguns entirely for use inside facilities, melta guns and demolition charges to effect and entry and flamers and grenade launchers to clear out the initial dug in enemy.

Adventure hooks: Hestor 12 is a planetoid with a massive hab, dock and mining station. However it has been held by heretic forces for several years. This is choking the system and a severe barrier to a successful war in the system. However the docks are massively well protected. The General staff devised a plan to attack from the other side of the planetoid where the defences are weaker. The Claudius 25th is leading the charge but vastly outnumbered by troops from other regiments in only the minimal void protection who will clear the station itself. The PC's are part of this force and will be playing the part of fish out of water until they can breach the station.

RPG system notes: Void Guard stats would be bonus Wp and a Fel penalty, due to aforementioned stoic, professional, distant demeanour. Secondarily might be bonus ballistic skill and a penalty to perception due to the rigorous training but the difficulties of fighting in restrictive void gear in soundless environments although they might have, or have access to Heightened Senses (Sight) as that is the only sense they can rely on in void combat. They would obviously not suffer penalties to movement in low and zero gravity, but may have additional penalties to movement in normal gravity. They would also have a random amount of insanity points, D5, possibly more.

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23rd Vytallian "Siege Breakers"

Homeworld: Vytal

Military Specialty: Shock Infantry

Order of Battle: 5,000 troops organized into 10 Brigades of 500 men each. Each brigade is comprised of 5 companies, which are subdivided into 4 platoons of 25. 

Commanding Officer: Colonel Aeson Vakkers

History: The 23rd Vytallian Infantry Regiment was founded in 936.M41. It was created in response to a Chaos-influenced rebellion on the Forge world Fleinten IX. In the early stages of the rebellion, word was sent out by the astropathic choir on the planet, just before it was overcome. The only words were "Iactarius the Mad". Iactarius was a known Chaos champion, and the Imperium acted unusually swiftly in its response, raising 12 regiments and sending them at the world.

The 23rd arrived at the planet in 938.M41, to a bloodbath. Iactarius had corrupted much of the ruling cabal of Tech-priests, as well as most of the planets Skitarii and nearly all of the menials. Those that had had not been corrupted had made a final stand at the Altusian Manufactorum complex, and had been decimated by wave after wave of tanks. The Chaos forces had beeen pushed back by the Imperial regiments, at horrible cost. 5 regiments had been obliterated, and a further 4 were not combat viable.

The 23rd were sent against the final stronghold of Iactarius. Under the supporting fire of the 434th Artilery regiment, Colonel Poliante Linthor and the entire regiment began to move in. Every strongpoint in their path was blinded by grenades so that the regiments flamers could get close, and then neutralized. Eventually, they arrived at the manufactorum which Iactarius had converted into a palace. In a ferocius battle that cost 600 Vytallian lives, including that of Colonel Linthor, Iactarius and his 1,000 strong bodyguard were overcome and killed. This action, which ended a 6 month long siege in 3 days, earned the 23rd the title of "Siege Breakers".

Misc.: Siege Breaker characters are often reserved, because of the hazards of close combat and shock warfare. The Siege Breakers wear full carapace armor, colored blue and black. Every helmet includes an integral micro-bead, as well as a lowlight filter. In addition, every platoon includes a flamer and a meltagun, as well as grenades for each trooper. However, due to the regiment's reliance on close range firepower, there is usually only 1 heavy weapon (lascannon) or sniper per company.

Adventure Hooks: Jawsoen V is a Chaos-held Fortress world. Due to its reputation, the 23rd has been sent in to break through an extremely well held defence line. Once through, the Siege Breakers must locate and kill the leader of the Chaotic forces. The PCs will be right in the vanguard of the attack, and must do their part to ensure victory.

RPG System Notes: Siege Breaker stats would include a bonus to BS, because of the regiment's focus on gunnery. However, due to the regiment's serious occupation and dour personality, there would also be a penalty to Fel.





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(48) been a while…

42nd Imber Grenadiers

Home-world: Imber / Hive World / Segmentum Obscurus

Military Speciality: Hostile environment infantry.

