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100 Regiments for Only War

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Posted 18 June 2012 - 06:25 AM




21st Patrie 'Kings Own Musketeers'

Homeworld: Patrie/Fuedal World/Gulodus Sector/ Segmentum Obscuras

Military Specialty: Air-Mobile Infantry

Order of Battle: Originally 4400 Guardsmen in companies of 120 men (most currently under strength due to casualties) each with 10 Valkyries (or a fewer number of larger transports). In addition there are 15 support batteries of 3 air transported light artillery pieces (a mixture Battle Cannon and Vindicator cannon). They are medium infantry in custom flack armoured doublet, britches in the all the fine regalia of feudal royalty including feathered helmets or wide brimmed hats. They are usually armed with basket hilted longswords and Lumiere-musquets (standard las-carbines with custom hardwood and gold stock), Shotguns (similarly decorative) and long-barrelled decorative Las-pistols with flintlock style grips. They favour grenade launchers as special weapons but are well surprisingly well read and adaptable to high level technologies. They are famed for flanking and take and hold missions on enemy strong points, after clearing the position they often fly in light artillery to hold or provide cross fire on the enemy until they are relieved.

Commanding Officer : Sir Roman Castillo (Colonel).

History/Summary: Patrie is a little know Feudal agricultural world, it's only tithe (beyond psykers) took the form of a local grain and a number of fermented dairy products and alcoholic beverages. That was until the Waaagh Baddaz in M38.465. While it was not directly in the path of the Waaagh a number of Xeno vessels had split off to the system. Unable to commit any additional Imperial Guard forces the world, as the only inhabitable planet in the system, was to be left to its fate. The effectively defenceless world, with its black powder level of technology, would have almost certainly been lost if it had not been for a Cruiser Group Tumultuous. They destroyed 3 of the 4 Kill Kroozers but crippling the 4th in orbit of Patrie and destroying many of its landing craft. 

It was 164 years before the Ork war swung back in the Imperiums favour, and part of a major counter-attack landed on Patrie. The Imperial commanders had not had contact with the planet for 159 years (when the Capitals Astropath had sent the last message that the Governors palace was being overrun) and expected this planet have fallen. They were surprised to find that there was a battle going on with the 6 surviving Nations were in the process of holding off a major Ork attack. In the years following the nations of Patrie had gathered all their forces and was fighting the Orks where they landed. They had learned painful lessons about Xeno culture in the following decades and used this to hunt isolated Ork bands and their Depanfakirs (engineer wizard) technology.
After the fall of the original Capital, Gaulix, and number of nations capitals it was the King Salopard of the Normanie who had led the resistance and especially his elite Musketeers. The musketeers where elite swordsman and fine shots who travelled rapidly by horse before dismounting.
After the Ork war the planet gain much status and many riches from pilgrims, the Munitorium demanded that this world, despite it's out of the way location supply Imperial Guard regiments as few of the planets in the sector had remaining populations and none had a victorious history against the Orks. Most of the regiments supplied are light infantry with attached Artillery (as they are used to fighting), rough riders and 3 previous regiments of Kings Own Musketeer mechanised infantry. The 21 Patrie 'Kings Own Musketeers' is the first to use Valkyries and be deployed as Air Mobile infantry.
Miscellaneous: The 21st has long history of fighting Orks with no back up from the rest of the imperium. Like the other Musketeer regiments they are given a basket hilted broadsword made from Orkish metal (which in likelihood was previously looted from an Imperial world) and a blue brigandine doublet and helmet of Ork metal. They're bright blue uniforms and feathered helmets make them obvious on the battlefield and Guard Commander's use this to re-enforce troop moral as they see these dashing troops descend on their enemies flanks and vulnerable rear positions.

Motto: For Regie, For King, For the Emperor.

Adventure hooks: Forward scouts have located an Ork Mekboys workshop. The 21st Regie are planning a daring raid into Ork held territory to take it and the Mekboy out. The PC's are the dashing recruits to bolster their numbers.
A major battle is taking place against an Ork line, the PC's are tasked with taking and holding a vital position, as are the 21st Regie. Going to be cut off for a while and it's going to get pretty close in. 

RPG system notes: Character wise they seem to be the anti-thesis of most other guard regiments and rightly so. They have skill and knowledge of Orks bit not necessarily brute strength or toughness and are going to need to rely on both their guns and blades. In addition movement is key, to strike fast and get out, many of their opponents and much larger and more dangerous and avoiding their attacks is key.

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Posted 18 June 2012 - 07:10 AM


3rd Haritanian Irregulars "Chemists"

Homeworld: Haritan, a mid-sized Hive World, Segmentum Pacificus

Military Speciality: Chemical Warfare, Urban Operations

Order of Battle: 10 chemical assault infantry companies (classified as heavy infantry)

Commanding Officier: Lt. Colonel Hector Sebastian Sethi, assisted by Commisar General Fabius Reventi

History: Haritan is an unremarkable hive world located in the Segmetum Pacificus not far from the border of the notorious Sabbath Cluster. The local industry is famous for the high grade chemicals - particulary ionized gas for plasma turbines - which makes the local aristocracy very rich, thanks to the commerce with the Adeptus Mechanicus. According to the imperial records Haritan was among the worlds reclaimed by Warmaster Solar Macharius during the first phase of his legenadary crusade.

The world doesn't appear in any imperial record for the next century when the Administratum called for the first Guard Foundation. Apparently elements of some schismatic cult had infiltrated the upper echelon of the local goverment and military, as a consequence they refused to carry out the foundation. The local ministrorum and few mid-tier military officiers were outrage by this insult to the majesty of the Imperium. Within a few weeks many priests started to proclaim the need for the local population to rise against their corrupted governants and rstore the rightful servants of the Emperor. The goverment fielded their PDF regiments to silence the preachers and secure several key installations across the hives (like the Astrophats towers and tha Arbites prencits), it was the beginning of the Haritanian civil war.

While the bulk of the PDF remained blindly loyal to the goverment a few mid and low level officiers (non above the rank of captain) choose to side with the Imperium. These man and their supporters, while hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned, were able to provide a tenacious resistance, hoping that the Imperial forces would arrive soon. As the months passed the loyalists were forced back into the lower hives were they found an unexpected help. The workers of the lower hives were an incredibly tough breed - thanks to centuries of exposure to the worst byproducts of the chemical industries- and fiercely loyal to the Emperor. The officier saw the potential and started recruiting them in irregular formations arming them with whatever piece of gear they could salvage. These unlikely crews proved their worth in battle, especially when it became clear that their super-polluted environment had made them extremely resistant to many chemicals. Pushing the chemical factories in super-production, the loyalist were able to get a significant advantage and keeping the schismatics locked in a stall until the arrival of the Imperial fleet.

The Adeptus took over the planetary goverment and several Inquisitorial units were dispatched to ivestigate the planet but, in the meantime, the problem of raising the regiments remained. It was captain Horatio Raasi (later Colonel of the Haritan 1st) that suggested to recruit and reorganized the workers into proper Guard regiments. He cited their physical endurance and fighting spirti as decisive factors, he also underlined the benefit of using chemical attacks as mean to retake key positions without damaging them. The Munitorium wasn't happy to field troops with such high apparent level of mutations, but the benefits and the need of the Imperium outweighted their concerns and the first four Haritanian regiments were founded.

Miscellanea: being chemical warfare specialists the Haritanians' kit is quite different from the standard guardsman's. Instead of the usual flak armor they use a sealed acid-proof carapace with redundant chemical locks, this makes them highly suited troops to operate on several death worlds. Their units field an unusually high number of flamers, modified to deliver clouds of high pressure gasses, defoliant, nebulized acids or other chemicals. As a result the Haritanians are a high manteinance troop, which makes them very close to the Adeptus Mechanicus.

The rebellious past of their homeworld had brought the Haritanians under close scrutiny of the commisariat, to the point of assigning a Commisar-General to each regiment.

Adventure Hooks: the Haritanians are fielded alongside an elite regiment of the Guard. Their reputation and their almost abhuman status makes the cohexistance almost impossible. When a Haritanian unit is butchered outside their barracks the situation start to escalate. And things only get more compplicatd as the medicae exams reveal that all the killed were further mutating. Who is the real culprit then? The rival regiment? or perhaps a concerned comrade?

