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Costume and cosplay props

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#1 Janusmaxwell



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Posted 18 August 2014 - 10:12 AM

I went to Gen Con this year in Indianapolis, and among the vendor booths I found several which sold warhammer 40k weaponry. (One was "Forged Foam", the other I forget the name of) The booths had Chainswords and Power Swords, but nothing resembling 40k ranged weapons (bolter, las pistol, etc). When I asked a clerk they said they didn't/don't make those and basically nobody does.

I thought that couldn't be right, but wandering the Con and some basic google searching shows that there are no official resources for 40k prop ranged weapons. The only recourse I've found is to make your own. Speaking as somebody who doesn't have a lot of experience with modding, painting and generally altering Nerf or Airsoft guns, I find it a bit daunting. It's also confusing because surely I'm not the only 40k fan who's asked about or wanted this and it seems like rather large spot for a business to overlook.

Am I really the only one who at least wants the option of buying a costume laspistol/lasgun rather than trying to slap one together?

#2 remi



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Posted 19 August 2014 - 02:04 AM



I think this deals with basic safety reasons. Talking to people who enjoy roleplaying games with costumes and weapons, they told me that range weapons are almost the worst wishes a player could have. As organizers have to check every weapon, they would have to check every kind of bullets and the impact potencial damage of each weapon. You are thinking about "Nerf" but I think people could think about many other things.


I would assume that could lead shops not to sell that (if people does not buy them to play with)


Best Regards,


Rémi Cavaillé (remi.cavaille@gmail.com), Barcelona (SPAIN)

#3 Janusmaxwell



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Posted 19 August 2014 - 09:37 AM

That makes sense. Lord knows if seen plenty of guides online for Airsoft along with Nerf Gus being converted into lasguns and bolters. Still a bit of a pain though. What about making a "deal" with companies that make replicas and stuff out of foam/wood so the things can't actually shoot anything? I'm intending them as costume props rather than LARPing gear so I don't need them to actually fire anything.

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