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Grey Knight PC in a Party of Acolytes

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#21 SC_Andy



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Posted 13 June 2012 - 05:21 PM

TehNuffster said:

SC_Andy said:


The thing is that they're playing Radicals, even the Grey Knight. Every PC seems to be having some issues withing, such as failing faith. Now, I don't have any issues with this but they just polished off a Herald of Slaanesh in one round - having 4 players with psychic abilities, as they are allowed  to take Sorcery powers.

Fortunately, I have something of a greater challenge (esp to the psykers) and I'm not sure to spring it on them in the next session. I had planned for them to come into the story when they have done sufficient investigation. Unfortunately, they happen to be a big fan of 'Tell us/do as we say or we torture you', even after they frighten the plebs with psychic powers. Any suggestions on how to make the fight last longer than just one or two rounds, short of flinging untouchable extra tough & high damaging titans.






You're guy/girl is playing the Grey Knight radical? So, he's not doing what he's meant to be doing in killing everyone for even thinking about dabbling in sorcery? Grey Knights CANNOT. BE. RADICAL. it literally goes against everythingt hey are and everything they stand for. You must punish this player for his/her poor roleplaying skills by sending a squad of his order to murder everything in a 20 mile radius. If one of my players tried such cheek I'd ***** slap them so hard the handprint would never leave thier face.



The Grey Knight is not exactly a radical but more about having a slight faith issue / or with his order's creeds - one or the other  (at least that's what he described his char). The players are, however, can be described as power players. I heard from one of my players (who's GM'ing in another game with the same players) that they took on 2 daemon princes and won, and they're not even Ascension-level.

In fact, the way they're playing, they tend to skip/ignore the less battle-side of the campaign ie. political, social aspects.




I intend



#22 SC_Andy



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Posted 13 June 2012 - 05:23 PM

 Ignore the "I intend" at the end of my last post. I meant to write more but posted it before I completed the sentence.

#23 lord inquisitor Iannise

lord inquisitor Iannise


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Posted 19 November 2013 - 09:27 PM

"took on 2 daemon princes and won, and they're not even Ascension-level."


But seriously Magnus the Red would have trouble with with two deamon princes. 

there monsters 

#24 Magnus Grendel

Magnus Grendel

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Posted 20 November 2013 - 03:59 AM

The group agreed to be Ascension-level characters. I've never GM'ed Ascension before, so I'm not too sure how to run a campaign with such high-level PCs.


Unfortunately, politics and intrigue. If you just try and rack up the power level, the knob falls off - the WHFRP engine (which is what it is at its heart) does not cope with really high level characters well. You cannot really provide a purely combat-threat challenge to these people; as you found youself when they broke open daemon princes.


Flattening a herald and a bunch of daemonettes isn't too hard - as with Deathwatch characters, lesser Heralds, Chaos Marines, hulking mutants, and other things Black Crusade, Deathwatch and Only War would tag as 'Elite' opponents are essentially a one-per-PC opponent....


The challenge is finding them.


Mission briefings should be intentionally fairly vague - an Inquisitor no longer receives 'orders', he or she is requested by the conclave to investigate rumours that all is not well on a given world. The sum total of briefing (using an example we've had previously) might be that an individual murdered on Piety two days ago (astropath and other transmission lag) was a senior Inquisitiorial agent, operating undercover as a minor functionary in the Kasiballica crime syndicate. He had reported that recently the Kasiballica appeared to be engaged in an underground crime war with....err.....someone. He didn't know whom, but they were well equipped and organised. Within 24 hours of sending this message, he was gunned down by a sniper in a spire commercial market, taking an Angelus calibre bolt round to the head.


This sort of mission fits far better to the ascension style; there is still the opportunity for the combat monkeys to strut their stuff, but you can threaten the party with other things than lasbolts. Temple Assassin is all well and good, but in the last campaign we played, the Vindicere lost a fate point and spent a mission hospitalised from failing Disguise and Deceive checks, not Dodge checks; he and the stormtrooper ended up boarding orbit-bound lighters, using a false identities the vindicere had provided saying they were dockworkers (which really weren't as convincing as they thought they were). 


Bombs set by a syndicate agent detonated whilst the lighters were in flight, sending them on a nearly uncontrolled re-entry back down to the surface. The Stormtrooper had Pilot+20 and Drop Trooper. The Vindicere didn't.


If you really want to push the level of combat threat, I would advise getting some of the Deathwatch sourcebooks. If they want pure combat (and I think they're kind of missing the point if they do) then things like Hordes, Tanks and Bio-Titans are the only logical escallation I can suggest.

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Posted 27 November 2013 - 05:08 PM

"took on 2 daemon princes and won, and they're not even Ascension-level."


But seriously Magnus the Red would have trouble with with two deamon princes. 

there monsters 

In the fluff, sure. Hell, they're tough even in Deathwatch. Written in the game, some of the Ascension careers can solo them with extreme ease.

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Posted 18 December 2013 - 01:55 PM

Magnus made a few good points.

One of my favorites punishments is: While you slaughter the minions the leader flees (Space Slip for short jumps, Create Door for long range, or simply uses a fast vehicle) and for good measures sets of the melta charges to let the whole base colapse. Being buried under several tons of steel and rock is deadly for any Throne Agent. Actually, that's just the opposite of what Magnus told us who used hight and falling.

Or simply let them piss of a High Noble (on Malfi). Those guys love vendettas. Accounts get hacked, contacts silenced, gear gets no longer delivered, services denied, ... let them run dry. Even the most deadly assassin is less of a threat when his gear falls apart and no one talks to him.

And non-sanctioned Psykers are a clear target for the Ordo Hereticus. Simply show them that by sending other Agents after them, real Grey Knights, other Inquisitors, angry mobs, and a Culexus Assassin.

So what if they work for a radical Inquisitor? There are far more straight Inquisitors out there who do not tolerate your existence. Even a Primaris Psyker with an Unnatural WP (x2) and WPB 7 is hard pressed against a Space Marine in  a Warded PA (Body 12x2=24 Armor + 8 TB against all direct attacks with psionic powers).

Courage is the mastery of fear - not the absence of fear

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