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This game is great, but it really isn't worth $60

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#21 The Thing In The Attic

The Thing In The Attic


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Posted 02 January 2013 - 02:16 AM

Yeah the guy who said doing your homework is spot on, i am thinking of buying Descent and have downloaded the rules, watched vidieo reviews on you tube and chatted on the decent forum. and looked around the net for the cheapest most reliable seller 

I did the same before buying DQ, and all of my game purchases.

The only problem dungeon quest has is that out of the 330 cards the game plays best without half of them - yes i'm talking about the combat cards. I played the game with them when i first got it, then tried the game without and boy the game is so much better without the combat cards and a houserule to cater for the evade combart checks. I think even FFG learnt something there, they quicky put up the variant combat options on the website.

is it value for money - yes even throwing half the cards out !   should this game be expanded - definately


#22 Tromdial



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Posted 06 January 2013 - 07:26 PM

rebornxsoldier said:

How to calculate the overall value of a purchase:

Option A - Per Game


Every time you play the game is 1 valuable use of the product

1…60 plays

60…1 dollar(s) per game


120…600 plays

50…1 cent(s) per game



Option B - Per Year


Every year you own the game and could be playing it

1….6 Years

60…10 dollars per year


12…24 Years

5…2.50 dollars per year


$1 per game, or $10 per year are both insanely cheap compared to almost anything else you ever buy. 

In the end, I bet I have statistically gotten every cents worth out of this game, and hits the gaming table a lot still even for being one of my first board game purchases. Easy to pick up and play and easy to put away.

#23 VladVoivode



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Posted 23 March 2014 - 10:07 AM

+1 to SolennelBern's 


magicstop said:


First, if you paid $60 for this game . . . well, you didn't do your homework. Second, I would pay $60 all day long for this game. Mind you, I'd love to have gotten 10+ heroes, 3 or 4 more monster types, and some more dice, but the game is fun, fun, fun, and that's what the purchase is all about.



+6489752467494572692597219712 for this comment

And I'll add a googolplex. Look, this game has an insane amount of permutations - perhaps the number SolennelBern's number.It would be interesting to do the mathematics on the possible number of playthroughs of this game and without counting successes or failures. Permutations are appropriate here because order does count. So, take all of the cards and tiles together and do a factorial calculation.


I am, among other things, a sleight of hand artist and my specialty is sleight of hand card magic and gambling exposes. Think of Poker or Blackjack and furthermore, let's just consider Blackjack in the context of a one deck shoe - which of course is never used as Blackjack is played out of at least a five deck shoe. Order is important in both games. Now, there are 52 cards in a standard Poker or Bridge deck. The permutation for a deck of 52 cards is 52 factorial, mathematically notated as 52!, so you multiply 52*51*50 ... *1 to get the answer. The answer by the way is: 80658175170943878571660636856403766975289505440883277824000000000000


So, while the OP complains of lack of components - and in my estimation, DQ is feature laden considering it is a boardgame version of a rogue-like, he fails to understand the truly astronomical possibilities of DQ.


Just do the math on the 117 tiles and your computer might fry: 117 factorial.


330 cards? Insane number, but, break them down in their component decks, i.e, dungeon, catacombs, traps, etc., and the number are crazy huge. (Non-official math designation ;) ).


Six heroes? With the luck factor added in, I think six heroes is really the ideal number. Simply put, this game is MUCH larger than the OP realizes.

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