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The Fanged Daemon

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#1 Arch-Militant Bron Thale

Arch-Militant Bron Thale


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Posted 26 May 2011 - 01:44 PM

 +++Begin Transmission+++

+++Exerts data from case file 863EJB49809M39 "The Fanged Daemon"+++

+++Case file created by Trooper Traton ******** of the ************* Verispex Council+++

+++ When I first read this file that Arbitrator Detective Calphathion (deceased) created over the past 20 Terran years, the first thought that went through my mind was this must be some kind of joke. But after reading through 800+ pages with pictures of  the crime scenes, autopsy reports, and multiple theories on this "Fanged Daemon's" motives; this has become a serious matter since the elder noble of the Xavier House was murdered, or rather torn to pieces and mutilated, in the same fashion of his other victims. Lucky for us the noble son was talked out of leveling the lower district with his house militia.

     During my investigation I spoke to a number of locals, including people who had missing or murdered family members and routinely heard the same, very disturbing story. They say the "Fanged Daemon" was once a slave. He worked the land of a rich noble family on an unknown argi-world. The Daemon was supposedly the personal slave to the noble's son, said to be a cruel and abusive master. He frequently beat and tormented the Daemon. According to the legend the Daemon one day spilled a hot drink in his masters lap. His master dragged him into the middle of a field the Daemon himself has just plowed that morning. He beat him within an inch of his life and pulled out all his teeth with a wrench. He screamed and cursed at him the entirety of the horrible beating and torture. Then finally he doused the Daemon with promethium and set fire to him, and left him to die. Later that night the plantation was ablaze, all the noble family and the slaves burned alive. Except the noble son, who was found lying in a scorch mark in a freshly plowed field, his torso ripped open, and his canine teeth gone.

    Everyone I spoke to agreed on the origins of this "Fanged Daemon" but no one could agree to how he looked. I've heard that he's short and hairy with red eyes and I've heard that one one knows what he looks like because the only people who have ever seen him are all dead. Except for one person. There is one man said to have survived an attack by the Daemon. I sought this man out, to find that he was paralyzed from the neck down and completely mad. I sat with him trying to glean some information from him. He just stared off into space. I became frustrated and was about the rise to leave when he finally spoke. "Teeth", he said. "He takes his victims canine teeth and shoves them into his gums to replace his own. He doesn't have lips or skin really. He looks like a scarred, horrible skeleton, with white eyes. Black pupils, no iris. Horrible. Teeth, teeth, teeth....". He fell silent, and I left, my skin crawling.

   I don't know where to start. The only consistency in the case files are the missing canines from all his victims. But that's where the similarities end. They all died differently. Some ripped apart, some shot, some bludgeoned. He must be incredibly strong and agile, was he a guardsmen at some point in his life? He made it in and out of the Xavier house without touching a single guard. He got in and got out, like smoke or a spirit. And the victims share nothing in common. Bodies of nobles and street scum have been found, it seems the Daemon will kill anyone, I don't know yet if it's by hire or if he just kills for sheer enjoyment. I must say that I fear for my own safety, since Arbitrator Detective Calphathion, the lead investigator in the Fanged Daemon killings, was found murdered in his home... with his canines missing...

+++End Transmission+++ 

Pictures coming soon

#2 Arch-Militant Bron Thale

Arch-Militant Bron Thale


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Posted 27 May 2011 - 05:25 AM

 I am open to any positive criticism and ideas on building the character; so far I've written his stats as an assassin but I'm not sure to make a him a level 2 or level 3 character since I just started a new group that are all at level 1. I had introduced the Fanged Daemon to them all ready as a folklore and in combat and... well best way to say this is that the acolytes rolled equivalent to the Nazis on "Hogan's Hero's". The Scum character got hit in the crotch with a mag light since he rolled a 99 on his Ag test when trying to catch it. And a few other hilarious things to.

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