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Why have my points not budged, even though people reply to my threads?

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#21 Kalidor



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Posted 03 November 2010 - 10:17 AM

The whole "points" thing has been a real disappointment for me, too.


Honestly, it isn't the whole reason I signed up here, but it isn't like I've gotten anything here I couldn't have at BGG, which is my forum of choice.

If these forums and FFG made it worth my while, so to speak, I'd probably search, participate and contribute much more often.


No raffle since 12/08?!  C'Mon!!!

#22 Kalidor



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Posted 03 November 2010 - 10:18 AM

mitzufuss said:

Points = Prizes
Get Points to participate in raffles and special promotions.


Participating in the Community and interacting with it is rewarded with Points, following our top secret scale (don’t bother asking, it’ll be kept secret). The Points are used to reach different levels of monthly raffles, which will let you get special promotions available only to Community Players, of all of our games, from the smallest to the largest. The more Points you have, the more levels of raffle you can reach, and the larger the games that will be available to you.

Level 01 Raffle: for Players with more than 25 Points.
Level 02 Raffle: for Players with more than 200 Points.
Level 03 Raffle: for Players with more than 500 Points.
Level 04 Raffle: for Players with more than 1000 Points.

Prizes and raffle winners will be made public on the last Friday of each month in the News section and the Forums (you can read the rules here on the Help page).


SURE sounds like it would be a monthly thing....



Monthly huh?

Maybe Arkham really has taken over and a month equals 700 or so days...

#23 Ezel



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Posted 28 March 2012 - 04:30 AM

Just signed up for this forum a few days ago.

The raffle has to still be on since it's still mentioned when you join the forum and FFG are doing wonders keeping stuff up to date.

I can't in any way imagine that there is not a raffle at the last friday of this month!

It is inconcivable if it's gone since FFG is such an amazing company and actually update the news-section often. It would take them like 3 minutes of their time to get rid of the whole raffle thing if it wasn't running so . . . IT IS STILL RUNNING! IT HAS TO !!! EVERY OTHER CONCLUSION MUST BE WRONG!!!! SINCE FFG WOULDN'T LURE CUSTOMERS WITH FALSE PROPAGANDA THEY COULD REMOVE IN 3 BLEEDIN' MINUTES!!!!!

I bet the forums i RIDDLED with posts like the one below and I just can't find them because of my lousy google-skills:


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