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Your Favorite 5 Quests and Why

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#21 Johnny Awesome

Johnny Awesome


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Posted 29 May 2014 - 09:31 AM

I've only played the Core, 6 Mirkwood, 3 Khazad-Dum and Redhorn Gate so far (but own everything).


My favorites in order so far:


Conflict at the Carrock

Journey Down the Anduin

Journey to Rhosgobel

The Redhorn Gate

The Seventh Level

#22 Catastrophic09



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Posted 29 May 2014 - 03:09 PM

Journey Down the Anduin- classic quest where I fell in love with this game and it's still unique and fun fighting the troll at the beginning, going down the river, enemies not engaging you and then a battle at the end


The Redhorn Gate- I really loved how characters could freeze and die in this quest (I played hero Beorn the fist time.. lol), thematically it was a blast and I really felt I was going through a snowy mountain pass


Flight From Moria- All the quest cards in this one really made it seem you were travelling through Moria and searching desperately to get out


The Siege of Cair Andros- damage on locations was great and Battle and Siege keywords really made this quest feel like an epic battle of Gondor proportion!


Encounter at Amon Din- this one represented the classic rescue villagers, kill orcs and be the hero which I really enjoyed even though it is really easy


Notable mentions: The Fords of Isen- had a lot of fun and it's instantly one of my new favs.   Journey to Rhosgobel and Hills of Emyn Muil were also some of my early favorites of this game.

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#23 Glowwyrm



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Posted 29 May 2014 - 05:47 PM

In no particular order:

Foundations of Stone: This quest never disappoints in multi-player.  It's always good fun to split and try to reunite.  While i'm glad they don't overuse the split apart mechanic, it works well here both thematically and for gameplay.

Journey Along the Anduin (standard, but nightmare is good too): If I'm just feeling like a quick game, or I want to run a deck I'm testing through its paces, this is the scenario I play.  The troll is a great threat up front, the raft ride makes sense thematically and mechanically, and it's always a thrill to crash into quest stage three and see what you draw.  The randomness is typically what hurts this quest, something Nightmare helps smooth out a bit by giving consistently awful draws (instead of occasionally easy).

Nightmare Dol Guldur: They did such a good job upping the difficulty and theme for the Nightmare version.  Hardest quest I've ever played and it felt so good to win.  It's very thematic, rushing frantically through the dungeon locations, trying to save the prisoner before they're tortured to death, and surviving the horrible treacheries that the encounter deck throws at you (who doesn't love discarding their hand?).  And the Nazgul is actually a force to be reckoned with because he's not the only enemy in the deck to worry about. 

To Catch an Orc: Giving some love to the new stuff.  Really unique mechanics, really tough setup, and a fun boss to contend with.  Plus, the added thematic fun that you are partially responsible for the uruk army that attack Helms Deep.  Whenever I lose the quest, I console myself that Middle Earth is better off.

We Must Away Ere Break of Day: It was difficult to pick any one saga quest, because I never play them individually.  So many of them are excellent, but to me, this one is the best.  They really improved on Conflict at the Carrock by giving you multiple ways to beat the scenario and the optional challenge of the treasure to collect.  It gives the scenario a lot of replayability because of all the options the players have.  I can't wait to see the nightmare version of this quest. 

#24 Pharmboys2013



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Posted 29 May 2014 - 10:45 PM

whoever did that really great hero contest with the brackets and seeding awhile back should do one with the quests. its one thing to name a couple faves but things get really interesting when it goes head to head

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#25 divinityofnumber



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Posted 01 June 2014 - 10:37 PM

In no particular order:


Journey Down the Anduin

Foundations of Stone

We Must Away Ere Break of Day

Dungeons Deep and Caverns Dim

Flies and Spiders (On the Doorstep)


All of these are thematically superb, mechanically brilliant, and can provide some quite challenging sessions. I should note that I have yet to play the HoN, TBR, or VoI expansions. There are likely thing in those that would have made my list, but I have not played them yet. 

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#26 iznax



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Posted 02 June 2014 - 03:01 AM

There are so many now that i can't really tell :huh:  Any way those are probably my top 5 currently. In no particular order.


Into the pit: Maybe the first quest that used locations in a really different way, the torch mechanic is also a nice touch and really thematic too


The Battle of Lake-Town: A great boss fight, the Smaug deck makes him feel alive and kicking. The burn mechanic also a great thematic touch


The Fords of Isen: A great heavy combat quest.


A Knife in the Dark: What can i say for this one ?!?!?!


Encounter at Amon Din: The best truly innovative mechanic so far (in my opinion)

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#27 spalanzani



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Posted 03 June 2014 - 12:06 PM

5. The Hunt for Gollum

I really like exploration quests. This one is really good, I feel, for providing a really nice and thematic quest searching for clues, particularly when the game was in its infancy and whatnot. I've not yet had a chance to play NM mode, but it looks like it's the best implementation of NM mode so far!


4. The Dead Marshes

I've played the Mirkwood quests so often it's unreal, but they each have something that draws me back to them all the time. I really enjoy the Escape mechanic, and generally just really like this quest!


3. The Steward's Fear

Perhaps the best-designed quest to date, it feels so much like a proper RPG-style game that I was completely enraptured when I first tried it out. The replayability of this one is particularly amazing.


2. Foundations of Stone

I only ever play this game solo, one-handed, so the splitting-off is something that I can't appreciate (though I do, theoretically). However, the Nameless Thing mechanics are truly splendid, and I really enjoy replaying this one. I also like the fact there is equipment to be found in amongst the foundations!


1. The Hills of Emyn Muil

Normal mode, no faffing around with NM, this quest is, for me, the most perfect LotR experience you can ever get. So much of the book is an epic quest across country, which is precisely what this quest is all about. More than that, though, the whole point of this quest is to explore Middle Earth - I mean, how awesome is that?! It's unjustly put-down, I feel, by people who would much rather kill stuff, and that's fine; but for me, this quest is just the best. 


Honourable mentions would definitely go to:

Blood of Gondor - despite the whole Hidden Cards thing, I really liked this one. 

The Morgul Vale - love the lieutants thing, like stage bosses in an old-school video game! 

Flies and Spiders - I just love that Poisoned mechanic!!

Passage through Mirkwood - it's the first quest everyone ever plays, it's what got us all into this game, so it should be on everyone's lists, goddammit! 

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#28 NotAZombie



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Posted 03 June 2014 - 04:02 PM

In no particular order:


1. Massing at Osgiliath (Super fun to test decks against. I like the POD for the ease of pulling out and playing.)

2. Journey Down the Anduin (its a bit easy nowadays, but it is fun to test decks against and nightmare mode makes it fun)

3. Stone of Erech (Different and fun)

4. Over Misty Mountains Grim (I think. Second in the first hobbit box. I love the transition from the giants to the swarms of orcs, but the merry/brand combo can seriously nerf this quest.)

5. Foundations of Stone (Multi player at least. It is unique and requires some pretty dedicated deck planning)

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