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Rolling 7 attack dice?

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Posted 04 September 2014 - 06:53 AM

So I was bored and decided to play around with a ship builder, and I realized something. Using Opportunist and Jan Ors, it is possible to get advanced proton torpedoes to roll up to 7 attack dice on an attack. Yeah you need quite abit of setup in order to be practical, but here is something I was thinking of

Keyan Farlander — B-Wing 29
Opportunist 4
Advanced Proton Torpedoes 6

Jan Ors — HWK-290 25
Ion Cannon Turret 5

Wes Janson — X-Wing

With 2 points left over. My rationale for no munitions fail safe is that you are guaranteed at least 1 hit with the setup, unless god hates you that is. Wouldn't be able to comment on how viable it is, but I think it would be pretty fun to possibly 1 shot almost every regular ship


While this is possible, it's a one-off attack.  I'd rather load out to get a lot of dice often than a huge number of dice once.  For example:


Keyan Farlander



Wes Janson

  ++Veteran Instincts

Hobbie Klivian






Wedge Antilles


Keyan Farlander


Wes Janson

  ++Veteran Instincts



In the first, Keyan always gets 5 focused dice, usually Target Locked also, and denies range bonus.  Hobbie easily clears his own stress and gets 4 dice any range and 5 Range 1.


In the second, Wes Strips a token and stresses target, Wedge does what Wedge does, and Keyan flies away unstressed.  2 Points for maybe a Flechette.

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