Order of Battle: Approximately 6000 Heavy hostile environment infantry.
30 Infantry companies with a transport pool of light environmentally sealed trucks and environmentally protected Chimera.
10 Armoured Infantry companies with Adapted Chimera and Crassus Transports.

Commanding Officer: Knight Colonel Adephus Linnaeus

History/Summary: The world of Imber is one of the most dismal hive worlds in the Imperium. The ancient hives processing of polymers and chemicals has absolutely poisoned the atmosphere so that highly acidic rain and falls in torrential downpours. Unprotected people will painfully die of burns within a minute but even under cover the toxins released when when it falls and reacts are dangerous. Most of Imber is a poisoned wasteland, it's once abundant life scoured away. The rivers and seas are still running their course, albeit at a reduced, deadly toxic level.
The people of Imber live in constant fear of the rains. Maintaining the exterior of the hive is dangerous business and outlying areas and the underhive are often poorly maintained and dangerous. Leaks and floods can kill and wound hundreds in painful ways. With danger so ever present it is no surprise that gangsters, rebels and heretics and an ever present risk to the hive world. When rain water is a chemical weapon everyone is a potentially dangerous heretic.
The planets PDF are almost entirely occupied by maintaining the high security areas such as the upper hives and the water processing run offs. This would leave large portions planet free for heretics to gather, recruit and travel in. Thus the planet recruits and maintains a significant Imperial Guard force. The raising of these regiments helps ease the overcrowding somewhat but mainly it is used on near permanent offensive into the midhive, underhive and wastelands in search of Heretic cults and dangerous gangs.
The 42nd are a fairly Standard Infantry regiment, they spent the first 5 years of their existence patrolling the wastelands and undercities of Imber. They had a notable battle against the massive Jounist Heretic cult around the ruins of Trajan city. The climax of the battle was typically pragmatic and unnerving for such actions. The 42nd fought through the defences, which were littered with traps, snipers and dug in positions until they were able to breach the hermetic seals of the Heretics base using demolition charges. As it filled the rain literally flushed out heretics the 42nd waited killed or captured them. In many cases they were burnt horribly or suffering lung damage. In one action the regiment had gone from fresh faced conscripts to grizzled veterans. Their reward was to be thrown into battle against the forces of Chaos on other planets.

Miscellaneous: The Imber Regiments are equipped with heavy, sealed carapace armour with a respirator, under long hooded coats. Because the lures of heresy are so close to home they are brutally administered by the Commissariat. All contact with their former lives is cut off and they are encouraged to have painful induction rituals into the regiments. In the 42nd it involves a skull burned with acid on to their bodies.
The Imber troops prefer lasweapons as they are easily sealed against rain. However the Mechanicus on Imber is a significant power and have allowed it produce Imber proofed weapons of most types.

Adventure hooks: Imperial and Chaos forces clash on a dreary rain-soaked planet quarter of an industrial world. The players regiment is deployed alongside the 42nd Imber. This is practically balmy conditions for the Imberites many of whom have taken off their respirators, and are taking the battle to the enemy with gusto. Such gusto, that many of the populous are taking a beating from the 42nd. That might have been all well and good but the acid scared veterans in coats terrifying the locals and the disease pocked chaos cultists in robes that are terrorising the locals are perhaps risking more than the usual amount of friendly fire.

RPG system notes: I'm sad to say the 42nd Imber Grenadiers are another, cold, detached low fellowship regiment. I suppose, a lot of the good ones are. There's distinct similarities with the DCoKreig, I really came up with these as an excuse to model guard in the rain, but I'll never get round to that, would have been nice with the hostile environment Cadians from Forgeworld. Furthermore the brutal acid scaring could have even further penalties outside of the Guard but increased intimidation. I'd put toughness up. Give them survival. Perhaps additionally problems with the inquisition such as poor reputation. But enemy or hatred, of heretics (or cultists, whatever factions they have in this system).

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1st Black Talon Battalion (Naval)


Homeworld: Black Talon Squadron, Gothic Sector, Segmentum Obscurus.


Military Speciality: Combined Naval Assault Operations.


Order of Battle: 2400 Souls, split into six heavy infantry companies numbered 2 to 7. 1st Company records expunged.


