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One on One vs a Bloodthirster

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#61 javcs



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Posted 05 November 2014 - 08:29 PM

As far as damaging Daemon Weapons ... those weapons that actually have a Daemon inside them are treated as having an AV of 20 for damaging them. How much damage past that needs to be done to destroy them isn't specified. And, a Bloodthirster's weapons don't have a Daemon inside them.

A couple of meltabombs applied appropriately should probably be able to damage it. But ... I'm not sure you'd have the time while engaging a bloodthirster solo.

#62 Kamikazzijoe



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Posted 05 November 2014 - 09:01 PM



5) It's only 1d10+25 pen 19.  Assuming you don't have any way to reduce more than 19 (it's not felling, so you really should be able to top that with armour and toughness), it's still only 32 damage.  You should be able to take that, it's just a matter of taking everything else as well.


6) Absolutely!  I'd love to see the math on it.


Bonus point: Aiming also does not apply, sadly, as it specifies an attack, and the disarm action does not specify as having the attack subtype.

5- Its the entanglement that is the issue, not so much the raw damage.  Every round you're making a strength check to get out, you're not disarming.


6. I'm going with a 22 DR for the marine, 12 from the artificer armor and 10 from toughness. 1d10+21 becomes 1d10-1.  So thats maxing out at 9x3 remaining hits.  Healing is 2xint+1d5.  Assuming 5 int thats 11 minimum a heal.


So the quick recap is

BT charged

Marine disarms axe

BT allouts with the whip.

-Marine relies on the FF to take it (can you FP force fields?)

-(alt FF fails, marine takes a wallop, and spends his turn breaking out, repeat whip attack)

Marine drops the axe onto a pile of melta charges, then disarms the whip (BT can't pick up axe without getting caught in a fatal blast of several meltas)

-BT then all outs with a fist

-Marine heals

repeat until out of unavoidable hits.


Marine finishes the fight in style with up to a 70 requisition weapon as a DW champion.


This revised version no longer requires BS nor to be an ultramarine tyrannic war vet.

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#63 Visitor Q

Visitor Q


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Posted 12 November 2014 - 05:42 AM

Presumably a deamon axe would count as an 'exotic' weapon?

But I love the munchkin idea of disarming a Bloodthirster and then destroying his axe with a metal bomb.
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#64 javcs



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Posted 13 November 2014 - 09:54 AM

Presumably a deamon axe would count as an 'exotic' weapon?

But I love the munchkin idea of disarming a Bloodthirster and then destroying his axe with a metal bomb.

Nope. Daemon versions of weapons count as the same type as the base/original weapon, just with a Daemon trapped inside. The primary difference in whether or not you can use one is the Mastery test against the Daemon within.

And Bloodthirster's blade doesn't actually have a Daemon inside. So far as I know anyways. That means you don't need a Mastery Test to hold it.

Actually, I'm not sure what a Bloodthirster's blade is counted as. Might only be melee(primitive), or it could be an exotic proficiency that Bloodthirsters get for free, if unlisted in their statblock.



Besides, once you've disarmed the Bloodthirster, if you've got dual-wielding talents and perhaps Blademaster(Ithink) you can start beating the Bloodthirster with its own sword without much penalty; assuming you have a hand with which to use it with, anyways. Or just chuck it away behind you.

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