RPG notes: the Haritanian are my attempt to convey the idea that there's a thin line between human and mutant. What is a simple local trait for someone, might be considered a dangerous mutation by another. The Haritanian exist on a thin line between serving the Emperor and being purged as mutants. The toxic flamers use the same rules as the Tox Spray Flamer described in the Inquisitor Handbook for DH.

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Posted 18 June 2012 - 07:15 AM

Lightbringer said:

Adeptus Astra Telepathica Field Operating Section 1205 (aka “Camp XIII”)

RPG Notes: Perhaps rules for a “Harrowed” witch. This whole article is an attempt to reconcile the Imperial Guard Codices – which present Sanctioned psykers as feared but marginally respected advisors and specialists – with Dan Abnett’s write up of Imperial Guard Psykers as horrifically abused victims of cruel oppressors. It struck me that there was a slight discrepancy here, so I’ve tried to reconcile the two views. If the Adeptus Astra telepathica is setting up camps for converting older psykers (who would otherwise be executed) into suicide weapons, then the treatment of guard psykers in “Only in Death” would make much more sense.

I quite enjoy this idea and it isn't too far-fetched. It's also worth noticing that the psykers from "Only in Death" were mostly low-to-mid level, since Alpha dn Beta level psykers are usually too valuable for battlefield duties. It makes sense that lower level psi are trained to be used as "live bombs", considering the Imperium approach to human resources.

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The Avernus Avengers

Avernus (Hive World, Segementum Obscurus)

Hostile conditions-specialist Light Infantry (Avernus is a hot, dry hellhole.) 

Largely diminished by a civil war, caused by the Planetary Governor's attempt to secede from the Imperium forty years ago. Down to a few thousand men, but very well supplied; Avernus is a wealthy world with vast promethium reserves, so the Gelt pours in and the troopers have very well-maintained equipment. The Tauros is the vehicle of choice for the regiment, who generally do not favor heavier tanks and artillery pieces.

Colonel Ollanius Weaver. A former Storm Trooper, with a hefty service record stretching back to the attempted secession. He is generally kind to his men, and fearless in battle. Old fighting claimed both of his eyes, and both the arm and leg on his right side. Quality bionics replaced these. Rumors among the recruits say he once faced an Astartes, but he quickly shuts these stories down as complete idiocy.

Avernus is a Hive World known for promethium refining. The sector it inhabits is fairly peaceful as far as Imperial space goes, with the only major conflict coming in the shape of a planetary civil war on Avernus forty years ago. The Planetary governor, one Lord Severus Grave, attempted to secede from the Imperium. The madman turned half of the regiment to his cause with insidious propaganda, along with the bulk of the Avernus PDF. He supplemented these ranks with an army of mercenaries and a small warband of traitor Astartes. The loyal Avengers allied with Cadian Shock Troops and Elysian Drop Troopers to reclaim their world, with a year-long siege on the capitol Hive breaking only when a small Inquisitorial strike team executed Grave. Since then, the Avengers have been eager to prove both their worth and their loyalty with a short but prestigious record of quality fighting against Mankind's enemies.

The Avernus Avengers have close ties to both the Imperial Navy and the Adeptus Mechanicus, who were instrumental in liberating their world from the heretical governor's grip. These ties (and the planet's natural wealth) mean that the regiment enjoys support from some nontraditional vehicles. Numerous Valkyrie gunships travel with the regiment, and a majority of the troopers are trained in the operation of the speedy Tauros assault vehicle. 

Adventure hooks: 

-Smugglers are wandering the wastes of Avernus in search of traitor Astartes artefacts. These weapons and armour may well be Chaos-tainted, and cannot be allowed to be sold.

-Lord Grave and those loyal to his cause were publicly executed, but many who survived the war were and still are loyal to his cause. Many of these men are still in lofty positions of power.

RPG system notes: Bonuses to wealth if possible, and perhaps a hatred of traitor Astartes. 

My apologies to anyone I offend; FFG staff, playtesters, and forum users alike. 


Please check out my Dark Heresy to Only War conversion! You can find it on the main Only War forum. I'm always looking for more people to playtest it!

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Posted 18 June 2012 - 02:34 PM


87th Provendus Women's Brigade "The Kroot Krushers"

Homeworld: Provendus, an agri-world located on the border of the Obscuras Segmentum and the Pacificus Segmentum.

Military Specialty: Heavy Mechanized Infantry, Defense Busters

Order of Battle: 8 companies of heavy infantry, 700 women each, supported by Gorgon Armoured Assault Transports.

Commanding Officer: Colonel Brigit de LaCroix, an aged matriarchal commander with a dim view of shenanigans, and a severe demeanor. This is almost certainly her last tour, and she's looking forward to a quiet retirement.

History/Summary: The planet Provendus is an agricultural planet that had fallen to feudalism before being rediscovered by the Imperium. Due to a quirk of the abundant local food supply, men are rarely born on Provendus - only about 1 in 100 children have a Y chromosome. In spite of this, the population has survived due mainly to men filling a cultural niche where they are honoured breeding stock, serving as "mate" to several women chosen for being worthy of passing on their genes to the next generation. The men are pampered by the women they serve… but given little real freedom. All other societal roles, from the governess on down, are filled by women.

Unsurprisingly, this means the local PDF is "manned" entirely by women, who in turn form the entirety of Provendus' tithes to the Imperial Guard.

The 87th Provendus Women's Brigade are tough, hard-bitten ladies who love to be in the thick of things. They use Gorgon Armoured Assault Transports to force their way through fortifications, and unload heavily armed squads to run rampant through the enemy lines.

Their nickname "The Kroot Krushers" comes from a posting along the Tau front where the 87th used their Gorgons in a brutal assault on a Kroot command camp. It's said their vehicles were dripping green with Kroot blood when they returned from the assault. Since then, they've kept their Gorgons painted green, and decorate them with Kroot skulls.

Miscellaneous: Matriarchy: With men being so uncommon on Provendus, the women of the 87th are unused to seeing them in the numbers they're fielded by other regiments, which can lead new recruits to be gob-struck. They're also not used to treating men as equals, which leads to a lot of casual sexism from the women. Their current Commissar, Buck Tannison, has his hands full just trying to get their respect.

Adventure Hooks: While on a recon mission, the party happens upon a stranded Gorgon Assault Transport from the 87th. The vehicle is beyond saving, but the 40 women aboard are raring to get back into the fight. If the party is mostly made up of men, the Kroot Krushers will defer to the women, regardless of rank - and if they're all men, the ladies just take charge. The men also might find themselves the subject of some aggressive propositions from the gritty ladies. It's a long two days back to camp.

RPG system notes: Nothing special here. Just a colourful regiment with some unusual roleplaying opportunities built in.

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0th Braelinian Rifle Regiment "The Naughts"

Homeworld: Braelin III, an agri-world in the Ultima Segmentum.

Military Specialty: Infantry

Order of Battle: 10 companies of infantrymen, numbering 1000 men each.

Commanding Officer: Colonel Egbert Pundrick-Littlewood, a portly, haughty man full of bluster and a gung-ho attitude.

History/Summary: Due to a clerical error, the "10th" rifle regiment to be founded from the populous agri-planet Braelin III was instead officially created as the "0th." This would prove to be a somewhat prophetic moment - "The Naughts" as they are called, are quite probably one of the most unlucky regiments in the history of the Imperial Guard.

Since their founding, the 0th Braelinian Rifle Regiment have been involved in twelve major battles, and in each case it has been a complete disaster. On Tuson Beta they used the wrong map, and led an expeditionary force off a cliff. On Armageddon they accidentally engaged in a four day firefight with their own side. During the Levris Civil War, a rounding error had them deploy with only one lasgun clip. Nothing ever seems to go quite right with them around.

In spite of this, the regiment has somehow managed to survive each insane situation they land in - often to the detriment of other guard regiments deployed alongside them. Their penchant for somehow surviving their impossibly bad luck, coupled with regimental command's skill at brown-nosing, has even given the Lord-General an overly inflated opinion of the regiment. An unearned one, at that - the unit barely does any actual fighting, and most of the problems they solve were caused by them to begin with.

The Naughts are intensely proud, haughty and consider themselves to be "gentlemen" of the finest sort. Their uniform is bright blue and purple, making them look like a bunch of peacocks. Oh, they're companionable enough - but they've bought their own hype. As far as they're concerned they're the cream of the crop! Right up until something goes wrong. And it always will.