Commanding Officer: Master-at-Arms Commander Bendabiar Braxx (Navy)


History/Summary: The Black Talon Naval Battalion is a rather unusual arrangement that came about due to the nature of the Black Talon Squadron's planetary invasion support role. The three Firestorm class frigates that make up the Squadron have been designed to sit in high orbit above enemy worlds and provide fire support with their lances as well as handling Imperial communications with their greatly enhanced vox networks, working together the three ships can typically provide global communications. The ships are also retrofitted with hangers allowing for small scale carrier operations providing either air support or assault boats.

The Black Talon Naval Battalion as an independent military unit wasn't given official approval by the Sector High Admiralty until over 200 years after its unofficial creation, this was done in recognition of the efforts of the Battalion in various boarding actions, especially in capturing several, previously unidentified, orbital defence batteries over the secession world of Iosa. The batteries were taken before they were able to fully bring their weapons down on the rapidly approaching Imperial fleet, this action was cited as the Battalions first Battle Honour independent of its Squadron. The 200 years of previous unofficial history, technically according to the Navy, doesn't count.

The Battalion makes very effective use the Imperial Navy's Shark Assault boats and the Navy pilots for these vessels have now more or less been integrated into the Battalion, and rightly or wrongly, they see themselves as a cut above other pilots because of this. It is however still a highly dangerous tactic and if poor piloting or planning and good enemy point defence are combined it can result in the loss of hundreds within the blink of an eye. This was the fate of the First Company whose records are now expunged. Official records at the time, before being destroyed in the Name of the God-Emperor, indicated that the entire Company abandoned its post during a renegade attack at the Siege of Heria Minor. The Commanding Officer at the time [+++Record Deleted For Your Own Protection+++] ordered an ill conceived counter attack and boarding action on the renegade vessel, whilst his fervour was commendable and his zeal unflinching it still resulted in the annihilation of the First Company. Later [+++Record Deleted For Your Own Protection+++] argued successfully that they had abandoned their posts without leave and therefore he was not to blame. The fact that their post had exploded around them was not taken into consideration and the name of the First Company was forever blackened.


Equipment: Ratings and Officers of the Battalion are largely armed in a similar fashion to Imperial Guard forces, though this equipment is requisitioned from the Imperial Navy. Depending on the nature of their current role they can be armed with either low-velocity Shotguns for policing or Lascarbines for boarding actions. The decision to choose Lascarbines over Lasguns is one made purely because space is at a premium. Other weapons include Boarding Pikes, Meltaguns and Meltapistols. Void suits are issued however their survivability and effectiveness is questioned by most experienced members of the Battalion. Thick leather gauntlets, welding masks, heavy magnetic boots and various tools used by ordinary Ratings are usually in abundance too. A fully kitted out Armsman preparing to undertake a boarding action is seldom recognisable underneath all his equipment looking like a cross between a Naval Rating, an Enginseer and a Guardsmen all in one. In the greatest tradition of military personnel everywhere kit customisation is seen as key to survival and in helping the Battalion get 'the edge'. Whether its tearing off pockets that are considered useless, taping down straps on a safety harness, writing your name and number on your mag-boots, over clocking your lascarbine beyond recommended Departmento Munitorium standards or carrying half a dozen different knives and tools you stole … every Battalion Armsmen tries to optimise and learn from the experienced old hands.


Miscellaneous: All members of the 1st Black Talon Battalion are members of the Imperial Navy and therefore it is important to remember that their military precedence comes after that of the Imperial Guard. Furthermore within the Imperial Navy's own hierarchy the Battalion is ultimately subservient to a traditional Naval Officer. Conversely though when the Battalion is performing its typical policing duties amongst the crew the Armsmen have seniority to allow them to fulfil their duties. During combined operations they will often find themselves under the overall command of the Imperial Guard or a senior Imperial Navy officer.



