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A few rules questions

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#1 LongDarkBlues



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Posted 06 July 2014 - 01:06 AM

So, I played my second game tonight and we ran into a few things I didn't see (and perhaps missed) in the rules.


First, when a ranged unit causes a retreat on a unit that is straight down the hex edges so that there is no single opposite side, but rather 2 available backwards hexes, who determines where the unit retreats to?




Second, is there a mechanic for removing lore cards from a faction's deck if the unit-specific cards don't (or didn't) have a mustered unit to be used on? In a 50 pt game I mustered neither the Chaos Lord or the Blood Harvesters, so it seemed like lore cards that only work for those characters should either be pulled from the deck or replaced when drawn rather than being punitive for not using those units (something I imagine is even more complicated if/when expansion units are introduced). Is there anything for command cards that don't have valid targets either, or are those just burned up by ordering a single unit?



#2 Julia


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Posted 06 July 2014 - 10:37 AM

Hi, and welcome to the forum :)


First question: long story short, it should be the attacker who decides. There's quite a good explanation for this that probably Sigmazero will give you (in case he's still looking over this forum), but agreed, it's confusing, since you're not the first one asking this.


Second question: at the actual state of the game, there is nothing allowing any player to remove some useless lore cards from the deck. But remember you have always the option to draw two cards and then discard one from your hand during the lore step, so that you can get rid of the most useless in case of need.


Same for Command cards: nothing to discard them, but actually, as you've correctly stated, they can be used to order single units


Hope this helps



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#3 LongDarkBlues



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Posted 06 July 2014 - 11:12 AM

Awesome - thanks so much!

#4 sigmazero13


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Posted 16 July 2014 - 11:21 PM

For the first question, there is something in the reference guide (I think it's under line of sight) that helps talk about this.  Basically, if you are tracing LOS, and the line goes in a hex corner like in your example, the attacker "nudges" the LOS so that it enters one hex side or the other (and checking for blocked hexes along that nudged line, as it will pass through one side or the other along the way).  Thus, by doing so, the attacker is choosing which direction the attack is coming from for the purposes of retreat, as well.


So in your above picture, the attacker could choose to nudge the line to either side, essentially choosing which way the defender retreats.  Strictly speaking, he does this BEFORE rolling dice, though.


However, let's say that the hex to the top-left of the blue dot had a hill in it.  In that case, if the attacker chose to "nudge" the line towards the left, it would cause the LOS to be blocked by the hill.  So the attacker would have to nudge the LOS to the right, which means in that case there is no "choice" for the attacker in terms of which way the retreat goes.


I hope that helps and makes sense :)

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