Miscellaneous: Unlucky: The Naughts are about as unlucky as they come - but their luck tends to affect everyone around them far worse than it ever hits home. Generally speaking, if something CAN go wrong with The Naughts around - it WILL go wrong. And worse, it's The Naughts who end up "saving the day" and coming out smelling like roses.

Adventure Hooks: While in an active warzone alongside The Naughts, the party is sent to scout ahead of a redeployment. They find an ambush lying in wait, but when they communicate it back to command, they discover The Naughts are already marching toward the ambush zone - and sure enough, their vox systems are down. The party has to save the regiment by foiling the ambush - and of course it's The Naughts who'll get the credit for doing it.

RPG system notes: A mean GM might fudge dice for anyone fighting alongside The Naughts. Double the likelihood of weapon jams, give people negative modifiers to basic rolls, have equipment get lost or misplaced. These guys are the worst - and they turn up like a bad penny.

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 Hmm. Consider this a placeholder for a Skitarii regiment.


Does the Guard have access to Knight Titans?

My apologies to anyone I offend; FFG staff, playtesters, and forum users alike. 


Please check out my Dark Heresy to Only War conversion! You can find it on the main Only War forum. I'm always looking for more people to playtest it!

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Posted 18 June 2012 - 11:12 PM


Placeholder for Cocodan Nuclear Guard, Heavy Infantry + Nuclear Weapory using bastards from a peaceful Hive World.

After work I will write this up better.


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Posted 19 June 2012 - 03:46 AM

Plushy said:

 Hmm. Consider this a placeholder for a Skitarii regiment.


Does the Guard have access to Knight Titans?

Technically both Skitarii and Titans aren't part of the Guard, they are part of the Adeptus Mechanicus. While they usually operate alongside Guard units they have a separate chain of command.

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Posted 19 June 2012 - 05:06 PM


71st Phornax "Phoenixes"

Homeworld Phornax V, Imperial World, Fearchus Sector, Mallus Subsector, Ultima Segmentum (Sector is bordering the Maelstorm in the galactic north of the Badab sector)

Military Specialty Shock Assault Troops

Order of Battle Approx. 10,000 men divided into 38 companies (36 battle, 1 support, 1 command).  The regiment is typically split into 4 Brigades of 9 battle companies.  Battle Companies are made up of 1 command squad led by a Captain, 4 platoons each made up of about 47 men (Platoon Command, 3 infantry squads, 2 heavy weapon squads), 5 squads of Chimera-Grenadiers.  The Command Company has the Colonel, the regiment elite known as the "skulls," attached Psyker Battle Squads, and Ministorum Priests.  While the Grenadiers ride in Chimeras, the Platoons each use a massive "Mammoth" half-track to mobilize.  

Commanding Officer Colonel Rigel Maile XIV, "the dirty badger".  Rigel comes from a respected Noble family on Phornax V and is known to have a dirty sense of humor that comes out at inappropriate times.  Now in his late fifties, his rise to Colonel took decades of hard fought service where he earned the nickname badger.  Over the years, troopers began to refer to him lovingly as the dirty ole' badger.

History/Summary: Commissar XXXX, I hope this finds you in good health and this information benefits you during your new assignment to the Phornax 71st.  The first thing you may notice is the large number of Ministorum Priests attached.  On the surface, Phornax tends to breed pious men, but the longer I served with them, the more I feel it is some form of atonement for past sins.  The men seem to come from one of two backgrounds, the noble Hyperions or the low Plebians.  If a Lt. is young, he is probably an inexperianced Hyperion.  If he is older, he is probably a Plebian raised from somewhere in the company.  If the Hyperion was a good officier, he would be Captain or Colonel. 

There is some occasional tension between the two groups that you will have to deal with, but for the most part, it doesn't hurt their fighting ability.  The 71st are a bit green though.  They have served with distinction in crushing the uprising on Sebulius II and received laurels for their efforts in defeating the Ork Raiders on Verna Prime, but both were smaller scale actions.  Their morale is high, but don't let them get over-confident.  They have not been truly tested yet.

Miscellaneous: The Chimera-Grenadiers like to think of themselves as storm troopers.  However, they are not quite as well equipped and completely lacking in the specialized deployment and infiltration training.  The Chimera-Grenadiers do make an effective assault troop though and are made up of the best men the regiment has to offer.  As their name suggestions, they are always mounted in Chimeras.  Wearing Enforcer light carapace, they are armed with assault lasguns, shotguns and a good mix of special weapons.  The Grenadiers often employ demolition charges and smoke gernades to assist with their assaults.  

Adventure hooks

1. During the course of a battle, the player characters may find themselves receiving poor orders from an overly zealous Hyperion officer and forced to follow them or deal with the officer and suffer the consequences of their actions later (once their mission has been successfully completed).  
2. One of the psyker battle squads attached to the Command Company have come back from the frontline and gone mad!!!  They are raising all kinds of hell (maybe literally) behind Imperial lines and need to be put down!  Can any of them be saved?  If calmed down / captured, can you convince anyone not to put them down?
3. A priest attached to your squad sees heresy everywhere.  Eventually he accuses a player character of heresy for a perceived fault or misunderstood action and demands his squad executes him.  This occurs during a mission or right before an enemy attack. 

RPG system notes: Phornax guardsmen in the standard platoons use standard equipment.  It is the GMs discretion to promote or start the player characters as a Chimera-Grenadier squad with some of the equipment I listed above.

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Regiment Name:
Aislin 9th 'Armored Fists' Heavy Mechanized Regiment

Aislin Alpha Tertius

Military Specialization:
Heavy Shock Infantry, Mechanized Assault, Siege Tactics, and Super-Heavy Support

Order of Battle:
The regiment is estimated at 10,000 men plus auxiliaries. The regiment is divided into 10 Battle Groups that each is made up of 10 Companies and each Company is divided into 10 Platoons. The Platoons then are divided into 5 10-man squads and a 20 to 50-man Conscripted squad of PDF Trainees.
- Battle Group 0: Shock Infantry
- Battle Group 1: Mechanized Infantry
- Battle Group 2: Mechanized Infantry
- Battle Group 3: Mechanized Infantry
- Battle Group 4: Mechanized Infantry
- Battle Group 5: Mechanized Infantry
- Battle Group 6: Artillery Support
- Battle Group 7: Armor Support
- Battle Group 8: Super-Heavy Artillery Support
- Battle Group 9: Super-Heavy Armor Support

Commanding Officer:
Colonel Joseph Ezra Godwyn, Arch-Militant of Rogue Trader Dynasty Aislin a Trader Militant House that functions in the Corvidae Expanse.

Recent and early history is wildly speculated as the records have not yet been compiled of all the actions taken in the Corvidae Expanse yet you can follow the documentation at the Regimental Archives. [ LINK ]

The Asilin 9th are tasked with the escort and protection of House Aislin as they engage in the Corvidae Expanse and attempt to reclaim the expanse for the Imperium of Man and House Aislin.

Adventure Hooks:
The players are assigned to terminate a charismatic leader in the heart of a neutral world and they have to make the termination look like an accident that can not be traced back to the Aislin 9th.

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Posted 21 June 2012 - 01:16 AM


852nd Sirius Grenadiers 'Spire Harriers'

Homeworld: Sirius 3/Hive World/Sirius sector/Canis Sector/Solar Segmentum

Military Speciality: Jump Infantry

Order of Battle: 30 companies of 150 men, numerous support personnel and units. Dedicated Navel support from from 10 squadrons of Vulture gunships and 10 squadrons of Valkyrie/ Vendettas. The Spire Harriers are armed according to tactical needs, usually either a laspistol and chainsword, or double laspistols, combat shotguns and lascarbines. They are as likely to use assault weapons as melee weapons especially against melee focused enemies. For Special weapons, which are used extensively, they prefer flamers, demo charges and melta-guns. But most special weapons are used effectively by these jump troopers, even bolt guns and bolt pistols are numerous.

Commanding Officer: Lady Colonel Helena 'The Iron *****' Constantine.

