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Has anyone had success with the Lore deck?

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#21 pumpkin



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Posted 24 April 2011 - 07:38 AM

Finally got success against the intro scenario with the lore deck.

I burned through the deck as quick as possible to get lots of allies and the table, and was helped by getting 2xPoL on the table early on too.

I found Riversong's ability to be really useful in determining how best to play either the quest phase or the combat phase by knowing either the new staging card in the quest phase i was about to turn or what the shadow card on my worst engaged enenmy was about to be; he seems really useful in solo play. The multiple encounter cards on the go in multi player probably makes him less useful the more players there are

Also used Beravor's power more than i had in previous games and resisted using her to quest/attack in favour of picking up more cards. Once there's a PoL on the table, using her power to pull cards (and then burn those cards to defend or quest if needed) seemed a better strategy and i only used her for defending or attacking if the number of enemies i was engaged with really made it necessary.

Gonna give it another go tonight to see if it was just a fluke.

#22 Brad Harrington

Brad Harrington


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Posted 24 April 2011 - 01:06 PM

I found the ability to know what's coming is key to winning with Lore. Henemarth Riversong is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. I always use him (or Denethor early on) before questing. That way I know exactly how much I need to commit to questing and how much I have to hold back if something nasty is coming.

Also, I tend to allow one enemy through, put the damage on Glorfindel and then heal it with a Daughter of Nimrodel or Self Preservation. That keeps Glorfindel free to attack any engaged enemies. Once you have multiple reusable heals on the table you can almost ignore most enemies.

Step 1: What is coming?

Step 2: How much damage can I heal this turn?

Step 3: Figure out how many defenders you need to keep the total damage healable and the quest with everybody else.



#23 scottindeed



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Posted 24 April 2011 - 11:25 PM

I kicked ass with the Lore deck against the first scenario - and I was playing Protector of Lorien as discard 1 card, once per round - though re-reading the card i can see that its not necessarily so!

I used Denethor's ability pretty much every turn to get a look at the encounter deck and plan accordingly.  I could then decide whether it was safe to quest or to hold back characters for combat, or whether I should just ditch the card and take a chance.  I would ditch the card rarely unless it was something really bad like Hummerhorns.  I also played Dark Knowledge on Denethor.  That way there were no surprises!  I used lots of card draw powers and abilities to get through the deck to find Gandalf as well.  Had so much Healing going on as well that my Heroes could soak up attacks.

#24 DerBarchen



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Posted 24 April 2011 - 11:54 PM

I havnt tried this deck against the first scenario yet but it was quite effective in the second one. The only problem I have with it really is that its terrible at threat management. I think if you splice it with either Leadership or Spirit it should really pay off! Especially if you mix with discard recursion like stand and fight etc.

Tactics on the other hand requires luckyness, I got pretty far with it in the second scenario (further than with any other solo-sphere deck) but sometimes lose the first. I think the intention for all the decks in core set is to have the mixed with other spheres. Its probably why apart from Leadership they all run a little bad solo.

Its impressive how different each sphere is though, if you really think about it its insane how much potential there is in each sphere!

#25 Fieras



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Posted 25 April 2011 - 05:54 AM

LORE is a lot of support.  Heals, and Draw for ally support mostly.

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