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Why is the decimator more expensive than the yt-2400?

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#141 Rogue37



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Posted 18 July 2014 - 09:25 PM

Ok first off, no one is forced to buy a Lambda, to buy one is every players duty. They are the most fantastic ship ever made, number 1 in comfort, and cost to durability, that still hits like a brick to the head. So there is no need at all to make someone have to buy a shuttle, they should be thankful for the chance to own one. Where is Sable to back me up on this ?


I agree.  Shuttle is easily my favorite large ship thus far.


Also maybe I'm alone in being glad that 3PO (and the other crew upgrades from the Tantive) come in a ship I'll only ever want one of.  It means I won't have extras sitting around.  ;)


I've played a lot of table top games, and I've seen this kind of "I'm being forced to buy things to play how I want!" attitude in all of them.  It's like people can't help but feel persecuted by gaming companies because they want to make as much money on their niche products as they can.  It's one thing to complain about a company that does this and only this (as GW has done for the last decade or so), but it's another to do so when the company is as supportive of their community as a company like Privateer Press or FFG is.  And FFG doesn't have to provide the kind of support for the community they do (including this lovely forum on their official website), they don't have to give previews, or host strategy articles that are more than just a glorified catalog entry, but they do.  They don't have to do the tournament and game night kits, which are amazing.  So yeah, if they want to put a desirable (And it's Unique!  You'll never be able to use more than one.), but not vital card in one of their more expensive ships, I'll cut them some slack in repayment for all of the effort they've made in supporting their gaming community. 

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#142 Sithborg



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Posted 18 July 2014 - 11:08 PM

Especially one that is easily countered by a card released the next month.

#143 Lagomorphia



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Posted 19 July 2014 - 03:28 AM

being forced to buy something I don't want (even extra tokens I will never use) is price gouging


You, um, aren't? You don't need C-3PO, you don't need two shuttles for an Advanced Sensors pair. You only need this stuff to netdeck. Making your own squads, I bet most people have all the stuff they need right now. It's not like you're missing half the card: there are plenty of other upgrade options.


Paul Heaver's XXBB won because he knew it inside out and because it was off the wall so everyone else didn't know it inside out. Now everyone and their dog's fourth cousin has copied it you find it at all levels of the win rankings: it's not constantly hitting the top because it's some sort of solution to the game, it's from sheer weight of numbers. Same with all the other netdecks: these things work for the champions largely because they're being flown by expert players and they break the metagame's rules a bit. French National was won by Obsidian x4 Academy x4. Never would have called that: TIE swarms need Howlrunner or some sort of dice modifier to be "competitive", right? Clearly not. That TIE swarm broke the rules both in build and likely in playstyle and sailed to victory.

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#144 trustybroom



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Posted 19 July 2014 - 07:11 AM

I still don't get people complaining about HAVING to buy large ships, multiples of ships, etc. Having all that stuff lets you play Epic games, which is the most fun way to play this game in my opinion. If you haven't tried an Epic game yet...you really, really should.

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