History/Summary: Sirius 3 is a truly ancient Hive World, only the small amount of thick polluted liquid, which remains of its oceans, and the few still active volcanoes remain uncovered by ancient metal and crete structures. It is a lighter planet and has produces only %64 of Earth's gravity. This allows for sprawling, gravity defying structures and a plethora of flying machines zipping between the spires. Though the much if its history has been lost to time it is clear that the planet has stalwartly supported the Imperium from its earliest days.
Likewise the records of the Sirius Grenadiers are fragmented but they do surely hark back to an earlier time. The earliest recorded units still consisted of mixed companies of assault troops, heavy weapons units and rifle platoons. It seems that for a time, early in its implantation the arrangement of the Imperial Guard was more akin to the older Astartes legions. Still, the department munitorium has little regard for tradition, is this situation, and eventually the many regiments were standardised for the sake of logistics. Regiments of Infantry, Heavy Weapons units and in deference to their past Jump infantry were produced instead.
The demands of the Imperiums war machine mean that Sirius has used it's vast man power and industrial might to supply Imperial guard regiments at a phenomenal rate. 10 a century at height. Each a well-trained dedicated unit. Raised from the numerous, disciplined and proud PDF regiments that are issues with bone strengthening dietary supplements to compensate for the low gravity development. The lucky few are put through to the Guard regiments. Already well trained in flight tactics and constructed wars.
When the 852nd was founded 36 years ago it had been a hundred years and 10 other regiments since the last jump regiment. And they were immediately sent to a crusade on the on the western edge of the galaxy, originally taking part a marginal but heroic part in the Sabbat worlds crusade they learnt first-hand how to take the fight to heretics in melee and how to concentrate short ranged fire on those forces that could not be engaged in melee by right minded troopers.

Miscellaneous: The Imperial creed was welcomed with open army's. Duty and loyalty to the Emperor has been taught since before the Imperial creed came into being. As such they make are heavy on preachers but lighter on commissars. There local temple on Sirius, the Priests of Saint Barnabus, are sometimes known as the flying priests. As they have such a long history of previous regiments they inherit gear that may have been used by countless guardsmen. Occasionally the war-gear is of a much older design and far superior, jump packs that might have carried heroes, lords or even saints.

Adventure hooks: The arch-enemy defeated another Sirius regiment in the tight ally ways of a hive world and some one has pulled some strings to allow the 852nd to enact revenge. This time though, they aren't falling for the same thing twice. The 852nd are dropping from space and are going to bring anyone who can keep up. Liberating captured Sirius relics and banners earns a lot of kudos from a powerful ally.

RPG system notes: Access to jump packs and old tech, plus an intense discipline. But the low gravity world means these troops might not be as tough or strong as others or at least reliant on their supplements to keep up.

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I had these guys as the 'Problem Solvers' in a DH campaign some years ago when the PC's where pre/ascension levels and where suppressing a world of its mutant scum population post-Tyrant star visitation. They're based heavily on SAS and Australian Army commando training that I'm personally more familiar with and not an a-typical IG Regiment

Cyprus Vulpa 2022nd
Falling, sometimes literally somewhere in between an armoured, airborne unit and special forces battle Brigade, they look to be the last of their line as the airships are formidably expensive to manufacture on this scale and a dauntingly expensive prospect to disassemble, transport and reassemble somewhere else in the sector, requiring at the very minimum a large transport ship or heavy cruiser to bring all their vehicles and troops. If they do manage to set up on-planet however it is a battle changing event as very little can withstand the devastating wrath of high altitude bombing from an Odin, (let alone two) the witheringly accurate tactical firepower of the Thor's and then having to deal with the dangerous airborne troops being dropped in after to secure the remains.
The 2022nd have a reputation as being, unconventional, self reliant, down to earth, hard working lads from an agri world that like a drink, love a fight and exceptionally professional soldiers that train constantly when they're not deployed. Being an elite, special forces airborne brigade, they are greatly admired by other imperial guard units, because they leave no trace, make no noise and bring death swiftly from above with a legendary reputation for being utterly fearless and implacable.
Even storm-troopers make way for the brown beret.
All equipment is manufactured on the Lathes, in a long standing friendship and traditional resource arrangement between Cyprus Vulpa and the forges. It is typically of good or best quality gear and a lot of personal honour and time is given to its upkeep by the soldiers which would make a tech priest proud. On average most of the 2022 will have been in service for close to 15 years of active duty and is expected to be a soldier, master of their arms and perform all necessary camp duties from cooking to mending their own uniforms and digging latrines. Rank has little privileges in the 2022nd and it is considered poor form by their peers for an officer to delegate his personal affairs and upkeep to his men or NCO's.
The unit maintains no psykers for superstitious reasons, flatly refusing any allocated to them and more unusually, no Commissars. Instead have a rear echelon company of Sororitas Dialogous, Hospitaller and a platoon of Militants along with 10 ordained tech priests of Het who minister to wounds, hearts, minds and maintain the purity of the units personnel and equipment. Part of the other reason is that 99% of commissars cannot cut it in Airborne training, (though they are allowed to try) and starts with basic training in weapons drill, marksmanship, physical fitness and close combat training in the Imperial Guard.
From there to qualify for the unit the enlisted soldier will have to complete Halo training, advanced bushcraft and survival courses, explosives handling, weapons and vehicle operation which takes 120 days. At the end of which is the trial- by being HALO dropped from low orbit and then navigating by ones self across 200km of wilderness with nothing but fatigues, a knife, canteen and a handler, typically a sergeant on a servo-skull vox uplink who will constantly be mocking and taunting the trainee to give up, go home back to their unit and have a nice cold beer. If that wasn't bad enough they'll be given a 1 day head start on the 'kill team' from the 2022nd on their heels who will have live ammunition and the discretion to fire on the trainee to add incentive… at any point the trainee can voluntarily leave or go due to injury.
Failure is traditionally taken in good spirits by the 2022nd and the soldier bombing out goes back to their platoon, starved, beaten and tired but well respected by their peers, many going on to be successful special forces soldiers in other units. Due to failure rate around 5000 to 1 turn over, there is a 5 year wait to reapply.

Section Breakdown
Sergeant DT-Mk4c Las Carbine or a EP-Mk4a Las, 3 Frag, 3 Krak Grenades, 6 magazines
Corporal DT-Mk4a Las Gun, 3 Frag, 3 Krak Grenades, 6 magazines, Long range Comm unit
Lance Corporal DT-Mk4a Las Sniper, 3 Frag, 3 Krak Grenades, 6 magazines, Camoline Cloak, Stummer, Auspex Unit
Section Gunner DT-Mk7SAW, 1 Frag, 1 Krak Grenade, 10 magazines
Troopers x4 DT-Mk4a Las Gun, 3 Frag, 3 Krak Grenades, 6 magazines
Troopers x2 DT-Mk4c Las Carbine, 3 Frag, 3 Krak Grenades, 6 magazines, 1 Melta Bomb, 1 Demolition charge

Platoon Breakdown
5 x Sections of 10 Troopers with a Lieutenant in charge, all will be armed and equipped as above unless circumstances dictate otherwise special weapons
Company Breakdown
5 Platoons of 250 Troopers and 5 Lieutenants which will be commanded by a Captain
Battalion Breakdown
5 Companies of 1250 Troopers, 25 Lieutenants, 5 Captains, which will be commanded by a Major
Regiment Breakdown
2 Battalions of 2500 Troopers, 50 Lieutenants, 10 Captains, 2 Majors which will be commanded by a Colonel
2022nd Brigade
2 Regiments of 5000 Troopers, 100 Lieutenants, 20 Captains, 4 Majors, 2 Colonels and led by Brigadier General Conty

Auxiliaries to the 2022nd
Whitechapel Cyprus Vulpa Sororitas 10th Company, commanded by Sister Superior Elena Rasmussen
1st Platoon Sororitas Militant x 30 commanded by Sister Mishnah Fol
2nd Platoon of Sororitas Dialogous x 20 commanded by Sister Hanna Athan
3rd Platoon of Sororitas Hospitaller x 30 commanded by Sister Kier Gorge
4th Platoon of Sororitas Hospitaller x 30 commanded by Sister Narcia Odessa
5th Platoon of Sororitas Hospitaller x 30 commanded by Sister Thrace Ruby
6th Platoon of Sororitas Hospitaller x 30 commanded by Sister Darl Callidia
7th Platoon of Sororitas Constantia's x 30 commanded by Sister Kali Gaia

Het Tech-Priest squad commanded by Mech Decon Rook
100 Tech Priests and 300 servitors