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(Be kind, rough draft at 5:15am Afghanistan time)

The 69th Freedom Regiment

Homeworld:  618N1048W
Military Specialty:  Guerrilla Warfare, Initial Occupation Garrison
Order of Battle: The AA is not a particularly well-organized military unit.  Their numbers can range anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 at any time based on the inconsistent number of replacement troops sent from 618N1048W.   The soldiers are divided into irregularly sized companies based on combat specialty and 618N1048W regional affiliation.  Although primarily an Infantry unit, there are also large groups of “Cavalry” and “Mobile Infantry” in the form of motorcycles and technicals (civilian trucks lightly armed and armored) as well as some traditional support vehicles and light artillery.  There is a disproportionally large Commisariat presence to control the wildly individualistic Freedom Regiment.
Commanding Officers: LT Colonel McArthur Ghankay and Commander-Commissar Jonson.
History/Summary: Originally forgotten by larger Imperium for thousands of years due to a clerical error, this mid-tech world fell into brutal civil war after the centralized Imperial Government stopped being supported from off-world.  Over time the initial factions involved had crumbled into anarchic bands and the causes and goals of the conflict were lost in greed, bloodshed and self-aggrandizement.  Hundreds of years and multiple generations passed in a culture of violence, looting, ****, torture and wanton self indulgence before the Imperium returned.

618N1048W was one of the best kept secrets of the “Less-than-Lawful” Rogue Trader community.  Many wandering Rogues took to the planet as a breeding ground for new soldiers, and a place to conduct discreet business with each other, Xenos mercenaries, and even with devotees of Chaos.  The Inquisition wasn’t far behind. The surface of 618N1048W, once a highly developed Imperial world, is a shattered husk of ruined cities and survivors fighting a constant war against all comers, groups ranging from small nomadic bands of 20 or 50, to large city-states of thousands. All the prominent Warlords must pay a portion of their loot and a portion of their men to the Imperium.  This is the system of Tithe for 618N1048W, and the source of its few Imperial Guard Regiments.

The 69th Freedom Regiment has proven their worth in the so-called “Initial Occupation Garrison” role.  They excel at intimidating and controlling rebellious human populations through campaigns of brutality and deprivation.  On the other hand, when deployed to population centers repelling external invasion, the Freedom Regiment provides expertise on surviving on what normal people would consider nothing but ruins and crumbs. Their brutally effective urban guerrilla warfare techniques are fast becoming legendary.

Miscellaneous: The Freedom Regiment puts great stock in the psychological impact of gunfire, both morale boosting for themselves and an intimidation factor on the enemy.  To this end, the Freedom Regiment replaces the standard Lasgun with a variety of Autoguns for the individual soldier.  In addition, they field an impressively diverse array of Technicals and motorcycles both as light assault vehicles and as troop transports.    The 69th Freedom Regiment permits an almost heretical amount of individualization of uniform and equipment.  While having basic issue grey fatigues and flak armor, each soldier festoons himself with colorful scraps and patches, intimidating masks, gruesome war trophies, webbing, pouches, bandoliers, unauthorized weaponry and occasionally small animals.  The vast majority of Freedom Regiment use both combat and recreational drugs, preferring stimulants and vast quantities of alcohol.

Adventure hooks: I see this as more of a “badguy” NPC regiment meant to work alongside a more traditional Guard unit as a contrast.  But there are PC options; the characters are deployed to a world long fallen to the forces of Chaos, right in the middle of a war between cultist of Khorne/Slaanesh vs Tzeench. Will they be able to resist the impulse to join in the madness of one of the chaos cults?  Will they bolster and expand the loyal Imperial civilians, or will they exploit and use them to escape?

RPG system notes: Definitely looting and scavenging skills.  Chem-dependency and alcoholism is common.  Cannibalism, well hidden from the Commissars, is not uncommon in warzones occupied by the Freedom Regiment.  General brutality coupled with expansive partying and random outbreaks of violence ark their time between battles. 

(For movie inspiration… Blood Diamond, Hotel Rowanda, Mad Max series, anything about Liberia/Sierra Leone)


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 Hey, people. New guy here. I know this thread is a bit old, but I think it seriously needs more love.


272nd Aziturian 

Homeworld: Azituria, Imperial World, Border of Segmentum Terra, Segmentum Pacificus

Military Specialization: Stealth Light Infantry

Order of Battle: 

9986 Guardsmen

- 10 Battalions, ~1000 Guardsmen per battalion

- 10 Companies per Battalion

- 10 Squads of 10 men per company.

