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Opinions and Expansion Cards

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#21 Morithain



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Posted 21 May 2014 - 09:56 AM

Ok, so lot's of people complaining about the cost of core sets, APs, all that.  I say:


Whatever dudes...have you SEEN how much $$$ people sink into MtG cards?  It's insane.  And for me, this is a far superior game to MtG.  I tried, I mean really tried to get into it.  But it just bored me silly.  The theme is "over-the-top generic fantasy whatevers", the game play is typically imbalanced, there's an insane amount of powercreep, and there's absolutely no story or narrative feel to it.  


I'm a theme player, through and through, and I like to imagine the events of the game playing out in my head--that's whats really enjoyable about this game, is that the setting is clear, coherent and awesome (because TOLKIEN) and the play itself is very easy to visualize except in rare cases (like eagles flying into Moria, or Sam Gamgee being the Steward of Gondor), which are easy to explain away.


So, I say go for it, it's a lot of fun, awesome solo and coop play, and you'll love it.

#22 Mich the One

Mich the One


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Posted 23 May 2014 - 09:56 AM

1) I am strongly considering purchasing and getting into this game (huge Tolkien fan), do you guys recommend it? Why or why not? (Just want opinions because it will cost a fair bit of $$)


For a Tolkien fan (and I take form your name that you are quite into the lore) the game is absolutely worth getting for the art and for the positively Tolkienesque climate of the game. Granted, the game might be hard at first. But if you sink some time into it (and some money to expand your card pool) then it rewards you with a well-designed and flexible tool to experience adventures in Middle-earth.


The creators of the game respect the lore and seem to me to be very competent with the topics. I find LoTR LCG to be a fantastic extension of the Tolkien experience. You will be able to follow the stories, places and characters you know from the Tolkien canon. But you will also visit in your imagination sites and events that were only hinted or discussed occasionally.


If you are mad about Tolkien and generally find board/card games to be your thing, I do not see how you would not love this game.

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