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Can I have a tournament 47 card deck?

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#1 Jban



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Posted 28 August 2014 - 07:57 AM

Hi all,


this might occur as a strange question, but I really enjoy building decks. Always make them exactly 50 cards (which is the minimum to a tournament deck), but I sometimes like to have smaller decks. For that reason I sometimes use several cards:


We are not Idle



Even without Dwarves I find this card useful because It reduces a 50 card deck to just 47 cards because this card just gets replaced by a new one.


Daeron Runes




Same idea, swap 2 cards for 2 new ones.


Now my question, in "The Blood of Gondor" players are forced to remove Faramir from the game. So if I include 3 copies of Faramir in my deck, do they all got removed from the game in setup such that my 50 card deck gets reduced to 47 cards in setup? 


It might sound very situational, but sometimes I can't get to 50 cards I consider worth to include. These cards are my saviour then, and I wondered if I could even reduce my effective deck size to smaller numbers when encounter cards tell you to remove a card from the game (such as Faramir for instance, in Blood of Gondor).









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#2 Glaurung



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Posted 01 September 2014 - 12:52 AM

You cannot have less then 50 cards by the rules but you stay home and can do what you won't anyway....


Remove Faramir from the game is does mean cards in your deck is mean if you have a Faramir hero you must remove him. And you cannot play any copy of Faramir ally from the deck during the Quest since Faramir objective ally is in play..... so actually Faramir ally will be in your deck but is dead card since you cannot play it

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#3 Jban



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Posted 02 September 2014 - 12:45 AM

Thanks for the answer.


I knew the first part of 50 cards, just wanted to know if I could bypass it by quest card effects. You original deck has 50 but after setup only 47 cards remain. But that's not possible according to you.


Seems strange to me:


Motivation 1:
At Quest part 2 of the quest no in-game cards tell me that I can't have Faramir. Since the objective just left, I could be able to play Faramir from my hand because nothing tells me otherwise.

Motivation 2
Some of the nightmare packs of the first cycle contain cards that tell you specifically to remove cards from the game. Those cards also explicitely state where to remove it from, which is the discard pile in most cases. Since this doesn't say anything, I would think we should interpret this as big as possible, so: Discard Pile - Hand - Table - Player Deck

Thanks for the answer however.

I'm not addicted to this game, I just play too often ...

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