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First time GM question

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Posted 07 July 2014 - 12:27 AM

Thanks for the long reply Nameless2all.


I suppose I can take a minute to give a more comprehensive account of what happened in this little adventure as run by a newbie GM.




The command crew, if it can be called that was made up of the following. A Kroot, whose player sadly missed most session due to work. My sister played the Cosair Eldar. We also had a Tau that no one is quite sure how that happened. An Ork Mek boy finished out the xenos, who were all sanctioned as part of their background packages. The lone human was the senechal, who had to baby sit them all and was the default leader of the group.


Their contact with Cromwell went easily enough. I one had a DH character named Flavion "Dakka" Cromwell so he played that part. My sister hit me for that. I think all things considered the meeting with Chorda went well. I had her rather unhappy with Cromwell but no one picked up on that and I had her be as brief as possible with the party. They took it in stride and then hit the streets looking for information.


Then we find out that the party's best means of getting said information is for the Mekboy to loom over their victim, I mean informant and scare the piss out of them. So I through a lot of info at the party, some good, some bad, some utterly useless. Oh all the various bits dropped on them, the one they latch onto is the fact that people are being press ganged. So what they do is get the Senechal to gather a mob together and whip them into a foaming from the mouth fury. Only problem is they lost control of the crowd. Fortunately they managed to get the crowd to not kill them and instead take their anger out on one of the random RTs who were press ganging.


The RTs I put in were Feckward, Gerrit and Armelan from LotE. Just cause the party had a raider and the original module called for things like frigates and LCs. Which after seeing the tiny terror they build they probably could have handled but I didn't want to kill them on instantly so I stuck to my new smaller ships. In any case the mob they lost control off rampaged through Footfall and to the docks and attacked Gerrit's ship. He doesn't like the party much now.


After losing control of the mob the part quickly left Footfall. And made the jump to Grace. I wanted them to have to make some decisions so I had the party and their competition all exit the warp at the same time right next to each other near the Teardrop. And I build an overland (system?) map and divided ship speeds by 3, rounding down. They could push the engines to double their speed with a tech use test that the party regularly abused.


Though there was some talk about just killing everyone immediately, the party spent so much time on it I simply had time pass and the other ships moved away. And then the party got ambushed by the ork ship in the Teardrop. And then stupid happened. Their first shot knocked out the sensors. Which was great cause Crew of 30 with a shooting penalty of 30, yeah.


Well since I was still trying to follow the module at this point so after the ship got all busted up from the party's TORPEDOES they offered up the location of the Dagger of Fate and their allegiance to the Mekboy. Well unsure how much you can trust orks, the party took the location and beelined for it the station, which I had placed beyond Grace itself.


Feckward and Gerrit made a beeline for the planet but their paths never crossed with the party. Armelan I had wander off as I decided to have her chase down the Wydening Grye. Partly cause I sort of feel sorry for her and giving her another transport would be nice. That and I thought it might draw the players to wonder what the hell she is doing. 


But as the players headed to the station, their torps wrecked the ever loving crap out of it. So much so that I had to rule that the upper levels were completely and utterly destroyed. Fortunately, I figured cargo bays would be on the lower levels so I let them explore that.At this point I also threw the module out the window and just winged it all from there. I have them 6/7 rooms to explore. The hanger in which they initially landed. To the west was an arboretum that was overrun by squigs. The east had a cargo bay with the package they were hired to get and the Ork Nob in charge of the station. Which the party put a marker light on and then light up the Nob like a xmas tree. Then proceeded to loot everything not nailed down.


They didn't even look around that much. They figured out which cryotube Anastasia Chorda was in and then took everything. It's sitting in their cargo hold now. North of their landing site was the generator room which had been quite kustomized and thus dangerous to cross if in a hurry. North of that was a cargo bay that had been converted to a refrigerator room. I thought it would be immensely cruel for those on Grace if there was a huge locker full of food not far from them.


West of the central generator room was another cargo bay filled with orks beating the tar out of each other. The party fought a few groups to establish dominance over the orks. Which they did though I did manage to hurt each party member and almost killed my sister.


The last "room" was to the East of the generator room and it was sealed by a bulkhead. Really I had run out of ideas so I just decided that that cargo bay had been blown up. So despite my best attempts to show the players there is nothing but cold hard void on the other side, they still blow the bulkhead. They made their rolls to not bet sucked out and I just had a bunch of orks plug the hole eventually.


So that was the station. Next they suddenly took an interesting in Armelan and the Wydening Gyre. So much so that they broke through the blockade I set up with Gerrit and Feckward's ships, just straight moving from one end of the combat map to the other.


Only to go racing up to Armelan and making a deal with her. Get her two transports to help take out Feckward and Gerrit and the party would let her keep the Gyre with no fuss. She takes the deal and then does nothing as the party warplode Feckward's ship and hulk Gerrit's on their own.


"To Feckward, tell him to get bent. If he wanted what was on the station, he should have gone for it first. To Gerrit, tell him to get stuffed, and that we didn't send a mob after his ship, the locals were upset with him pressganging their families."
"If anyone has anything to add, feel free." -Quintus the Senechal in response to both RTs demanding his surrender.
Then the party fixed up Gerrit's ship and traded that with Armelan for the Gyre. Which I figured she would take since a raider is a tad bit more useful to her than a haunted transport ship. And they gave her free reign to loot Grace. Which again they had 0 interest in setting foot on.
Instead they fixed up the ork ship they had crippled days ago and crashed it into the planet. And then went and offered to give Feckward and Gerrit rides off of Grace. Gerrit told the party that them ganging up on the party was Feckward's idea, which the party took at face value. So they gave him a ride at the cost of 3 PF. Feckward the party hated right out of the gate and took him off planet only after he agreed to hand over his warrant. And the rights to the gyn trade deal he had set up.
Remember that refrigerated cargo bay full of food? Guess what the party traded for a boat load of gyn? Which got them 1 PF from the Narcos on Footfall. Delivering Anastasia got them 2 PF for that and they were not interested in a Chorda civil war. They sold the Gyre and the trade route to the Narcos for 6 more PF. I gave them 2 PF for the adventure itself. Lastly they sold the planet of Grace to the Red Schola for 30 PF. Humans that survive cannibalism and orks would make rather unique slaves I think. For a total of 44 PF. Which is crazy but it worked out. They cut ties with their original dynasty and set out on their own as they have a warrant. And that 44 is their new starting PF which is actually down from their original 50 I gave them.
I know there has been a thread about how warrants are but I figured given the Feckward family reputation theirs just might be one of those warrants that quite literally say "The bearer of this warrant is a Rogue Trader" etc. So while the Tau originally proclaimed that "I'm the Rogue Trader now!" after some discussion I'm not quite sure where they ended up. I think my sister the Eldar is getting it as the Ork doesn't want it and the Tau didn't want to be an envoy and a RT.
So that is where we finished A fall from Grace

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