Armour and Air

Thor Class Assault Airship x 3
Odin Class Heavy Transport Airship x 2
Valkyrie Airborne Assault carriers x 10
Vulture Attack Craft x 6
Leman Russ Conqueror Tanks x 12
Chimera Transports x 15
Basilisk Mobile Artillery x 10
Hydra Flack Tank x 6
Atlas Recovery Vehicle x 2
Trojan Logistics Vehicle x 10
Sentinel Recon Walker x 48
6wd Truck x 24
4wd Jeep x 45

PC's contribution
Marauder Heavy Bombers x 24

Weight 4080T Length 119m Width 15.5m Height 14m Altitude 20,000m
Type: Aircraft Hoverer Size: Titanic Armour: Hull 36, Belly 40
Traits Anti-Gravity, Pressurised, Transport, Cargo Hauler, Fire on the Move, Structural Integrity (x2)
Narrative Speed: 80km/h / 200km/h Combat Speed:  15/70/140/210/280 Handling Modifier -15
Crew: Drivers (2) Crew (80) Gunners (10) Transport: 250 Cargo: 800 tonnes
Access Points:  Rear, Belly, Top
Lower Front Earthshaker Cannon Range: 5000m ROF S/-/- DAM 5D10+40 PEN: 10 BLAST 15m Magazine: 500
360deg Turrets (Left Right) Twin Linked Auto-Cannon Range: 600m ROF S/4/10 DAM 4D10+5 PEN: 4 Magazine: 2000 each
360deg Turret:(Dorsal, Ventral) Twin Link L-Cannon Range 300m ROF -/2/- DAM 5D10+10E PEN 10

Special Traits
Fire on the Move: Advanced sensors and targeting in the vehicle incur no penalties To-Hit for either it/or the enemy moving
Structural Integrity: Massive construction, thick armour and advanced engineering mean that the vehicle reduces damage by 1 step on Structural Damage Table (to a minimum of 0 damage), a multiplier reduces this step by its number (x2 x3 etc) by 1 further step

The Thor is a long range line airship utilised by the Imperial guard to ferry troops, vehicles and cargo over long distances of up to 40,000km and has been provided with considerable amounts of long range, radar assisted firepower to look after itself if they find themselves bereft of escort flyers. To some extent the Thor also performs something of a support role with its cannon able to reach out and blaze away from several kilometres away and while they aren't the most heavily armoured vehicles in the Imperial arsenal, they do have adequate protection in their belly armour to protect them from ground fire and are of massive construction.
Most commanders won't risk them on front line duty but given the immense heights they can fly at, long range and advanced comms and auger arrays they make for a good tactical surveillance unit and mobile command base to launch deep-strike airborne assault troops on grav chutes. About the only drawback is the speed of the Thor which limits how quickly it can get somewhere and given the speed of some enemy aircraft, it is usually unable to escape unless it manages to gain a lot of altitude quickly but there are a lot of applications for them as they can carry a lot of troops and materials into areas for setting up advance bases which would otherwise be hampered by difficult terrain or enemy picket lines.
Thor's carry an advanced auger array of Doppler radars and tight beam scanning units that have a range of up to 20,000m, this system allows the vehicle to avoid bad weather, find favourable air currents, ground mapping and also of course to avoid enemy craft often long before they come in range. They are well liked by Guardsmen who appreciate the spacious barracks, decent amenities, quiet and smooth ride. The vehicle has heavy lift anti-grav platforms, four electric turbines on it and a reliable, single plasma reactor, but they don't turn well in high winds and do need a lot of space to put down.

Weight 12,000T Length 186m Width 30.5m Height 35m Altitude 25,000m
Type: Aircraft Hoverer Size: Titanic Armour: Hull 36, Belly 40
Traits Anti-Gravity, Pressurised, Transport, Cargo Hauler, Fire on the Move, Structural Integrity (x3)
Narrative Speed: 80km/h / 200km/h Combat Speed:  15/70/140/210/280 Handling Modifier -20
Crew: Drivers (2) Crew (200) Gunners (10) Transport: 2500 Cargo: 4000 tonnes
Access Points:  Rear, Belly, Top
360deg Turret (Front, Rear, Left, Right) Twin Linked Auto-Cannon Range: 600m ROF S/4/10 DAM 4D10+5 PEN: 4 Magazine: 3000 each
360deg Turret:(Dorsal x 2 Ventral x 2) Twin Linked Las-Cannon Range 300m ROF -/2/- DAM 5D10+10E PEN 10
Bottom 400 tonne bomb bay Selected gravity munitions x 800

Special Traits
Fire on the Move: Advanced sensors and targeting in the vehicle incur no penalties To-Hit for either it/or the enemy moving
Structural Integrity: Massive construction, thick armour and advanced engineering mean that the vehicle reduces damage by 1 step on Structural Damage Table (to a minimum of 0 damage), a multiplier reduces this step by its number (x2 x3 etc) by 1 further step

Rarely seen, often felt, the Odin is a real monster of the skies capable of dropping an entire drop regiment, their vehicles and supplies on top of the enemy with barely a whisper to give away its presence. The logistics of getting an Odin on-planet require quite a lot of time, heavy orbital barges and about a months assembly, once its there though, they more than make up for the effort in a protracted campaign and with its withering amount of defence guns is adequately protected enough to look after itself but only an unwise commander would risk them flying alone in unprotected airspace. For this purpose they carry with them on the starboard and portside winglet landing pads, four Vulture gunships for additional defence and often have a Thor Airship in escort.
As something of a secondary role, they can carry up to 400 tonnes of bombs in their bays of variable munitions, high explosive, airburst scatter munitions, gas and incendiary bombs that are capable of levelling a small city and is utterly devastating against armies in the open. Needless to say, this massive firepower makes an Odin a very high priority target for enemy commanders should it be detected or good cause for capitulation.
The Imperial Guard considers them next to invaluable as they have essentially an unlimited flight time of over 80,000km with massive amounts of onboard stores, rows of anti-grav plates, eight electric turbines and two plasma reactors that have an unprecedented record for reliability in service. Odin's carry the same advanced auger systems as the smaller Thor but are capable of flying much higher and for much longer, they literally are a battle changing asset and much loved by the guardsman as being an absolute luxury in troop transportation.

Ships of Note in Calixis Sector
The only remaining Line Airships in service in the Calixis sector are used by the 2022nd Cyprus Vulpa Airborne Brigade currently under the command of  Brig Gen Jon Conty. They maintain the Fighting Yeoman and Lance Sozomen, two Odin Class super-heavy airships that where manufactured on the lathe world of Hadd around turn of the millennium M40 along with her escorts, three Thor Class heavy airships Saint Valos, Lady Mortressa and Saint Orendel, all of whom have served on practically every brushfire conflict, war and invasion force in some capacity over the last 2000 years in the Calixis sector. Known colloquially as "The Flying Groxboys" and adopted the bucking Grox-wrangler as company colours painted on the nose of their warships that have collectively earned 211 battle stars, the current crew to inherit the battle honours are a veteran unit that have recently added Tranch to the list of stars.

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The 3rd Malloran “Freedom Fighters”

Homeworld: Mallorus, a high tech “civilised” Imperial world in the Ferbadis Subsector, Metus Sector, Segmentum Solar

Military Specialty: Light Infantry

Order of Battle: 20 companies of approximately 150 men. 1 HQ Section, 3 support companies consisting of light artillery and heavy weapons.

Commanding Officer: Colonel Hedrish Black

History/Commentary: Mallorus is a world regarded with the utmost suspicion by the Adeptus Terra. It is a hotbed of republican activism, and indeed, astonishingly, its citizens appear proud rather than ashamed of their peculiar and sinister traditions of “democracy.”

The world is run by an elected official chosen by the world’s citizens who then acts as planetary governor on behalf of the Adeptus Terra. Senior figures within the Administratum dislike this arrangement, partly because they resent dealing with new personnel every five years or so, but mostly because they do not feel that a leader elected by his own people will be able to act with the requisite ruthlessness towards those same people should Terra demand it.

Surprisingly, the Malloran PDF is of an acceptable quality to justify Imperial Guard recruitment. Their shameful political practices do not seem to have impacted significantly upon their martial spirit and they show no sign of embodying their sinister “democratic” creed within their military structure, which remains reassuringly hierarchical.

+++MUNITORUM EYES ONLY+++ Commissars appointed to the regiment are instructed to have regard to the 10 Foundations of Heresy in dealing with its officers, who have been repeatedly warned to reign in any evangelical tendencies regarding their sickly “democratic” ethos. Political officers should ensure that this regiment is, if possible, isolated from other regiments of the Imperial Guard to avoid spreading dangerous concepts of democratic thought to other regions.

