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3 Ship Imp Build and FLGS Tournament Report

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#1 Volund Starfire

Volund Starfire


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Posted 18 July 2014 - 07:40 PM

I flew in a mini-tournament at my hobby store the other night and would like to give you my battle report.  I had been brainstorming the list for a while and decided to try it out.  Most everything was borrowed from a friend.  I call this list Catch Me If You Can.


Darth Vader/TIE Advanced + Daredevil + Engine Upgrade (36)

Turr Phennir/TIE Interceptor + Veteran Instincts + Hull Upgrade (29)

“Echo”/TIE Phantom + Veteran Instincts + Advanced Cloaking Device (35)


My standard deployment is Vader in the center of the board, Phennir on the left facing inward at 45-degrees, and Echo opposite Phennir.


* * *




Luke Skywalker/X-Wing + R2-D2 + Draw Their Fire + Shield Upgrade

Rookie Pilot/X-Wing (×3)


The first three rounds were your typical maneuvering.  Neither of us wanted to go head-to-head with the other.  Luke and his wingman were fixated on Vader while the other pair of Rooks, numbered 3 & 4, were angling for Phennir.  Echo was ignored, but got locked onto by Luke’s wingman at extreme range.  Because of a slight miscalculation, Luke’s pet Rook kissed an asteroid, but suffered no damage.


Round four began with Luke’s wingman getting back into formation with Luke (mostly) and the other two drawing a bead on Phennir.  Luke closed on Vader while Echo de-cloaked and ended up in a Range 1 shot on Luke’s tail.  Vader and Phennir both cut toward the pair of Rooks with Phennir in kissing distance from one.  Both Vader and Phennir focused on one X-Wing and wiped it out, before Phennir boosted out of everyone else’s fire arc.  Luke was able to take one point off of Vader’s shields, but Echo stripped his completely off and cloaked.  Luke’s Rook missed.


Round five opened with Rook 3 K-turning while Luke and Rook 2 tried to form up into a three-ship wing.  Echo decloaked and ended up on Rook 2’s right wing.  Vader was able to pull around and get Rook 3 in a Range 2 arc while Phennir barrel rolled out of everyone’s fire arc except for Rook 2.  Rook 3 lost his shields and had a Crit that got transferred to Luke as a lost shield thanks to R2.  Echo stripped Rook 2’s shields and a Hull before cloaking.  Rook 2 was able to do a single point to Phennir.


Round six saw the Rooks both K-turn with Luke doing the same.  Echo decloaked at Range 2 to Luke, but with the entire flight in his sights.  Turr K-turned and had both Rooks in his sights while Vader pulled a daredevil to the right with a 2 Right and a barrel roll to get everyone in his sights with Luke the only one able to target him.  Turr blew Rookie 2 out of space and shot right behind Rookie 3.  Vader took Luke down to 1 Hull which Echo then took out before cloaking.


Thanks to a problem with maneuvering, Rookie 3 slammed Echo who proceeded to 4-K and decloak as both Vader and Turr pulled green banks.  With all three ships in at least Range 2, my opponent surrendered.




* * *




Howlrunner/TIE Fighter + Determination + Stealth Device

Dark Curse/TIE Fighter + Targeting Computer

Academy Pilot/TIE Fighter (×5)


It took two rounds for the Swarm Box to reach Range 3 of Vader thanks to me using the Asteroids to try and break up her formation.  She was new to the store, but had maneuvers down to a T because she kept formation around the rocks.  It did let me get a lock on Howlrunner without losing any shields to the three TIEs able to target me, but Dark Curse also locked onto Turr.  Dark Curse and Phennir were angling for each other and Echo was set up to the right side of the board.


Round three opened with the swarm all getting Vader in their sights.  Unfortunately for them, Echo had initiative and was able to stop directly in front of Howlrunner while still cloaked, so she bumped and was able to only aid one fighter.  Vader boosted and barrel rolled and got Howlrunner in his sights at Range 2 while Phennir and Dark Curse were head-to-head at Range 1.  Turr popped off two of Dark Curse’s hulls and blew right by him.  Vader scored a single Crit on Howlrunner which made her lose her Stealth Device, but she was able to ignore the Crit because of her Determination.  One TIE fired at Vader, but missed.


