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Greyjoy opening strategies and mid-game goals

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#1 Saramund



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Posted 10 December 2008 - 08:22 PM

Turn 1 orders: Pyke march-1, Ironman's Bay march.

Move your troops from Pyke to: Footman flints finger, Knight Seaguard. If Lannister doesnt have Def+2 in Golden Sound: Move 1 ship to Sunset sea, other attacks Golden Sound. play a 2 leader, or the 0 leader that makes opp's leader 0. This kills their fleet. They now cannot raid your support, and you are set up well to hold Seaguard and maybe take Riverrun too.

If Lannister does play def+2 in the sound, you can attack with both ships and play your 3 leader, to kill it, or you can let them keep the ship. Letting them keep the ship is dangerous, as then they get to raid your support, and you cant take riverrun easily/may lose Seaguard to Stark. It really depends on what happens.

Alternately: Play support in Ironman's Bay, march-1 on Greywater watch (to Flints Finger), march on Pyke (all to Seaguard....or even leave a footman in Pyke. The footman in Pyke then gathers power...this works better if no muster, worse if there is a muster)

Future goals: Establish dominance in the sea zones in the west side of the board, hopefully including Sunset Sea, Golden Sound, Bay of Ice. This allows surprise attacks on the Three home provinces of Lannister, Tyrell, Stark. KEEP THE SWORD if possible. Losing it may prove your downfall. Try to keep a footman on Pyke to gather power, and use its muster points to drop down more ships to establish naval superiority.

Excerpt from a BoardGameGeek post.

#2 dancemachine



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Posted 21 January 2014 - 04:59 AM

Actually, there's a pretty nice alternative.

Ironman Bay gets the Support order, the ship in the port gets Consolidate power order.


The Footman in Greywater Watch gets March order (-1) and Knight & Footman in Pyke get the March order (+0).

Further on, independently on the Lannister orders, the Footman from Greywater Watch takes Seaguard. Usually this March order is played first.


From here there are 3 possible options:


a) an experienced Lannister player uses Consolidate power order with a (*) on Lannysport to get a bigger army in order to hold down Pyke player, and since he already used his March order (if there was one) you are free to act.


You cant really do much here, so just take Riverrun with a Knight.



b) Lannister player took Riverrun, so just attack it and win a fight, get Rivenrun. Since you win the fight easilly, try to force "The Hound" card from Lannister with 2 towers, so in the next fights you can destroy enemy armies after the combat.
Use only the Knight for the attack, so the Footman in Pyke can gather money for you.


n.b: try making a union with Lannister before the game starts and promise that Riverrun is his, so he won't suspect a lie. I do it all the time :)


c) Lannister player moved out for barels and doesn't have much army near Riverrun so just take it :)


Anyway now you have 3 castles, 4 barrels, 3 crowns to work with.

Also you can put Raid order on the Riverrun to remove Consolidate power order from Lannysport on the next step.

Preferable action is to invade the Golden Sound sea on the next step. Basicly any westeros card is more beneficial for you than to the Lannister player, which is great.

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