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Expansion disk lists

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#21 Westonard



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Posted 22 June 2014 - 05:16 PM

There are obviously some disks that are not revealed, There won't be three aspiring necromancers or runesmiths, and likely only one maybe two engineers. The reasoning for this is that the necromancers/runesmiths are casters, and no other race has more than one secondary caster in their army. The VC don't need to have more because they don't suffer from the need for secondary casters like they do in table top. 


My guess is that the VC army list will likely be 3 skeletons, 2 skeleton archers which qualify for skeletons for Kemmler's ability, two or three dire wolves, one or two tomb banshees, betting on one, one or two Grave Guard. And the Black Carriage, if that is what it is, would likely be a large, since no race only has one large disk, even the orcs have two (one is a hero) and there is no large hero disk that I can see for the Vampire Counts. 


Likewise we will see one Runesmith, and likely one engineer in the dwarf army per box set. This is going off of what has already been established with casters, and what the Engineer would likely fall under for any other race that would only get one of that particular disk, Huntsman for Empire, Big Boss for Orcs, Maiden Guard for High Elves

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Posted 23 June 2014 - 03:03 PM

"You’ll have a full regiment’s worth of every disk in the box; it features one copy of each hero, one of each large disk, two of each medium disk, and three of each small disk."


That's directly from the end of the Lizardmen/Wood Elf preview. I don't want to be argumentative, but they went out and said it. I assume it to be true for Legions of Darkness as well, which essentially means yes, that entire box has been spoiled. The only thing I can even process as possibly false is if the Black Coach is large (it definitely looks medium in the graphic). If that's the case, we're missing exactly one disk from that expansion, which could really only be just another large disk.


The preview of the Dwarves provides a sample army that includes three Runesmiths and two Engineers. Maybe I'm grasping at straws, but it would seem to me there should be at least that many in the box.


And honestly, I don't see where there necessitates a need for there to more a larger variety of disks in these sets: the core set started with five different non-hero small units for three of the races (Chaos only got four). Vampires have five, and Dwarves have four spoiled, but there's still a lot missing from what we know for Hammer & Hold, so there might be another one in there. Three core races started with two non-hero mediums (Orcs got three). Vampires have at least two, 99.99% sure three. Dwarves have one confirmed, but again, still some we don't know about for them.


Again, I just think what I have compiled is the most realistic list of units to expect, along with their quantities, based on what has been revealed. I know I'm quite satisfied with that. Guess I'll just wait till Saturday when my boxes are expected to show up, and will humbly accept any mistakes I have asserted here.

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#23 Westonard



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Posted 25 June 2014 - 09:37 AM

I should be getting my expansions tomorrow, and I can give an updated list of what is in each box then.

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