Round four had the TIE box turn to get Vader in their sights and Dark Curse K-turned.  Echo decloaked and ended up right behind Howlie, who moved close enough to the TIE swarm to give them her benefit, but bumped one.  Vader pulled a boost with a 2-Right and Focused with Turr mirroring Dark Curse’s K-turn.  Phennir blew Dark Curse away with his shot as Vader took out Howlrunner with a TL+F shot.  Echo was able to take out a TIE before he cloaked.  Two TIE’s fired on Vader and were able to take out his shields.


Round five saw the TIEs turn for Vader.  Echo decloaked on the right wing of the outermost fighter.  Phennir pulled a 4 forward and Focused.  Vader pulled a 3 forward and boosted past the entire group.  Phennir took out one TIE with Echo taking out another before cloaking.  Nobody else had any shots.


Round six had the TIEs pulling K-Turns, but a measurement error made half of the remaining four to ram face-first into the other half.  My opponent complained to the TO that I forced her to measure when she didn’t need to and they were only like that because they were bumped.  The TO said the maneuver stood and she said some choice words and packed up, leaving the tournament and store.




* * *




Biggs Darklighter/X-Wing

Rookie Pilot/X-Wing

Dagger Squadron Pilot/B-Wing + Advanced Sensors (×2)


I’ve played this opponent before, but never against this list.  It took four rounds of maneuvering before any shots were fired.  He kept his ships in right to one-another and used the asteroids to block Echo’s advances.


Round four had his Rook maneuvering in for a TL on Vader while his Bs both barrel-rolled right past an asteroid to get Vader in their sights.  Biggs followed them, but was out of line to hit anything.  Echo decloaked and ended up unable to hit Biggs, but with the Rookie in Range 1.  Phennir was still navigating an asteroid as Vader took a 2 turn, Focused, and daredeviled out of the fire arc of everyone to bring Biggs in his sights.  Vader missed Biggs and the Rook whiffed his green roll as Echo scored three hits and two crits, blowing him off the map as he cloaked.


Round five saw the Bs moved around a rock and both stopped with Biggs following close behind.  Echo decloaked and was at Range 2 of Biggs.  Phennir finally got in the fight, but it was long, with Vader taking a green one and not in the fight.  Phennir fired, but it turned into a Range 3 against Biggs which lost a shield.  His boost didn’t carry him out of the arc on one of the B-Wings who took him down to one Hull thanks to a Crit.  Biggs lost his Shields and a point of Hull before Echo cloaked.


In Round six, both Bs pulled a left and barrel roll to keep from hitting one-another and Biggs ended up slamming one from behind.  Echo decloaked with a B in his sights, but unable to hit Biggs.  Phennir pulled a 1 Right and evaded to target Biggs and one B with Vader offering himself as an alternate target to the entire group and targeting them at the same time, focusing and evading.  Vader took one point off of Biggs with Phennir ending the pilot’s life.  Echo took out three shields from B1 before decloaking.  Unfortunately, both Bs decided to play pin-the-laser on Turr and took him out.


Both B-Wings pulled a 2K, expecting me to shoot past them with Vader.  Echo decloaked nose-to-nose with B1 and Vader ended up bumping B2 from behind with a 2 Forward move.  Echo took the remaining 2 shields off of B1 before cloaking, but lost one shield because the dice hate me.  However, Vader got a target lock on B1.


Both B-Wings pulled 2 Forward and Focused.  Echo decloaked off of B2s wing.  Vader moved 1 Forward and Focused.  Vader shot two hull off of B1.  Echo took a shield off of B2.


The B-Wings split formation with opposite banks and focusing.  Echo was able to continue harassing B2, but was within his fire arc.  Vader ended up in front of B1, but boosted and barrel rolled into a Range 3 through an asteroid.  Echo shot off of 3 shields from B2, but the return fire took him down to 1 Hull.  B1 shot a shield off of Vader.


Round 10 had the B’s turn toward Vader with B1 focusing and B2 locking onto him.  Echo was able to decloak right behind B1.  Vader boosted into a face-to-face with B2 and Evaded.  Vader scored two hits on B2.  Echo was able to destroy B1.  However, B2 got lucky and shot the shields off of Vader.


