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question about after the taxation phase?

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#1 toby31



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Posted 26 May 2014 - 03:06 AM

I'm totally new to this game and I'm a little unsure what happens after the taxation phase,
Do you start totally a fresh with the cards that you have played in the last round burning them all or do they stay active for the next round and then you go back to phase 1 then add to these cards in play repeating the 7 phases?

Also in challenges do you get power points for a millatery challenge that is won? Or do you only get this if the challenge is unopposed?

#2 Underworld40k



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Posted 27 May 2014 - 02:56 AM

Hi Toby,

The round structure of the game runs from plot to taxation, after each taxation phase the game enters a new round. Everything you have played stays in play (unless an effect would remove it from play) and all cards start the new round in the position (standing or kneeling) that they where in at the end of the taxation phase. So you go back to the plot phase and pick and reveal a new plot, then draw, marshal etc.

In military and intrigue challenges the only guaranteed in built way of gaining power is for the challenge to be unopposed, which means that the defender counted 0 strength in the challenge (please be aware that 0 strength and 0 characters are not always the same thing, putting a 0 strength character in to defend will mean the challenge is still unopposed unless you can raise the strength in some way).

Of course you can claim power in military an intrigue challenges in other ways, renown will still be awarded, event cards that award power (like ',make an example') can still be played or agendas like 'siege of winterfell' can be triggered.

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