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Tournament in BC, Canada HWK-290 Rocks

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#1 Acheron143



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Posted 31 August 2014 - 07:54 PM

I ran four rebels.

Jan Ors with Ion Cannon Turret

Wedge with Push the Limit, R2,


Bandit Squadron


I placed 6th or so for some reason in a fourteen man tournament.


Round one I drew an Imperial player running Swarm Tactics Howlrunner, Dark Curse, and 5 Academy Ties I believe.


I won the game on the opening joust when I caught Howl Runner out of position he'd accidently placed them at the back of the 7 tie double column instead of in the middle so not many buffs from howlrunner happened. He hard turned towards the board edge to pin down my wedge and Jan Ors. Jan walked dark curse off the board, the rest of my force killed howl and 2 ties for biggs and got my shields scorched.


Time was called I had Wedge and Bandit left and he had 2 academy ties. I was awarded a "Modified Win" for 3 points which doesn't show up in the tournament rules.


Round 2 I drew an Imperial player who had Echo with upgrades, and 5 academy ties.


He set up a 2x2 with one trailer tie and then echo on the one flank. I set up in a line to oppose him. On turn three, during movement phase I guessed that he was going to knife in Echo on my right edge of my line. Bandit and biggs try to slow roll the joust but Jan and Wedge turn into Echo. I have initative and Echo dies before he can do anything. I lose biggs but take out a single academy pilot, because the tie formation went from beyond range 3 to 5 forward and in my lap.


We skirmish it out and I end the game with Wedge and Bandit, and he has two mangled ties desperately trying to escape. I am awarded another "Modified Win" for 3 points.


Last Round, I draw an Imperial player playing Boba Fett with Predator, Howl Runner with swarm tactics, and 1 academy, and 2 obsidian ties I think.


He sets up in this weird skirmish line with two ties on either side and bobba in the middle. I set up in a 2 by 2 box. The second turn I realize I botched my manuvers and bump everyone of my own guys because I screwed up my iniative order. My opponent in the meantime has weaved his entire group through the astroids and has them relatively in range of me except for 2 ties that are just out on the far edge. Wedge pots Howl Runner in a one shot, and nobody else manages anything in the opening volley. Terrible piloting decisions on part leave me without orders over and over again, but my opponents dice are ice so it doesn't matter. Wedge is vaporizing a tie a turn without any help from the rest of my squad.


Game ends with everyone on my side alive against boba Fett heavily damaged. I was awarded a "modified win" and 3 points for like 6 or 7th place over all.


I had fun and think that my squadron was fun to play and I enjoyed playing an ion cannon turreted hawk greatly even if it only killed Dark Curse by walking him off the board and then the final hit on the uncloaked phantom. Not sure if it was worth playing but it was good I think.


Should I have placed better? From the way I read the tournament rules on FFG's page I should of had 3 wins and 15 points. Which should of left me something like top 3 in a 14 man 3 round tournament?

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#2 Introverdant



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Posted 31 August 2014 - 10:58 PM

To receive a full win, you need to have killed at least 12 more points than your opponent has.

#3 bgFish



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Posted 31 August 2014 - 11:21 PM

I'm not sure what tourney rules you were playing under so I can't really comment on why you received modified wins. If your descriptions were on the spot, you would have received three full wins under the current FFG tournament rules. This is under the assumption that the Academy Pilots your opponents left on the board had no modifications on them. I believe the old rules (from last year?) had you getting a modified win if your margin of victory was less than 33 points. Could that have been it?

Pretty good turnout for a local tournament though, and sounds like you had a solid performance. Where did this take place if you don't mind me asking?

#4 Acheron143



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Posted 01 September 2014 - 07:48 AM

This was Gamestars at Langley, BC. Its like highway 10 and 207ish? Not sure exactly. Its not the usual venue I play out of. We were in theory playing under the current tournament rules as it was the official tournament for the quarter.

#5 bgFish



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Posted 01 September 2014 - 08:55 AM

Ah, Game Stars. I've played there before but I wasn't able to make it out last Saturday. The usual TO there is a good guy, so if he was the one running the tournament and a mistake was made, I'm sure it was an honest one.

#6 clipper423



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Posted 16 September 2014 - 01:11 AM

LOL. I was at the tournament as well. I finished top Imperial but they also messed up my final standings. What happened is they got some of the results mixed up. It wasn't that they were using an obsolete or random set of rules. All what happened is they messed up wins losses among some players. The guy who won best rebel over you actually really finished 1-2 but ended up playing the tournament winner in the last round. I beat him 99-0 in the second round but they recorded it as a 99-0 point win for him. I should have played the eventual winner during the 3rd round but alas everything got messed up.You were top rebel at 3-0, I was top Imperial at 3-0 and the guy who won was 3-0 with the Falcon list (with best scored point total). None of it was intentional, just bad clerical errors. To bad, as I would have liked to have had a chance to play him for the win but in the big picture it was all for fun.

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