- Batallions 1 to 4 - Standard Infiltration/Operation Teams (i.e., "normal" soldiers).

- Battalions 5 and 6 - Demolition/Infiltration Operators

- Battalion 7 - Storm Troopers.

- Battalion 8 - Tech Priests' Transport Pool

- Battalion 9 - Support Battalion (Medicae)

- Battalion 10 - Support Battalion (General)

Commanding Officer: Colonel Ludwig Schrader


Azituria is a planet located on the westernmost edge of Segmentum Pacificus, lying very close to the border of Segmentum Terra. As a world dependent on trade, the planet’s economy collapsed when the warp storms of the Age of Strife cut it off from the wider galaxy. Technological regression soon followed, as did planetwide civil war over dwindling resources, eradicating a stunning 92% of the population – and rendering much of Azituria uninhabitable in the process.

For the next five thousand years Azituria existed as a medieval world, its remaining people living in feudal states or city-states. Over the millennia, the planet’s warsmiths made great strides in the arts of metallurgy and sword-forging, resulting in some of the finest blades ever conceived.

When the nascent Imperium claimed Azituria as part of the Great Crusade, it elevated the world’s technology to Imperial modernity and breathed new life into the land. The fine swords carried by all Aziturian Guardsmen are carried in remembrance of that great act, and of the terrible struggle the planet faced when a sorcerer of Chaos led an invasion of the world during the Horus Heresy.

The Aziturian 272nd was tithed in 922.M41 and was immediately assigned to the purging of the Laanath Rifts, an area of space previously thought secured during the Bellrath Crusade of M38. The regiment made use of irregular warfare tactics to stunningly great effect against the forces of Ork Warboss Rockstompa Wartoof on Hayden’s World, and performed deep surgical infiltration strikes on the moon of Kalshezak the Silent One, a mutant psyker who was soon thereafter burned along with his twisted retinue.

The 272nd’s record of success was challenged after the disastrous Radagast Campaign in 983.M41. The effort to bring the Imperial truth to the Tau-controlled human world of Radagast took a turn for the worst when subterranean fighting awoke a Necron tomb, wakening its warhost. The living machines promptly began butchering Tau and Imperial alike, and the 272nd was forced into a stand-up confrontation it was never meant to face. Losses to the regiment were devastating, totaling 78%, and it is only recently that the 272nd was able to muster back to full strength.

Miscellaneous: As a stealth infiltration unit, the Aziturian 272nd issues chameleoline cloaks and preysense goggles to all personnel as part of its standard kit. Ogryns and psykers are very uncommon within the regiment and distrusted due to the ancestral memory of the attack on Azituria during the Heresy. The regiment is high on the priority list for Departmento Munitorum resupply.

RPG System Notes: This regiment is meant to be played in a more circumspect fashion than most others. Shooting every enemy as soon as it comes into view is not what this regiment is about, and is liable to get the party killed. The 272nd places great value on its swords, and no Guardsmen would be caught dead without his blade.

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 13th Avernian Hell-Jumpers (Yes, there is some Inspiration for these guys from HALO)

Military Specialty: Orbital Drop Shock Troops

Regimental Breakdown:

    Regiment: 10000-15000 Guardsmen(exact numbers unknown)

    10-15 Brigades: 1000-1500 Guardsmen Each

    10-15 Companies: 100-150 Guardsmen Each

    2 Platoons: 50-75 Guardsmen Each

    Operative Units: Varies, largest seen is 50, smallest seen is 6

Regimental History: If one were to Look at the History of Imperial Guard Tithes from the Forge World of Avernus, they would notice a discrepency pointedly overlooked by Munitorum, Administratum, and any other agency that would care to look. in the past five hundred years, there has been an Eleventh, Twelfth, and Fourteenth Avernian Regiment. Records for the Thirteenth Regiment are missing. It is worth noting that around the same time that a Thirteenth Regiment would have been drafted, the Holy Ordos of the Inquistion waged a bloody war with agents of the Dark Mechanicus for the Fate of Avernus. Though Avernus was saved, and spared the torch of Exterminatus, the price was High. fully one half of the planet is not habitable, as it is a veritable Hell of unstable tectonics and weather. continent sized plains Iron, Tin, and Copper constantly fracture and fuse across an ocean of molten rock. great storms of glass and stone scour the Western Hemisphere. Storms formed by Liquid Hydrogen clouds turn whole swathes of land into firestorms. the whole western hemisphere is a wasteland inimical to human life, and it is from this wasteland that the shrouded Thirteenth Avernian Hell-Jumpers are forged. 