Adventure Hooks: While the Munitorum regards democracy with distaste, it is as prepared to employ democratic troops as it is prepared to employ other reviled military forces (such as abhumans) if it means getting the job done. However, the Inquisition regards the regiment with far more suspicion. Inquisitor Enobarbus Collins of the Ordo Hereticus contacts the players and tells them that someone within the 3rd Malloran regiment is handing out leaflets arguing for fair and representative elections of planetary governors across the Imperium. The Inquisitor asks them to infiltrate the unit in the guise of casualty replacements from a destroyed regiment. He is convinced that the leaflets show a link between the Mallorans and the Democratists, a sinister movement dedicated to the spread of democratic thought within the Imperium. He warns the players that if they don’t find the individual concerned within 72 hours, he will have the entire regiment – including them – shipped to the Eastern front to face the Tyranids on a guaranteed suicide mission.

RPG Notes: A fairly typical Light Infantry regiment, perhaps with better education and resources than typical for a regiment of its size.

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The 7th Kromagnan


Homeworld: Kromagna IV, sole remaining inhabitable planet of a system formerly containing multiple hiveworlds, Coreward of the Seven Sisters (pulsars active within the Sargassid Nebulae.)

Military Speciality: Abhuman Infantry

Order of Battle: 12,412 Abhuman Infantrymen, 271 Munitorum handlers, 22 associated Commissariat command staff

Commanding Officer: Commissar Zafarn

History/Summary: Homo Sapiens Variatus – Beastmen – as their scientific name suggests, are a varied lot. Although the common stereotype of them is that they are all horned, hairy, cloven hooved animalistic throwbacks, the term is in fact used by the Munitorum to describe any truebreeding, genetically stable mutant who possesses visible mutations and lower than standard intelligence. There are dozens of different subtypes of beastmen within the Imperium. Some resemble carnosaurs, with mutated scaly skin and filed teeth. Some are hairless and slimy, with huge eyes adapted to nightworlds or cave systems. There are many variations of the human genome, caused by a variety of factors.

Few Beastmen are employed by the Imperium, as their mutations typically are adaptations to unique local conditions that render them useless away from their homeworlds. Unlike other abhuman populations (Ogryns, Ratlings etc) Beastmen possess few redeeming features in the eyes of the Adeptus Terra. They are too stupid for special military duties, and are unsuited for menial labour by virtue of their uncontrollable aggression. Most populations of Beastmen are simply ignored, or treated like common mutants, becoming a despised underclass on their own worlds as Imperial colonists supplant them at the top of their planet’s food chain.

The denizens of Kromagna IV are an unusual example of a Beastman population which has been deemed suitable for limited employment within the Imperial Guard.

Kromagna, when rediscovered by the Imperium during the Great Crusade, was a thriving system of more than a dozen inhabited worlds which had developed its own highly advanced and sophisticated spacefaring civilisation during the long millennia of isolation. Unfortunately for its inhabitants, they had dabbled in forbidden Ars Technica of gene-tampering and gene regression during their time in the shadow, and their armies of gene-moulded slaves clashed with the divine Astartes during peace talks.

As was the way of things during the Great Crusade, this led to war on a vast scale, with multiple planetary assaults, and the employment of fearsome strategic weapons of great power by both sides. This war utterly devastated the Kromagna system, leaving its worlds as shattered rocks, its human population utterly destroyed.

When the Imperium revisited the system four thousand years later, they found the only inhabited world, Kromagna IV, to have entered a prolonged nuclear winter which led to a long ice age. The only survivors of the war were descendants of the gene-moulded slave race employed by the Kromagnan civilisation as shock troops.

Modern Kromagnans are the result of this ancient program of manipulation of the human genome: they resemble prehistoric, stone age forms of humanity from hundreds of thousands of years before the dawn of the Imperium. Kromagnans do not resemble “modern” humans at all: rather, they are heavy-set, massively built, hairy, low-browed individuals with short legs, and long, apelike arms. They have pale skin, small, piggy eyes, and invariably possess red hair. They have broad, long noses, and possess enormous physical strength and resilience. They have a primitive warlike culture which consists of extended families warring against each other for scant resources on the tundra-like plains of their world.

The use of Kromagnan infantry is a controversial topic among the Munitorum: as the descendants of genetically modified humans created using heretical methods, they are arguably anathema under the Mechanicum concords. However, the Mechanicus has shown little enthusiasm for their Gene-cide, and appears to have given tacit consent for their continued employment by the Imperial Guard in their original role as shock troops.

Kromagnan regiments are recruited by the simple expedient of herding up young males from their homeworld, loading them into transports, and giving them basic training in Imperial theology and language. The regiments are then simply thrown at the enemy.

Despite the unsophisticated nature of this approach, it has paid dividends: the average Kromagnan is incredibly strong, far more resistant to injury than the typical Guardsman and is loyal and subservient to Commissariat officials when properly indoctrinated into the Imperial faith. They are regarded in many quarters as “pocket Ogryns,” though they possess many advantages over those huge abhumans-they are cheaper to feed, more numerous and can use unmodified human-scale equipment (although anecdotally, Kromagnans are far more likely to use a lasgun as a club than as intended.)

Adventure Hooks: The players are brought in to act as “handlers” for the 7th Kromagnan. They are expected to instil a childlike faith in the beastmen, and to then herd them to their deaths on the Imperium’s battlefields. How do the players reconcile their basic humanity with their grim role?

RPG notes: This is an attempt to re-envision beastmen as genetically modified Neanderthals rather than goatmen. Some may feel uncomfortable with the WFB beastman making a re-appearance in the 40k canon, so this is an alternative approach. Note I’m not attempting to replace the old beastmen, just provide an alternative option that lets you field beastmen if you don’t like goats!

In RPG terms, they’d be like feral worlders, but more so. They’d be far stronger and tougher than the average hive worlder, but utterly ignorant of technology (probably even actively terrified of it) and clueless about life off their world. They would probably face fel penalties as a result of their appearance, and are likely to have a substantially reduced Int. Might be an idea to create a profile for an “average” Kromagnan.

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63rd Samedi Rifles 'Grave Diggers'

Homeworld: Samedi 3/Fortress World/ /Segmentum Obscurus(Name of world/type of world/Sector name/subsector/segmentum, 40 word limit)

Military Specialty: Specialist Siege Regiment

Order of Battle: Approximately 5000 men
10 Engineer Companies of 100 men
10 Mechanised Infantry Companies of 150 men
20 Artillery Companies 4 guns (mostly Earthshaker cannons)
10 Heavy Weapon Companies 30 men
5 Armoured Companies of 3 tanks (most commonly Leman Russ demolishers but all other variants are present.
3 Companies of 3 Hellhounds (with some Devildogs)
1 Company Escuadra de Muerte 66 men

Commanding Officer: Major Esteban Martinez

Official records list the regimental base as Samedi 2, a dead dust-ball with a busy spaceport in orbit, in the same records Samedi 3 is listed as a Forbidden world, dead with possibly calamitous viral and biological conditions. The planet was effectively destroyed 573.M38 after an attack by Chaos forces dedicated to +++Redacted by Order of the Inquisition+++ during the 9th Black Crusade.
In reality the world was not destroyed that day, although the attack by the Renagade guard and +++Redacted by Order of the Inquisition+++ killed over 80% of the population the remainder were able to hold out behind the Fortress worlds considerable defences. A situation made more surprising because, whether by accident or underestimated design, from that moment on any creature that died on that planet was re-animated as a soulless murderous beast. Evidence does point this effect, at least on this scale coming as a surprise to the attacking forces as they suffered heavy casualties beyond as they advanced. Even the traitor Astartes were eventally forced to fall back as the defenders stalwart defence and their own inflicted casualties stripped away the Renagade guard forces to nothing.
Now the planet consists of a 7 major, heavily fortified cities, and outlying defensive and industrial complexs are the protected by a large force of locally drawn regiments including the 63rd. Due to danger from re-turned humans and animals (some of the quickest, most dangerous and most sneaky animals still survive on the planet) war-fare on the planet takes the form of a slow siege war, either advancing in vehicles and securing every base against undead attack or breaching the long abandoned defences of dead cities and bases. To make matters worse the Heretic activity on the planet is nearly endemic, as the tainted planet draws the infernal powers and the high need for re-population means many horrified settlers are sent there.
The 63rd is veteran garrison regiment, after being drawn away to fight the invading +++Redacted by Order of the Inquisition+++ they seem to be actually in good spirits to fighting the endless walking dead and shoring up defences while they re-build and re-train new recruits. Although they are surrounded by heresy they are a cold and brutally efficient force. There is little in the way of camaraderie, but they work well together out of some grim need to fulfil their duty to survive.

