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True Aim Question

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#21 awayputurwpn



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Posted 24 July 2014 - 03:45 PM

Precise Aim is really nice in an encounter where you have lots of maneuvers to spend. Like if you're setting up a sniping shot on an unaware target, or if someone rolls a bunch of Threat against you and the GM shoots you a free maneuver. You can only use two maneuvers to aim, so that third maneuver against that armored target might as well be Precise Aim! 


This line of discussion has happened once before, so we probably shouldn't get into too much, but the point is that Precise Aim can be useful and IMO it's balanced well. (not to stifle any other comments...I was just summarizing my previous evaluations of the talent in a months-old thread somewhere around here...!)

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#22 R2builder



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Posted 25 July 2014 - 08:27 AM

@Simon. I'm not here to cherry pick numbers to make my "argument" seem more valid than your ideas. Since the OP was about True Aim, then we got talking about Deadly Accuracy and Frenzied Attack, I was looking at the Hired Gun: Marauder and Mercenary trees. I am not trying to argue with you or tell you that you can't add a strain cost to anything. I am legitimately and sincerely trying to understand why it is you want to do this, and understand your system for it. I am not trying to tell you or convince not too. I am sorry if you read any of my posts to you in any manner other than friendly banter. You seem to have a legitimate case for wanting to modifying DA. I was just trying to see why you would not assign the same thing to FA. I thought the XP costs were about the same, not taking into account the Gadgateer or Assassin trees. I am not intentionally skewing anything to make one point of view stronger than another.

Like I said, you seem to have a sound idea and reason for doing this. Better reasons than most... Which I have seen mainly as either "because I can" or "that's how it was in X system". Which are fine, but if that is the reasoning for a house rule, I don't think people should get mad at others that call it what it is.

So I as I said in my last post, regardless if you change DA or not, I wish you the best in your game. In my last part of my post to you, I had asked about if you had talked with your players about this and what the cost might be. This was not a condescending question. (Your reply seemed you took it that way.) I was genuinely interested in hearing your players thoughts on this. I am very interested to keep abreast with this if you do change it, and see how it effects your game and player balance.

So my line of questioning to you and my counter thoughts are nothing more than trying to understand your point of view on this. It does not matter if we agree or not. If that were the case, let me sell you my religious ideas and political party... And again, I do wish you and your merry band of 7 Dwarves the best of luck with the game.

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