Technically a detatchment of the Imperial Navy as well as an auxillary of the Adeptus Mechanicus, the 13th Avernian Hell-Jumpers can trace back their history to those soldiers who broke ranks with the Dark Mechanicus during the world's repacification. disgusted with their actions under the banner of the Corrupted Magos, the members of the 13th Avernian Liberators forsook their once master, fighting against the Forces of the Dark Mechanicus. However, the men and women of the thirteenth could not match the endless supplies and unholy might of the Corrupted Magos' Forces, and were forced to retreat to the one realm the Magos did not have complete dominance of: the Sky. regrouping in the few transport ships they could steal from the spaceports, the 13th fought off repeated attacks from the surface while at the same time scrambling for a planet to recover their homeworld. Their answer came in the form of a children's book found aboard one of the transports, depicting the Emperor's Angels, the Adeptus Astartes. taking a page right out of the codex of the Space marines, the 13th Avernians outfitted the escape pods of the world to  rocket down to the surface and deploy their forces. in their attempt at a surgical strike, many of the rechristened 13th Hell-Jumpers' number were shot out of the sky by daemon guided flak guns and anti-air cannons. many more died as their drop pods crushed in on themselves upon impact with the surface. however, the soldiers that survived stormed the Dark Magos' palace, killing the corrupt daemon in human form within, and aiding the Holy Ordos in quelling the revolution of the planet.

today, the 13th Hell-Jumpers have been retrained and  outfitted to better act in their new role as Orbital Shock Troopers. as forces of the Departmento Munitorum, the Imperial Navy, and the Adeptus Mechanicus,  as well as close allies of the Inquisition, the 13th Avernian Hell Jumpers are one of the best outfitted and least known regiments in the imperium. while nowhere near the level in training, equipment, or support of their distant Cousins, the Space Marines, the Hell-Jumpers are still one of the Elite units of the imperial guard, dropping behind enemy lines to launch suprise attacks, conduct deep cover reconnaisance, and sabatoge enemy supply lines, structures, and emplacements. 

Miscellaneous: it's Worth Noting that many Hell-Jumpers, despite being generations removed from the original members of the 13th, feel responsible for the partial destruction of their planet. they will often attack their enemy without hesitation, fighting until either they or the enemy are dead. when fighting the forces of chaos, the Hell-Jumpers are especially Determined, often fighting to the last man to rid the Imperium of the stain of Chaos, and in the process, remove the stain on their honor.

Adventure hooks: the Squad is running a routine training operation alongside members of the Catatchan Jungle Fighters (who do not know their identity!). however, during the training mission, the group comes across a well hidden Dark Mechanicus Foundry. though they wish to rush in for the fight, High Command demands that the soldiers hold their position until help arrives. do the Hell Jumpers go in anyway, or do they obey orders and risk giving whatever evil thing is being forged down their a chance to see battle?

RPG System Notes: every single member of the Hell-Jumpers wears light Carapace armour, regardless of specialization. the Unit does not field Operators, Ogryn or Ratlings, whom the Hell- Jumpers deem as just barely better than the chaos scum they fight. though they use them, the Hell- Jumpers are jumpy around Psykers, and their use in the field is rare.


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623rd Bellafrax Iron Swords


Home-world-Bellafrax, (Civilised World), Hadros Sector, Segmentum Obscura
Military Speciality-Medium Infantry
Order of Battle: 10,000 Guardsmen. 7 Line Companies (Medium Infantry) 1 Mechanised Company 2 Support Conmpany (speciliasts including Heavy Weapon Platoons, snipers, sappers Medicae units etc

Commanding Officer. Colonel Abraham Tydon.

