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How to create more serious mood?

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#41 felismachina



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Posted 21 August 2014 - 02:23 PM

After we talked last time i think everybody understands but still they need a reminder sometimes when they act too much like players. After all for us it's roleplaying game. Combat is not and never was a problem, sometimes it's hard sometimes they get lucky and win in one round with lucky grenade throw (with rightous fury which i treat like instakill on non-boss enemies) and sometimes people will get hurt (losing arm, comrade will die etc.) The only problem is they just like to see where are the limits, if i let them do something like ignoring orders, act like they can't be killed or just let them do something like shitting in the corner cause they can they will do it again. It's not about taking all the fun. I am fair but strict GM. If you act like person who has brain and like a character you are playing (even if it's a bad choice or you gonna get hurt) i won't punish you but if you start acting like moron then you probably gonna die.

Sorry for any grammar mistakes i make. English is not my first language.

#42 Elmer84



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Posted 12 September 2014 - 04:36 AM

Good to see that you came around with your players.

I read most of the posts in the thread, and like some of the ideas, but I haven't seen one thing. Maiming and punishing players won't work if they don't care. If you have a player that is anoying you try a different aproach, first make him like his character, let him play, endure it.

Than as a warning, make something happen that he looses something of value due to his behaviour, for example that shiny new plasma gun he just got on the last session, what's that you say? he got into a brawl again? oh, a commisar had enough and digs thru his belongings to find some things to make up for an execution, well.. no illegal goods but an unauthorised plasma gun? that is flogging and back to the basic kit buddy, and don't try to get it back, he will get searches for another month or so on daily basis. Now you have a player that lost something of value, and he knows it was his own fault.

It should help, if not, wait for the characters to get some experience, there is nothing worst than loosing a 5-7k exp character and having to start from scratch, and no, don't let them make a new one with the same amount of exp, sorry friend, you are not a veteran, you just came in from reserves. This won't drag a whole group down so much as in other RPGs, but the guy will feel that he is not as good as the rest, maybe next time he will be more cautious.


Warning: this may end up in some RL fights, make sure that loosing an equipment or dying is justified, and not something that you set up just for the guy/gal.


So we have a stick, but don't forget the carrot, reward players with rewards for good roleplaying. "I'm really impressed how you enacted that talk with the commisar, that saved lives of the whole squad, you can take [peer (1) Commisariat] for that". Or just give a fate point or bonus exp, doesn't need to be much, 100 or 150 will do nice.

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#43 pearldrum1



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Posted 01 October 2014 - 09:52 PM

Trench foot and dysentery.



And of course, the Clap.


It ain't war without the Clap.

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Posted 25 November 2014 - 03:14 AM

i also hade this problem. Thats when you bring in the redeption battalion. Sorta like a penal battalion, just not permant.


Give the a low logistic rating, strip theam of some of theire equipment (like food) and send theam on dangours mission and maby just maby the will be given some food

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