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Some Eldar Questions

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#1 venkelos



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Posted 04 August 2014 - 01:46 PM

So, this is sort of a silly place to ask this, but so is everywhere else, and this game uses the Eldar more than the others, where Eldar don't get in with most Inquisitors, and are rarely presented in a way where they can challenge DW Kill Teams that murder hordes of lesser beings (most things Eldar possess can't even make "hordes".) Still, some of this has nothing to do with table-top mechanics adherence, so they'd probably complain even more. Anyway, this is as much a seeking for fluff or race knowledge as anything else, but some of it COULD be useful to GM's, so here we go:

  1. Does each Eldar Craftworld have various Aspect Shrines? The Eldar can be interconnected, and the Webway does link the various Craftworlds together, so those who want to join the Striking Scorpion Temple COULD travel to a place where it is, like Imperial Assassin Operatives do (there is only one Culexis Temple, one Callidus Temple, and so on.) I imagine though that lairs like Biel-Tann would have to have at least one of each, with the large percentage of Aspect Warriors they field, but then why are some Aspect Shrines absent? It could be argued that they had to write it this way to explain why we hadn't seen them before, but the Shadow Spectres are a fully official Aspect, and until recently, no one seemed to know about them. Why wouldn't Biel-Tann, Alaitoc, or any of the other Craftworlds still have had a Shrine to Irillyth and his followers? Crimson Hunters FEEL just as new, but they are described as having Aspect Shrines, of their own unique variant, on several Craftworlds. I guess some also seem to focus more on one Aspect, as Altansar seems to favor Dark Reapers, while Iybraesil bears many Howling Banshees. Fluff in FFG's stuff seems to hint thatCraftworld Kaelor favors Warp Spiders, or am I the only one who notes this?
  2. Some jobs among the Eldar are equal-opportunity by gender; Eldar of either sex can be Autarchs, Farseers, Guardians, etc., but then we get a few who SEEM to be one gender only, such as the Howling Banshees. I don't know bout most of the other Aspect Temples, as the limited range of Citadel minis does as good a job as any fluff to not tell us who can be what, but the point I am wondering is, can an Autarch-in-training on the Path of Command, who happens to be male, breach their seeming rule and join, to learn their Aspect? Some Autarchs sport Banshee Masks and power swords, but this could, again, as much be a limit of 40k's available minis, like no female Guardsmen, when every Cadian MUST join the military. Would they have to be female to second in the Banshees, or male to follow the Scorpions, for their jaunt along their Path, or would they get special dispensation for following the Path of Command?
  3. Though he is several editions out of date, was Nhadu Fireheart an Autarch? Though they can't in the codex, I wonder if an Autarch in fluff could take up a Vyper, or perhaps a Crimson Hunter flyer?
  4. Can Eldar follow the Path of the Warrior AND Path of the Seer? The codex mentions that most of Ulthwe's psykers can't pull away to walk the Warrior's road, but unless that's Warlocks, of which Ulthwe has plenty, I don't know of an Eldar Warrior with a psy rating, beyond the  "every Eldar is sort of a psyker", which I don't entirely agree with.

That should be good for now. If I come up with more stuff, it'll be here somewhere. Thanks for the help.

#2 Trailblazer



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Posted 04 August 2014 - 02:05 PM

Here are the answers I have something for, even if it's just to the best of my knowledge.


1) In the Path of the Eldar novel series, the explanation given that is each 'squad' of Aspect Warriors genuinely represents its own Aspect Shrine tended by its own Exarch. So not only will any given world have an eclectic mix of its own shrines, there may be multiples of any given type. It's also hinted/implied in the story that the reason a given Eldar ends up with a particular shrine is because of whatever emotions drove them onto the Path of the Warrior in the first place. So it seems entirely possible that some shrines might be absent in places entirely, simply because they don't match the local temperament well. And again, that one Shrine may be especially common because it's an emotional trap the locals often fall into.


2) I wish I could cite my source for this, but all I remember is that I read somewhere that while the Howling Banshees seem to be all-female, they are only predominately so. Males can still join the shrine, they just still dress in the customary armour as part of taking on that Aspect. So it's entirely possible an Autarch, even if male, has been a Banshee before.


3) I've no knowledge of this character, so I'm no use here.


4) I don't think you can exactly follow any two paths simultaneously, but (again in the Path of the Eldar series) the Eldar who have previously been on the Path of the Warrior and then moved on to the Path of the Seer can still take up the 'combat identity' of that Aspect in times of absolute need, and those are the Warlocks. So it's more of a temporary regression in times of need than fully following both paths.


Hope this helped even a little.

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Posted 04 August 2014 - 03:58 PM

Of course a man can become a Howling Banshee - as long as he doesn't mind having titties on his armour!


Kind of a reverse-Samus Aran situation there.


But elves all look like women anyway.

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Posted 05 August 2014 - 04:56 AM

Yeah there's no min or max amount for shrines on a craftworld, they will vary dependant on the craftworld and current situation - some have less Aspect warriors than usual (Ulthwe have almost no Aspect warriors but maintain Black Guardians, rapid-response warriors basically or Iyanden being almost entirely wiped out and so relying on Wraith units for their defence) while others have far more than usual (Biel-Tan have a very high proportion of Aspect warriors due to their militaristic nature).

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