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200 Point Firesprays Versus YT-1300s

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#1 Gwaelna



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Posted 18 July 2014 - 10:51 AM

So I recently acquired my fourth firespray (in order to do one in each color scheme on the pilot cards), and I suggested to a friend that we do an all firespray versus all YT game. There was a little bit of filler on the rebel side due to running out of things to spend points on with only three falcons, but it was a total blast.


Imperial (198):


Bounty Hunter

-Heavy Laser Cannon

-Recon Specialist

-Seismic Charge

Krassis Trelix

-Heavy Laser Cannon

-Recon Specialist

-Seismic Charge

Kath Scarlet


-Heavy Laser Cannon


-Seismic Charge

Boba Fett



-Proton Bomb

-Slave 1 Title (for style)


Rebels (200):


Han Solo

-Recon Specialist

-Luke Skywalker


-Engine Upgrade

Lando Calrissian


-Nien Numb

-Push the Limit

-Engine Upgrade




-Expert Handling

-Engine Upgrade

-Millennium Falcon title

Jan Ors


Battle report is based on memory of last night. There are probably a ton of inaccuracies, but the lists are right and it's partly just fun to look at all the large ships shooting each other. I'm pretty sure there are a few turns where I'm missing a picture of them.


I roll out a 3x3 map, but in retrospect probably should have gone with a full epic game sized 3x6. We ran into stuff. A lot. Or more accurately, the transports kept running into firesprays, and the firesprays kept hitting asteroids. Boba Fett was particularly bad about it, jumping directly on top of several as I misjudged things.


Chewbacca in the regular falcon upper left, next to Lando (orange) with Jan and Han (blue YT) in the middle. Kath and Boba lower left, with bounty hunter in the middle and Krassis angled in the lower right.



Everyone scoots forward, and a few shots are exchanged. Chewie a chunk of his shields, and Han gets absolutely nailed, losing all of them. Bounty Hunter and Fett take a little bit of damage.


Missing photo of next turn: Leia gets used, Chewie and Lando K turn, but Lando runs smack into  Kath. Boba botches his move and hits Kath as well. Fire is exchanged, but it's not a particularly brutal turn. Jan takes a ranged 1 shot at a bounty hunter and does 2 damage. Bounty hunter is ashamed she got hit by a turret-less HWK.


IMG_3733_zps8c2278be.jpgAll the bombs get dropped. Kath gets hit by 1, Lando and Han get pinged, Jan dies to one. Lando narrowly avoids the proton by the fact he ran into Fett. Chewie K turns back into the field and Han starts looping around. At this point attrition has started to build up on Bounty Hunter, Fett, Lando, and Han.


IMG_3735_zps387cc6df.jpgSmooth flying for everyone, this might just be the first turn with no collisions. Lando FINALLY starts to get use out of push the limit. Han is BADLY wounded at this point. A crit on the hunter reduces his agility to one.


IMG_3736_zps23a1a342.jpgHan dies, and Chewie and the hunter continue their feud. Unfortunately, all of Chewie's defenses are laughing at the Bounty Hunter's dice. Not a good move on Chewbacca here, I imagine after several turns of everyone bouncing into each other in tight quarters that the opponent forgot he gave Chewie barrel rolls to avoid that asteroid.



Blam blam blam. The sheer amount of hull and shield points on the table made each ship take awhile to put down. Krassis is starting to hit the danger zone, and the bounty hunter is limping on his last legs.


IMG_3738_zpsc4443a86.jpgLando dies! The bounty hunter breathes a sigh of relief, can't have his last hull shot off this turn.



Spoke too soon. Dead bounty hunter. Kath wins worst pilot award by running into Chewie AND landing on an asteroid. Krassis is almost dead, but Chewie is limping along at 1 hull.



Victory for the Firesprays!


Chewbacca was a royal pain, especially since the r2 dice were HOT. Recovered something like 6 or 7 shields over the game and only flipped up one crit. Kath's gunner was surprisingly useful, I think it triggered twice when I completely botched some rolls. Heck, there was a turn where I had marksmanship up where I rolled 3 blanks and a focus and chose to not up the focus to a crit to guarantee a gunner reroll. (I was using the cloak token to represent marksmanship, which really confused some passerby. "Wait, so Firesprays can cloak now?! What expansion did I miss? Where can I buy it?!")

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#2 Jo Jo

Jo Jo


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Posted 18 July 2014 - 03:26 PM

What an awesome match! Love the repaints you made on the Firespray. I'm going to have to get another FS soon, I only have 1. :(


How did you land Boba on asteroids with navigator?

"And then, we'll remind the Rebellion what war is all about." 

#3 Gwaelna



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Posted 18 July 2014 - 04:23 PM

Generally Fett landed on asteroids by either a non-bank maneuver, or having options like all bank lefts: heading off the map, bank right 1/2: run into a YT, bank right 3: run into an asteroid and me thinking there was more room than there was. Whoops. Should've just smacked a ship.

#4 markcsoul



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Posted 20 July 2014 - 10:23 PM

Love the firesprays taking down the cheap tactics falcons!


If I ran a 200 point firespray list using all 4 pilots like you did I think I'd use this:


Bounty Hunter - 33

HLC - 7

Gunner - 5

Sub Total - 45


Krassis - 36

HLC - 7

Recon - 3

Seismic - 2

Sub Total - 48


Kath - 38

HLC - 7
Recon - 3

Seismic - 2

Predator - 3

Sub Total - 53


Boba - 39

HLC - 7

Recon - 3

Seismic - 2

Predator - 3

Sub Total - 54


Total - 200

REBEL: 2 A-Wings, 2 B-Wings, 1 E-Wing, 3 X-Wings, 1 Y-Wing, 1 Z-95, 1 HWK-290, 1 YT-1300, 1 GR-75

IMPERIAL: 1 Advanced, 1 Bomber, 2 Defenders, 3 Fighters, 3 Interceptors, 1 Phantom, 2 Firesprays, 1 Shuttle


#5 Corellian Corvette

Corellian Corvette


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Posted 23 July 2014 - 11:17 AM

Wow that looked fun! Although, if I could, I would of run 7 ors with 11 pts of upgrades! :P

4 A-wings, 2 E-Wings, 6 X-wings, 2 Y-wings, 3 B-wing, 1 Z-95, 1 HWK-290, 1 YT-1300, 1 YT-2400, 1 GR-75, 1 CR90

1 Decimator, 3 TIE Fighters {o{} |o| {}o}

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#6 UnfairBanana



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Posted 28 July 2014 - 05:27 PM

I definitely would have bet on the Firesprays from the start. HLC Krassis? Heck yeah. All day, every day. Firesprays are just so darn good

Edited by UnfairBanana, 28 July 2014 - 05:28 PM.

Rebels: 3 A-wings, 3 B-wings, 2 E-wing, 4 X-Wings, 2 Y- Wings, 2 Z-95s, 1 HWK-290, 1 YT-1300, 1 YT-2400, 1 GR-75 Space whale, 1 CR-90 Corvette


Empire: 6 TIE/LN, 4 TIE Interceptors, 2 TIE Bombers, 1 TIE Advanced, 2 TIE Defender, 2 TIE Phantom, 2 Firesprays, 1 Lambda, 1 VT-49

#7 BobbyM



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Posted 29 July 2014 - 08:39 AM

Thanks for sharing!  Loved the pictures and the re-paints!

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