History/Summary: The 623rd Iron Swords are an experienced regiment having seen engagements in the Praxus Campaign, the prosecution of Hades Folly and the xenos cleansing operations of Castigation. The 623rd come from the Sector Capital of the Hadros Sector and as such is well equipped and devoutly loyal to the Imperium. Although it is generally impossible for their commanders to reinforce the regiment from Bellafrax itself the regiment has a long and established tradition of initiation and bonding ceremonies that mean regardless of the home world of individual guardsmen the cohesion of the regiment remains.

Miscellaneous: The uniform and equipment of the 623rd is based on Cadian standards. The highest honour a man from a Bellafrax Iron Sword Regiment can receive is the eponymous Iron Sword. This honour is only given to a man who not only shows extraordinary bravery in the face of the enemy but also, leadership qualities and achieves unequivocal victory during an engagement. The Iron Sword is never given posthumously. To date only 2 serving Guardsmen in the 623rd have achieved the iron Sword one of which is their commanding officer.

The Iron Sword is a literal sword forged from the melted down blades of the nobility of Bellafrax who accepted Imperial rule nearly 7000 years ago.

Adventure Hooks: The 623rd Bellafrax is a regiment loyal to the ideals of the Imperium, but they are also devoutly loyal to their commanding officers. The regiment has recently been assigned to a powerful but rather dubious Rogue Trader that has increasingly been having dealings with xenos, mutants and perhaps even heretics. General disquiet is brewing amongst the ranks who are divided as to where their loyalties should lie. Even the commissars are concerned. If the matter isn’t dealt with a loyal and steadfast Imperial Regiment could rebel for no good reason.


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For those following the updates about Only War, there’s a new update about the regiment creation system. It looks promising. This looks nice and adaptable to any of the regiments presented here. Obviously I don’t have access to the full rules for the Only War system, but let’s pick one of my regiments at random and see how it looks under the new system:-


12th Arxmundan


Homeworld: Fortress World – 3 points

Commanding Officer: Fixed – 1 point (No idea what this means as of yet, but it seems to fit!)

Regiment Type: Siege Infantry 2 points (Again, not entirely sure what “Siege Infantry” amounts to in the context of the system, may be more Death Korps of Krieg, but let’s push on…)

Training Doctrine:- Iron Discipline 3 points

Equipment: TBC


Total: 9 points   (+Equipment, no details of this just yet. Let’s hope crappy, impractical power armour counts as 3 points!)


It would appear that quite detailed rules for each regiment are applied to the basic profile of each character from that regiment, including characteristic modifiers, starting skills and talents, unique “regiment specific” special rules and a very detailed equipment list.


Frankly, I love the look of this new system, and can’t wait to get stuck into it! I’ll be updating all of my Regiments in this thread to fit into this game model, and recommend everyone else here does too!  sonreir

(PS: I hate the new Smileys in the updated forum! cangrejo)




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Motto: ”Hardheads Never Quit!”

This is a small  'Light Recon Regiment' newly founded on the backwater planet of Hardlanding. It's only 500 men strong and not very well equipped, using old Cadian mended and re-used military material, the most common guns are las carbines and autoguns.

Regimental Commander: Colonel Archibald Archer, ”Double Arch”.
A 65 year old coot with a rather senil personality, pretty much a grown child. Likes to dress up in parade uniform almost all the time. Loves big military parades, with setup men and guns. Would really like to "play" with "his soldiers" like a child with toys. Archer is put on his post by the planets only (poor) aristocratic family, but is in reality helped along with all mundane things by his adjutant, Ping, on a daily basis. Colonel Archer does not wield any real power of command in the regiment.

Real executive chief of the regiment is Colonel Pieter ”Re Pete” van Rinse (as in ”Rinse and Repeat”).
A rather lanky, youthful looking man in his upper middle age. Has a past in the Inquisition as a former Interrogator (dismissed from service for some unknown reason) and uses this in his profession when such contacts are possible to maintain. Has general insight in the work techniques of the Inquisition and can use such measures in the field, when appropriate. The colonels main rule is that all military attainments has to be learnt by repetition, again and again, hence the nick ”Re Pete”. Is otherwise the owner of a harsh personality, with not much thought of justice.

