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Wounds = 0, Not Dead? Overcoming GM Guilt

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Posted 10 August 2014 - 06:20 AM

We had our game last night, and the opening combat (we'd stopped last session just before it) went... perfect. I think it's the best combat I've run in my time as GM. It was tense, exciting stuff was happening. Mechanics that hadn't been relevant before were coming up. Instead of the usual Minion Group + 1 Rival, the slaver King-Pin and his inner circle were 6 Rivals + the KingPin. Just adding more targets really up'd the game. I'd also outfitted them with stun pistols, considering their occupation as slavers, so they were hitting the players right in the Strain Threshold. 


One character did go down in the first round, but it belonged to a player who wasn't there that session, so he wasn't having to sit out. He was standing out in the open and took a broadside from 3 of them. That's what I noticed about this fight, the players were scrambling behind tables for cover, they were adding little bits of narration trying to get the NPCs setback or themselves boost. They were helping describe their advantages or possible NPC threat ideas, because suddenly every boost, setback, or strain point mattered. One character even had to tactically retreat and do a discipline roll to try and recover some strain so he didn't pass out from the next hit. Yes - a character did something other than attack! That's when I knew the difficulty was spot on. They're realizing shooting isn't the end all be all action. 


One player did comment he was shocked by how much harder this combat was. He didn't think it was fair, but seemed to come around when I reminded him of the situation - they'd snuck into this guys inner circle, these aren't street vendors or punk teenagers, but the upper echelon of a thriving slaver organization. I'm a little glad he was shocked, because it means I succeeded in getting the message across - "This isn't Fate Core, not every NPC is a pushover."


All in all, mission accomplished. I think I've broken out of my fear or difficult combats. 

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Posted 10 August 2014 - 08:21 AM

This is a great topic. :)
I'm playing with a new group and our Droid Mechanic was hit with 21 damage and went well into the negatives. I was kind of worried that he'd been killed, but we judged he'd been; as we called it "C3-PO'd". He was blasted so hard that his parts scattered all over the room.

This was kind of screwy for the adventure, because we needed him to access a computer for the information we had been sent to retreive. :unsure:


He was fine after we repaired him.


That sounds pretty awesome.


As an aside, the way the rules are worded, it's assumed that you count up when you track your wounds, not down like in other RPGs. The only reason why I mention this* is I play a doctor in one of my games and it's bothersome determining difficulty for heal checks when one player tracks their wounds one way, and another player tracks theirs a different way.


*Play your game however you want to. This was just a friendly - and probably annoying - PSA. THINK OF THE DOCTORS MAN!

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Posted 10 August 2014 - 04:09 PM

Yeah, the way the Character sheets are laid out assumes you count up wounds.


Say my character has Threshold of 17. That means I can suffer up to 34 wounds(not -17) and will pass out once I suffer 17.


Counting negative still works, but its a more convoluted way to do it and it clashes with the rules as written.

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Posted 10 August 2014 - 09:52 PM

Say my character has Threshold of 17. That means I can suffer up to 34 wounds(not -17) and will pass out once I suffer 17.



You suffer a crit and pass out when your Wound Threashold is exceeded, in this example 18. You stop recording at double the threashold in this example 34. If you are counting backwards you passout at -1, at zero you are fine.

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