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Talisman The Woodland Expansion!

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Posted 29 November 2014 - 02:51 PM

Hey, I said "arguably", Neomon :lol:!  I loved 2nd Edition Timescape too, and got to the Crown of Command through the Omnipotent Being at least twice ;).  It was a lot of fun, but as you pointed out, the Timescape deck of cards was pretty small, and for such a tiny deck it had an awful LOT of repeat cards (I'm looking at you, Supernovas, Dimensional Rifts, and Alien Artifacts :angry:!). 


DoomaGB, you are definitely right about the 2nd Edition City being fantastic!  It was a place of potentially great benefit, but also of great risk, given the strength and prevalence of the Watch units and the ease of breaking a law.  The 4th Edition City is a tremendous disappointment in comparison, being basically a Talisman version of Disney World with multiple EXTREMELY unbalanced items (Flails, oh, gosh the FLAILS, Batleaxes, and spell books), all of which we've had to House Rule remove.     


It's Nemomon. :)


Yeah, it had a lot of copies of certain cards, but actually I think it was a good thing. To a certain degree. The Objects in the Timescape were pretty costly. Five gold isn't small. Even in our 4th Edition. One must work really hard to have at once 5 gold. Plus, enemies in the Timescape were tough, so the Alien Artifacts pretty much were used to heal our character xD. Especially that finding gold in the TImescape (except for the Artifacts) was super hard.


Dimensional Rifts were crap, but all in all they were used as a break from constant alien fights ;).


Supernovas are fun! Hehe, in my recent game, or two games ago I played the Astropath, and got alien-spored! I survived only thanks to the Supernova that moved me fourth and the nexturn with 1 life left I entered the robo-healer ;). But I think You also not once or twice has a situation that You left the the Nexus space just to draw the Supernova next turn and return to the Nexus again ;).


Therefore I think that cards weren't that bad.


As for the old City I disliked it very much. It had a super huge deck, and the board had a super small amount of spaces where we were drawing City cards. Plus, the deck had a lot of place and stranger cards that stayed on the board forever blocking any possibilities for drawing the city cards. Also the Law in the city was more annoying than interesting. Finally get 1 crappy Magic Object, and.... That's why I never liked the City much. But I also didn't like the Dungeon, because they weren't any dangerous, and nothing useful and interesting we could find there.

Enter the Talisman Island!

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Posted 29 November 2014 - 03:21 PM

I guess I missed a lot of thing between the first original french talisman and like 30 years later 4th revised edition

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