Miscellaneous: Due to the ever present threat from internal heresy an Inquisitor and company of Escuadra de Muerte are attached to every active Samedi Regiment. The Escudra de Muerta are specially selected from the native forces of Samedi and additionally trained and indoctrinated in the vast Santo Oficio de la Inquisición to act as Inquisitorial Storm Troopers. These forces supplement the brutal commissariat in warding off heresy and watching for corruption in the ranks, but also uncovering heresy and taint in the numerous other regiments and civilians it works encounters.
In addition such in harsh test of faith on Samedi a dedicated order was established expressly to support the Regiments of Samedi. These are the Priests of Saint Maria Christina, also known as Triage Priests or Monks of Mercy. While they do have medical training it seems to be mostly based on being able to identify those troops that can be saved and those who need to have their specialist final rites administered.

Adventure Hooks: The players are investigation strange, terrifying occurrences. The inquisition has already moved in with the 63rd in tow. Now surviving the horrors might be easier than surviving the Inquisition and the 63rd.

RPG system notes: A Samedi character is likely to be paranoid and extremely cold and impersonal. So lowered fellowship and insanity seem appropriate. They specialise in fortifications and street fighting, a common saying is 'Leave a Samedian in a hut and he'll sleep in a bunker'. So construction skills or a special rule is appropriate. They are closely connected to the Inquisition so access to peers might be appropriate. The problems on Samedi are due to its proximity to the Eye of Terror so some level corruption is expected, in fact in some very rare cases native Samedians have been known to return to re-animate after death even when not on Samedi (perhaps 2% chance). Finally, and their specific interest to the Inquisition, is a resistance to horrors, so perhaps a reduction in fear suffered by 1 level.


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11427th Metropolitan Inductees

Homeworld: Metropolis/Hive world

Military Speciality: Light Infantry.

Order of Battle: 50,000 light infantry in 100 companies of 500 men. These are supported by 3 companies of heavy weapons teams, 3 companies of weapons specialists, and 1 company of light artillery.

Commanding Officer: Colonel Lady Luciana Velenshaw

History/Summary: This hive world is an oddity in that not only is the birth rate one of the highest in the imperium, the infant mortality rate is one of the lowest and average life expectancy is one of the highest. Especially for a hive world, where toxic build up almost exclusively has the opposite effects. The massive hives of the world have always specialised in exporting medical treatments, drugs and antiseptics derived from the local fauna and heavily enriched volcanic soils and rocks. Current theories point to the ready availability of such treatments to the large merchant classes and the necessary re-cycling that introduced some of these powerful treatments into the food and water chains. So amazingly even the lower classes seem to live long healthy lives and procreate amazingly fast (apparently aphrodisiacs are one of the more commonly used drug types, or at least one of the ones that is more persistent in water or tissues).
With humanity so prevalent on Metropolis life is cheap. Even with the hives growing at an unprecedented rate (thanks in part to massive slave labour force) they have too many people to deal with and the death rate must be bumped up brutally to ensure the flow of the soylent. Thus it is that the Govenor of Metropolis gladly pays ridiculous tithe to the Imperial Guard, barely two weeks go by between foundings of gigantic units. Some in the Guard and Munitorium question the quality of troops delivered but the rolling death games on Metropolis ensure that most have already survived some combat and as Lady Velenshaw is often quoted 'Quantity has a quality all of it's own'.

Miscellaneous: While Lasguns and Armour are fairly standard  for light infantry in the guard all other equipment is rationed far more sparingly. Typically not even every squad gets special weapons, those that do might have a grenade launcher or flamer per 10 men. Experienced leaders are also lacking and the large unit sizes make command and control more difficult even when the troops are willing. Sadly the troops are rarely willing when exposed to real combat, their previous death games seem only to teach Metropolitans how to survive rather than fight in most instances.
In addition, the metropolitans have nigh uncontrollable libidoes, it's next to impossible to supply anough whores for the regiment but on occasion planets they have visited have benefitted from the surge in birth rates.

Adventure hooks: This line must hold and fortunately for the PC's they are being heavily reinforced. Unfortunately it's the 11427th (did I read that right?) Metropolitan Inductees. This is going no-where without you kicking them into shape and borrowing, begging or stealing so of their so sparsely spread wargear.

RPG system notes: There's only two things that a  Metropolitan does well, that's survive and ****. Higher toughness (than a standard hiveworlder, maybe resist disease), higher fellowship , lower WP, lower strength? Higher requisition costs for gear (if they have DW style requisition) but additional infantry is much cheaper. Penalties to resist seduction or even   tests required to ignore possible opportunities for sex.

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21st Skerry Pioneers

Home-world: Skerry/Agri World/Pacificus Segmentum

Military Speciality: Aquatic Mechanised Assault

Order of Battle: 3500 infantry, composed of 20 companies of light infantry, 5 heavy weapon companies and 5 engineer companies. Transport is provided by Chimera, the larger Hippocamp heavy amphibious transport, Ichthyocentaur hovercraft and assault boats of various sizes.
Land based assault support is provided by 3 companies of Battles tanks, 3 companies of Hellhounds transported on Ichthyocentaur.
Aquatic support is 30 Nemo anti-shipping submersibles, 5 Nautilus capital submersible, 50 Naga class warships and 20 larger warships of a numerous classes.

Commanding Officer: Sealord Commander Archibald 'Archie' Huddsucker

History/Summary: The people of the ragged broken inclement lands of Skerry are almost as rough and inhospitable. The lands are almost with out exception small with mountainous interiors separated by wide seas. The many nations are excellent sea-men, fisher, traders, pirates and conquerors. The nations have a warlike history of attacking one another and preying on their villages and sea trade. Those that aren't part of the violent naval nations often form violent pirate bands. They use large sail ships and since return to the Imperial fold gunpowder weapons have been whole heartedly embraced, although only their navel technology seemed to show any sign of improvement. These vicious cut-throats are sent off to sail the great dark sea between the stars looking for new plunder and conquests. Despite their lowly upbringing they take to learning when it allows them to operate more and more devastating weaponry and ships. Rare heroes that return to Skerry with vast wealth and power, such as the current Governor, King Bernard Van Dyk, has inspired many to volunteer for the Guard.

There methods are simple, hit the planet as fast as possible with close naval support in an appropriately large ocean (which often have more limited anti orbital fire), use the ships, subs to engage naval targets and have troops form beach heads on any land mass and take out more coastal and close land defences to land other guard units.

Miscellaneous: The Nemo is an orbit deployable anti-shipping submersible. Standard major Armament = 4 heavy torpedo tubes, dorsally mounted battle cannon. Crew 18.  May  carry up to 10 troops for stealthy insertion.
Naga class warships are for surface engagements, anti-aircraft duties and coastal bombardment. They have turrets for three Earthshaker cannons, Manticore missile launchers or equivalent artillery and depth charges. Crew is around 24-30 but could carry about 20 additional troops.

RPG system notes: Gruff and ill tempered these soldiers are viscous adversaries and  dangerous allies. Lower fellowship and higher agility or strength seems appropriate, obviously swimming skill and perhaps compulsory looting.

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25th Drepanan Artillery Regiment


Homeworld: Drepana, Hive world, Sector capital, Drepana Sector, Ultima Segmentum

Military Specialty: Artillery, Artillery support, Heavy Artillery, Super-Heavy artillery

Order of Battle: 15 mixed heavy artillery companies, typically consisting of 4 Basilisks, 3 Manticores and either 3 Griffin Mortars or 3 Medusas, plus support tractors. 5 Light support artillery companies equipped with a mix of Thudd guns and mortars. 3 Anti-air companies consisting of 10 Hydra self propelled defence guns. 5 support and logistics companies equipped with multiple trucks, and Trojan and Atlas Tractors. 2 heavy artillery companies equipped with siege bombards. 1 super-heavy artillery company consisting of three Goliath mega-cannon

Commanding Officer: General Strohm (Munitorum/Imperial Guard rank: Colonel)

Commentary/History: As the Catachans are the masters of jungle warfare or the Valhallans are the masters of arctic warfare, the Drepanans are regarded by the Munitorum as being among the preeminent exponents of artillery operations within the Imperium.

