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Question on amount of cards in Base game

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#1 la1cajun



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Posted 14 August 2014 - 09:21 AM

hey guys, I just got my runebound second edition from ebay for a really good deal. Ive played a couple of games and getting the hang of it and liking it alot. My question is, is how come there is not many cards for challenges and events and such. I think the green cards only have 30 something. Seems like if you play only a few games youll continuously run over same cards taking away from some sort of different story line or a story progressing differently. Like I said Ive only played a couple of games and havnt run into that yet but was just wanting to see yalls opinion and what small expansions would be good to throw in there for more story line or adding events and challenges and such to have more cards. I could be totally wrong on this, but I know there are some veterans that could give me their opinion. Thanks again.


Edit: I ask because I have talisman and it comes with a lot of cards to go with base game. We have played a lot and there are still cards I haven't run across. 

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#2 TwiceBornh



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Posted 14 August 2014 - 11:48 PM

Welcome to the game -- I only started playing in the last half year as well… and it's definitely one of my favourites!


Really, at the moment, you only have the choice of the following 6 decks if you are solely interested in adding challenge/encounter decks to the base Runebound 2nd ed set (and then only if you are able to hunt them down on eBay, or Board Game Geek, etc.): http://www.fantasyfl...sem=2&esum=62. 


I hunted down 5 of the 6 encounter decks I was missing through eBay this year (let's just say I hunted down nearly the entire Runebound catalogue in the past year!), and it cost me a pretty penny. Sadly, I have not used the encounter deck expansions or even looked at them that closely yet (got busy with other things, but wanted to have the whole collection at my finger tips, since like you, I was starting to see a little too much of the same encounters over and over again), so I can't comment on whether some are better/more thematic from an actual game play perspective. I suspect that Shadows of Margath (note: there is a first edition and second edition version of this deck) and Drakes and Dragonspawn may be among some of the best decks from a thematic point of view, but they're also among the hardest (most expensive to hunt down). I believe the card ratio (in terms of number of green, yellow, blue and red cards) is similar across decks… you'd have to give me a bit more time if you want me to confirm whether my assumption is correct or not.


My recommendation would be see what you can find within your budget on eBay, and start from there… 

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#3 la1cajun



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Posted 15 August 2014 - 07:31 AM

Thanks. Ive seen quite a few for around 25$, which I think may be twice the retail. Im holding off on buying anything until fantasy flight at Gen Con announces today at noon. They are supposed to have some really big things revealed they said. And a few of the forums and elsewhere are talking a possibility of runebound coming back. I dont know but well just see. Im excited so is a heck of alot of peeps on these forums for that gem to get back in circulation.

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