Master of Scouts: Captain Simon ”Too Much” De Tomaso.
Is either called only "Captain" or De Tomaso, the latter from his own orders. De Tomaso comes from locally well known Imperial Navy-family, nothing the captain wants to boast about he is rather softspoken with an extremly low voice and seldom holds anything but a low profile. Since the regiment has only 500 men, every company holds a small contingent of scouts, 10 per company. When De Tomaso gets a special assignment that demands a greater involvement from his men, the best scouts is picked and temporarily forms a small sixth "Scouting Company".

Chief Commissar: Rudolph Curzen.
A short but very broadly built man who has an impressive lung capacity and a powerful voice for talking and shouting on the field.
2nd Commissar: Ernst Raffel.
The younger, more mobile commissar who wants to be in the front of the battle, leading the men in heroic charges.

Confessor: Eberto Amarone.
A man with a raspy and hoarse voice and with oily dark hair. Often expresses a ”will to talk in private about heretic tendencies you've shown, my son”.

Regimental Medics: Chief Medic Nicola Sardo (collects preserved parts from corpses), assistant medic Ida Purj and Soren Jalonic.
Two men and a woman with former criminal background who has knowledge about several drugs and toxins, not learnt in school.

First Company: Captain Rickard ”Primer” Kregowitz.
A prematurely greyed thinner but tall middle aged man with a nack for reciting the "Primer" and who holds the knowledge of that book in the highest esteem. Everything has to be done by the book. Open-minded, outspoken soldiers who shows creativity (like De Tomaso) is NOT popular with him.

Second Company: Major Wolfgang ”Wolf” Hallendaar.
This is a personal friend of De Tomaso nad who's been watch captain with the Archer family, but who made himself dispensible through own expressed ideas of rationalisations the Archer family's will. Has a great libido and sometimes a hard time saying no to the lovely ladies.

Third Company: Captain Ruthger ”Fisty” Lindst.
This very large man has a tatooed and shaved head, and is scarred over many parts of his body, incl his face. He leads the heavy company taking all assignments that involves bombes, hvy weapons and demolitions. Has been a Hardhead Wrestler Prize Winner.

Fourth Company: Captain Jamel ”Mouse” Jacuba.
Besides De Tomaso, this is the best regimental tracker and scout. Has a past as a Tallarn desert warrior and still carries stuff as memories of that time, including a very long and filigraned Long Las. A light haired, black skinned man with blue eyes. Is actually not a good shot, but a master sneaker.

Fifth Company: Captain Urben ”Short Supply” Benner. 
A whiny and greasily fat man man with overprotective tendenses towards the equipment he is placed to manage for the regiment. Equipment is always ”hard to get” or ”almost out of supply”. Always hoards stuff that is needed, especially for himeslf and for the brass. Can in single instances favorise certain soldiers that does favor for him. Even things that are in obvious abundance can be held back by this man. All with Van Rinses good memory, as the colonel likes a ”tight run ship” (= the regiment).

(The Hardlanders regiment has no company numbered six to ten).

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69th Comfort Services Regiment

Motto: “As you Like it!”

Homeworld: Various

Military Specialty: Special Services

CO: “The Madam” Edelgard Voss

The 69th is a support service regiment that offers all kinds of services to other units from Enlisted, NCO & Officers Clubs, Special Mess services, Valets (for Senior Officers), PX, Entertainment Shows, Sanctioned Gambling, Sanctioned Brothels and any other diversion an Army on the move may need, the Regiment also includes its own Hospital and full Battalion of MP’s and trades persons to assemble and maintain the Regiments various facilities.

Adventure Hook: Commissar Colonel Edelgard Voss runs the 69th as both a Comfort Services Regiment And a Covert Internal Security operation with over a third of the Regiment being agents for the Commiserate or Military Intelligence, also imbedded in the 69th are a number of Inquisition agents. the Regiment conceils within it's numbers close to three companies of Special Forces Opperators.

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