At this point, the fight was ended because of time.  I was called winner.




* * *


ROUND 4 (Last Round)


Howlrunner/TIE Fighter + Stealth Device

Backstabber/TIE Fighter

Obsidian Squadron Pilot/TIE Fighter (×3)

Academy Pilot/TIE Fighter (×2)


This opponent and I were the only two undefeated players, but he had won all of his matches outright while mine were surrenders and a time.  The maneuver phase didn’t take long with Backstabber in range of Echo by the second round.  Not that it mattered; Echo took him out with one shot at Range 1 from behind.


Round four had the swarm slightly broken due to Asteroids, but nobody out of formation.  Though, the Academy Pilots were playing bumper TIEs.  Turr came in from the left of the box at Range 2 and Echo was able to decloak behind and slightly to the right of the formation without a shot (my fault for not taking an asteroid into consideration).  Turr took out the front Academy Pilot and then boosted around to set himself up for their next forward move.


The next round had the Academy, Obsidians, and Howlie move in a perfect 3K; even measuring nobody bumped.  Echo angled for an attack on the side of the mass that was now facing him.  Vader was able to angle for an attack on Howlrunner with Phennir completely out of position to line anything up.  Vader missed at Range 3.  Howlie took a shield off of Echo who took out an Obsidian before cloaking.  The rest of the TIEs opened up and blew Echo off of the map with one hit from almost every TIE.


The TIEs all moved 2 forward.  Vader and Phennir both were able to get in behind the swarm.  Both Vader and Phennir shot at Howlrunner, and were able to take her out.


As one, the swarm K-Turned, again.  Vader and Phennir anticipating this, both turned and boosted out of firing range with Vader also daredeviling into position to fire on the group again.  His shot took an Obsidian down a single point.


Round eight opened with the swarm turning to face Turr.  Vader pulled a 1 Bank to keep them in range and Turr pulled a left for the same reason, with Vader locking onto the non-damaged Obsidian.  Vader didn’t have a shot but Turr was able to destroy the damaged Obsidian.  His boost got him out of range of all but the Academy pilot, who knocked him down to 1 Hull.


Round nine had the pair of TIE/lns turn after Phennir.  Vader banked to bring them in range and Phennir K-turned.  Vader TL+Fed the Obsidian to dust at Range 1 and Turr took out the Academy Pilot with a focused shot.


4-0 (Winner)

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#2 Ailowynn



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Posted 18 July 2014 - 10:56 PM

It's great to be seeing Vader and Daredevil being used successfully. And much respect to you for being able to pull off a three-ship list with two flankers and two glass cannons consistently.

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#3 Volund Starfire

Volund Starfire


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Posted 19 July 2014 - 10:16 AM

It's not as difficult as you may think.  Echo can literally appear ANYWHERE on the board after his movement phase.  Vader can move, Boost, and Daredevil to become a miniature Echo and end up anywhere, including being able to flip around without pulling a K-turn.  Phennir is naturally built to pull a Wedge (i.e. fly straight at an enemy, fire at point blank range, then boost past).


The secret is something that many players find alien.  You have to fly each of the three ships as a separate entity from each other.  If they group up, it's too easy to kill them.  Even then, I haven't faced a turreted opponent, so I really haven't had to play on the defensive.

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#4 tiefanatic



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Posted 21 July 2014 - 02:07 PM

It's not as difficult as you may think.  Echo can literally appear ANYWHERE on the board after his movement phase.  Vader can move, Boost, and Daredevil to become a miniature Echo and end up anywhere, including being able to flip around without pulling a K-turn.  Phennir is naturally built to pull a Wedge (i.e. fly straight at an enemy, fire at point blank range, then boost past).


The secret is something that many players find alien.  You have to fly each of the three ships as a separate entity from each other.  If they group up, it's too easy to kill them.  Even then, I haven't faced a turreted opponent, so I really haven't had to play on the defensive.

That sounds like a good strategy. I like daredevil on pretty much anything, but with vader it seems to work particularly well because of his two actions.

"We can't change what happened, so we might as well forget about it and move on"-Darman Skirata

#5 kryzak



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Posted 21 July 2014 - 10:43 PM

great battle report!  The strange thing was that there were no Falcon lists there.  Those are everywhere in my area meta.

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