A wealthy hive world known for its high technology, enormous population, and strong relationship with the Adeptus Mechanicus, Successive Drepanan Sector Lords have cynically exploited their region’s vast mineral wealth to develop and sustain a powerful economy that plays a major role in underpinning the entire Segmentum. Drepana’s rulers have created an extremely powerful and well equipped PDF, partly to oppress their vast, seething population, but also to manipulate their world’s Administratum strategic defence rating to ensure that they are well protected by the Imperium from the hostile environs of the Ultima Segmentum. They have manipulated their strategic rating further by ensuring that their elite regiments are masters of artillery warfare, a relatively rare specialty within the Imperial Guard.

The Drepana system itself contains dozens of inhabited moons and planetoids, many of them minor forge worlds. As such, Drepanan regiments are extremely well equipped with a wide variety of artillery pieces. Although Drepana produces regiments of various kinds (light infantry, mechanized infantry, genetically modified abhuman infantry, armoured regiments etc) they are primarily known for their artillery regiments, which are regarded as elite formations within the planetary defence forces.

Drepana is the home to one of the Imperium’s largest specialist military academies, Tarngar, which takes the most academically gifted of the world’s students and trains them as artillery officers. Careers within the elite Artillery regiments are highly coveted, as Drepanan officers are well regarded by the Munitorum, and are frequently chosen to form the core of Imperial regimes on newly conquered worlds. As a result of this, the stakes are high for admission to Tarngar academy: rich Drepanan nobles are notorious for paying the Mechanicus vast sums to implant their children with artillery-related augmetic implants which improve their offspring’s chances of selection.

Drepanans as a whole are regarded as brutal, competitive and arrogant by Imperial citizens from other worlds. This is perception is tempered within the Imperial Guard by a grudging admiration for their extraordinary prowess as artillerists. Whatever their chosen weapons platform, a typical Drepanan officer can thread the eye of a needle with a shell from way beyond the theoretical effective distance for their gun. Drepanans are coldly and ruthlessly efficient in raining death on the Imperium’s foes, and many within the Guard are prepared to forgive just how unpleasant they can be on a personal level to ensure that their troops receive valuable Drepanan support in battle.

The 25th is a typical Drepanan Artillery regiment. Far better equipped than nearly any other regiment of its kind from other worlds, the 25th is a very large formation with an exotic variety of weapon types, including the ancient and rare Goliath Mega Cannon, which are capable of firing tactical nuclear weapons the size of groundcars hundreds of miles, or even into low orbit. Their commander, Strohm, is formally only a Colonel under the unified Guard command structure, though typically for a Drepanan he insists on being addressed by his PDF rank of General.

Adventure Hooks: The Drepanan’s make for a good “opponent” regiment along the lines of the Bluebloods from the Gaunt’s Ghosts novels. They are aristocratic, arrogant and brutal. You could choose “General” Strohm to become a major antagonist for the players during the course of any campaign. He could be played as an intensely political and vindictive officer, constantly angling for command of any joint operations, and prone to taking offence at any informality or slight. Alternatively, you can play them against type and set them up to be difficult, and then show them to be professional and effective in battle.

RPG System Notes: OK, the Goliath Mega Cannon is a Squat weapon, but it’s a cool miniature, and I’ve got three of them sitting at home, so I want them reclaimed for the Guard! A typical regiment in terms of personnel, though officers would receive specialist augmetics and enhanced bonuses when operating artillery, balanced with fel penalties because most of them are unbearable in person.





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The Ionian 132nd Fusiliers 'Grand Slam'

Homeworld: Ion / Industrial world / Segmentum Obscurus.

Military Specialty: Ordinatus Gun Regiment.

Order of Battle: 'Pluto' Ordinatus Gun. 800 infantry in 8 companies. 200 heavy weapons infantry. 300 Engineers, 1500 labourers and servitors and 30 atlas engineer tanks. 10 Leman Russ MBT's. 9 Hydra Self Propelled Anti-Aircraft Artillery. 9 Manticore Missile Tanks with Sky Eagle Rockets.
Adeptus Mechanicus attachments. 1 High Magos, 4 Magos councillors, 45 Engiseers. Countless Adeptus Mechnicus camp follows, zealots, adepts and servitors.

Commanding Officer: Gunnery Master General Geofrey Clevitt

History/Summary: 'Pluto' is the only one of the 7 known Sol class cannons currently in the hands of the Imperial Guard rather than the Adeptus Mechanicus. It was gifted to the Ionian Guard Regiments in 687.M37 after they liberated it from chaos forces on the Forgeworld of Hephaestus where it had been captured and was being used to decimate the Forgeworld. 5 Ionian regiments and several others took part in the counterattack, although one of those regiments was all but destroyed by Pluto as they landed. Neither was the task of taking back the weapon particularly easy, the Chaos forces were well entrenched and even had support of a small number of traitor Astartes. They had brutally repulsed attacks by the Skittari for the three weeks.
The Ionians themselves are a proud people, their Imperial Guard are professional soldiers specialising in long range combat and sweeping vehicle manoeuvres that they practise on the fields and tundra of their Home-world. But they're pride does not let them overspecialise, all PDF are trained in the frozen polar north, the mountainous regions, the cold sparse forests, the balmy equatorial vineyards, islands and the abandoned city minufactorium known as Boom Town.
Little could prepare them for the fighting in the machine world, against experienced vicious enemy and Traitor Astartes. Still, they did eventually succeed, after another week of brutal fighting and many casualties. For their efforts the Magos Primaris of Hephaestus let them control the god weapon. The folly of hoarding it for them-selves had been exposed, it needed to be let loose on enemy worlds and the forces of Hephaestus were spent, they needed to re-build.
The 132nd inherited Pluto from the 125th some 16 years ago. The 125th was proud but megre force of old men by the time the 132nd took over. Officers and the younger men were amalgamated in the 132nd while the older ones were sent home to a hero's welcome. Geofrey Clevitt was Lieutenant Colonel in the 125th and, with the 132nd's glorious trail blazed across the Jerico Reach has reached the rank of general.
Although they had given it up the Ad Mech could not fully let go. Where ever the 132nd go some of the greatest Gunsmiths of the Hephaestus go with it, tending to its machine spirit. And following in the trail of Pluto are innumerable Adeptus Mechanicus camp followers, cleansing, oiling and inscribing servitors, lowly Techpreists and Adepts chanting praises for the Omnisah all aching to record every possible report, transmission and effect when the God Machine Pluto speaks.

Miscellaneous: The whole regiment is dedicated to the firing and protecting a single weapon, there's little point stating the thing, it fires several tonne neclear shells capable of destroying a small city every 2 hours bit it actually takes about 4 or 5 hours to set up up after transit.
A litteral army of labourers and vehicles is required to widen roads and strengthen ground to allow it to pass.
Despite the dedication of the troops they have a large contingent of Commissars, Preachers, even inquisitorial acolytes and a whole office of Departmento Munitorium. It seems that everybody wants a part of this regiment, or at least to know what it's doing.
The rest of regiment, not involved in the firing, are an entirely defensive force.

Adventure hooks: Magos Conceliat had been tending to Pluto for over 60 years, it was a complete surprise when he took control of the murder servitors, turrets, shut down the vehicles and rallied the Mechanicus. They executed the local troops and began firing the weapon believing it was revealing some holy code, unfortunately for the troops and civilians in the are. The PC's are part of the force charged with breaching the compound and stopping the weapon firing again.

RPG system notes: Spent last night thinking theis up and Lightbringer posts basically the same thing,grrr. Still it's not quite the same thing. All of the Ionians are a dedicated professional. So a wp bonus and tactics skills. Due to the open territory they are a but easier to sneak up so lessened perception on and they're a considered, careful fighters so perhaps lower initive. They are also pretty much enemies of the Departmento Munitorium but allies of the Mechanicus.

Pluto is based on the old Ordinatus models for epic scale, although i doubt anyone remembers them, I don't think they ever did a normal cannon, and that's the one I imagine the guard being able to handle, given the opportunity. It's inspired by the Schwerer Gustav and the M65 atomic cannon.

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