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Name: Couriers of Wrath
Home world: Caprica
Founding: 4th
Gene-seed: White Scars
Chapter Master: Tiberius – Guardian of the Lost


The first Chapter Master Cursor was a Captain of the Sixth Company of the White Scars. Cursor was, for the most part, an unremarkable Marine. He had no outstanding deeds or great stories that set him apart from his brother captains. However, Cursor was completely reliable, always there when needed and very humble. He didn’t seek great glory or to outshine his brothers, he wanted only to do his duty and he did it well. Cursor was chosen to lead the new chapter because of his reliability. No one doubted he would fulfill his duty to the Emperor and lead his men well. Cursor and a group of twenty marines were sent to train the fledgling chapter’s first troops. These twenty men included the Apothecary Cicurinus, the Tech-marine Canus, the Chaplain Lupus, and the Librarian Piso. These men formed his command staff and aided Cursor in leading his new chapter down its path. The Couriers of Wrath were born when, Cursor was told by the Chapter Master of the White Scars, “It will be your duty to take forth the message of the Emperor, that pain and death await those who oppose him. Let your anger and rage fuel you as you march forth.” At that moment Cursor knew that his chapter was to be the couriers of the wrath of the Emperor.

A Chapter of the Forth Founding, roughly the year 200.M32, The Couriers of Wrath have a long and proud history though it has not been without hardships. During the Age of Apostasy they joined with Thor against the High Lord Goge Vandire. Two full companies were destroyed during this time with the others taking heavy losses, however, they did survive. Aside from the Apostasy the Couriers have fought in many wars on many worlds including involvement in all but the first two of Abandon’s Black Crusades, loose involvement in the Sabbat World Crusades, and in the outskirt systems during the third war for Armageddon.

Home world:
The Couriers of Wrath home world is Caprica in the Segmentum Obscurus a sector away from the world of Dimmamar home of Thor. Caprica is also only three sectors from the Segmentum HQ Cypra Mundi. Caprica is the closest world to its star (its orbit is equivalent to that of Venus) and its rotation matches its revolution around the sun. This effect causes one side of Caprica to be locked in day and it is brutally hot, almost unlivable, those citizens who make this side their home are nomads. These nomads live off underground wells of water and by hunting the small herbivores that eat the poisonous plants of Caprica and the massive Cartak which eat the herbivores. The other side of the world is in permanent night and yearly for three months it is assaulted as asteroids are pulled in by its gravity from the nearby belt of iron rich asteroids. On the dark side of Caprica a living is scraped by mining the iron left from the asteroids and shipping it off world. The Couriers of Wrath fortress-monastery is located at the east equator where the two halves of Caprica meet in a perpetual twilight. Much like the Ultramarines the Couriers of Wrath are the custodians of the sub-sector, the entire region fuels their war engine; there fortress-monastery serves as a pilgrimage to the pious and a beacon of hope for the weary of the sub-sector. They have not known war within their bounds since Abandon’s 7th Black Crusade. One world in each of the ten systems they deem under their care has a fortress guarded by a single squad from the second company and thousands of Imperial Guard personally trained by those marines. From these fortress’s The Couriers of Wrath are able to administer to their systems and receive recruits from other worlds. Other worlds which boast high numbers of recruits within their ranks include Ozo Zeta, a volcanic world in the Rynhall system, and Fuaw, a death-moon orbiting a gas giant in the Lirumau Septimus system. One member that stands out is the current Chapter Master Tiberius; while a youth his family moved from holy Terra itself. They are not, however, benevolent, gracious, or kind. They are killers, brutally slaying any who oppose the Emperor’s will. But they are not mindless killers; they are poets and artists, philosophers and astronomers. They highly value their minds and prize great thinkers; even ordinary humans can find honor for their mind or faith. The Couriers of Wrath aid their sub-sector only so far as to keep it out of the hands of the enemies they face and to keep it on the path of light leading towards the Emperor.

The Couriers of Wrath believe in the Emperor as the greatest and most powerful man to ever live, and that he attained godhood after his death at the moment of resurrection, and that all of the loyal Primarchs form a great pantheon. In the center courtyard of their great fortress-monastery stand the nine loyal Primarchs encircling a statue of the Emperor (Khan kneeling before the Emperor). Within their sub-sector there are ten casts; each cast is guided by a single Primarch with the Couriers, themselves the highest 1st class, being guided by the Emperor. They hold all the Primarchs equal and worship the Emperor alone as an embodiment of the one god; this is a rarity amongst the Space Marines. The Couriers often fight alongside agents of the Inquisition and have deep ties to many of the agents of the Ordo Xenos that have gone on for generation with one Inquisitor teaching his most valued pupil about the bond they share. Many Couriers in their history have fought in the Deathwatch and it is a point of pride for the chapter. The chapter’s beliefs came about as their influence expanded; each unknown world they found and subsequently pulled into their fold brought with it some form of belief in a supreme singular god who created and lead powerful cohorts. There were always minor differences in these systems but the core was the same. The idea came about that there must be some seed of truth to these systems. For two years the Couriers’ Chief Librarian Piso focused his mind on this question. He was rewarded by many visions. With the aid of Chaplain Lupus, the visions lead him to this core belief that guides the Couriers down their path.


The gene-seed of The Couriers of Wrath comes from the White Scars; that gene-seed of Jaghatai Khan. Though their belief that all the Primarchs are equal in the eyes of the Emperor means they would never show it publicly they do have a great since of pride at the fact that their father chapter fought on holy Terra in the days of the Heresy and their belief that Khan fights in the web-way to this day against the foulest of enemies. They secretly believe that Khan will return one day and lead the Couriers and the Scars and all his sons on a final battle to destroy the forces of Chaos.

Battle Cry:
“Till the Last man falls!” This has been the battle cry of The Couriers since as far back as any can remember; who said it first and why has been lost to time, but it is said by the commander of any force of The Couriers of Wrath before going into battle. The meaning being that they will fight until the last enemy, or the last Courier, falls in battle. This battle cry has lead to the veneration of the honorable Last. If the last Courier to fall is known he is given special honor amongst the chapter lore. If the chapter is unable to learn the name of the last man to fall then a place is reserved for the “Honorable Last of this battle” or “that crusade,” and so on. It is believed that the Emperor, though Khan upon his return, will one day fill the names in the reserved places in the Hall of the Last.

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