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So... Reconciling some plot holes. ***SPOILERS***

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Posted 05 June 2014 - 04:55 PM

Good stuff. 


I toyed with the idea of fording the river, but, after looking at the map and the terrain, decided that the banks of the river were too steep and narrow for an AT-ST to maneuver. No reason you CAN'T do it though, whatever works for you guys.


Give the AT-ST some jet thrusters. 


Flying chicken walker!

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Posted 22 June 2014 - 09:44 AM

So, I (finally) managed to get the group together to play the beginner's game last night, and it was a great success.


As I outlined earlier, there were a few changes I wrote into the game to fill some of the plot holes - at the beginning, I had a narrative description of them paradropping into the jungle at first, and when they reached the base, I had them head out towards the Comm Tower in order to find the Comm Line, which they did fairly easily.  Instead of cutting the comm line, though, they followed it to the Comm Tower itself (in the end, I gave them a bridge, although it was only a small footbridge to carry the comm line conduit over the river).  After dealing with a couple of imps at the comm tower (one tech enjoying a smoke break - Deathsticks, anyone?  :-) plus an Army Trooper), they grabbed a couple of uniforms.  The Tendaar player, being a real-life engineer, came up with a plan to "tweak" the comm array - any messages sent would be buffered but appear to be sent out, effectively sabotaging the entire Comm system without letting the Imperials know they weren't actually transmitting. He rolled pretty well so I let him do it.


They headed back to the base, and after much umm-ing and ahh-ing finally opened up the Garage door and slipped inside.  This was about 2 hours into the play session and we started Encounter 1.  :-)


Encounters 1-4 went pretty much by the book - they talked to Toor but couldn't persuade him to help much, and ended up stealth-killing the Launch Platform Door guards, then sneaking aboard the shuttle.  The Pilot player rolled very well on his mechanics check so I had him pull something the size of a spark plug from under the pilot's console that would disable the Shuttle with a fairly easy reversibility.


After Encounter 4, though, things started to go a bit sideways.  Confronted with a large total complement of staff, my players decided, rather than taking them on a few at a time, locking doors, and generally being sneaky, to follow the philosophy of Go Big Or Go Home.


After situating the Pilot and Spy characters in the two AT-STs in the garage, the Engineer then helped the Diplomat fake a distress call from the Scout Patrol requesting urgent assistance.  When two full squads of troops ran into the garage to fire up the speeder bikes, the AT-STs activated and had their own little turkey shoot in there, killing them all.  The Pilot then turned his attention to the door to the base (the one closest to the Conrol Center) and started blasting whenever someone stuck their head out, causing untold chaos.  The Spy slipped out, killed a Stormtrooper guard at the Armory (with the assistance of the Soldier) and the two of them headed for the Control Center, using the blaring alarms and confusion as cover.  By now it was getting pretty late, so I had them fight two Stormtrooper guards from Encounter 5 outside the control room, then successfully bluffed the Control Room to open the door.  They seized the control room, to discover Sarev had escaped into the tunnel heading to the garage... where the Pilot was stlll sitting in his powered up AT-ST firing at enything that moved.


You can guess what happened next - they'll need a new cleaning droid to wipe up what was left of Sarev... :-)



Afterwards I asked them what they would have done if they hadn't grabbed the garage first, and Sarev had made it to the AT-ST and out the door.  The Pilot immediately said he'd have taken the Shuttle and pounded the AT-ST from above, and as the Engineer had already sabotaged the Comm Tower, they were under no threat from the chase anyway - it would have been a simple enough mop-up job.


All in all, I think the holes in the Beginner's Game (which are made more apparent when you read Operation Shadowpoint material) are annoying but can be overcome with a little immagination.

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Brother Bart


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Posted 23 June 2014 - 02:27 PM

I ran this adventure on Saturday night at a con this past weekend, after running the EotE beginner game the night before. It is a relatively small con, and the time slots I had had allot of competition with other great RPGs...still I had 9 people sign up for EotE and 7 signed up for AoR...so I was turning alternates away. I ran them with the pregens supplemented by the bonus ones posted here on the FFG website. 


I'll share some of the particulars and highlights from the Whisper Base adventure here...


First off, I only briefly read through the adventure...and so, was aware of a couple of the glaring loopholes/plot problems...but this was my first run-through of the module. 


Second, I have experience from GMing EotE, but have only ever had 4 PCs at a time, max. So, I was nervous about how to scale the difficulty without making it too dangerous for non-combat oriented player characters. 


After reading the opening crawl I added that the team needed to set up some kind of video loop on the closed circuit video surveillance feed while cutting off external comms. 


I laid out the base map at the beginning, explaining that advanced intel provided schematics on the party's two data-pads (Jin-Rio and the Mon Cal engineer)


When reading the description of the garage, I changed it to describe both doors shown on the map.


When hiding/setting up the ambush, Jin-Rio tried to use her disguise kit to look like an Imperial tech....but failed her deception check. The soldier set up behind some crates to cover the left door. The Bothan tried to open one of the crates and failed his athletics check...and only had time to take a maneuver to try to duck behind some crates (no time for another skill check). The Duros spy climbed on top of the left AT-ST and lay prone to cover the left door as well. The Mon Cal failed his stealth check and so failed to disguise his 'fishy' smell under the catwalk. The pilot hid under the catwalk near the right door to ambush anyone coming in that door. 


The security guards (6) piled in and noticed Jin-Rio failing to impersonate an Imperial tech, a Bothan awkwardly crouching half-behind some crates and a funny 'fish' smell. They immediately closed the door and advanced to attack. Jin-Rio managed to fire off a few rounds and hit one of the guards, then the soldier asked, "Can I shoot those 'fuel-tank' looking things they are running past?" So, after having them flip a destiny point to have the tanks filled with tibanna gas, he unloaded on them with his heavy blaster rifle! He rolled something like 6 success with crit advantage...


So the blast took out all of the minions, charred and rocked the AT-ST and set a bunch of stuff on fire. The diplomat bluffed a reactor leak to route the emergency responders to the door they were not escaping through. and proceeded to open the other...there stands Toor, the dejected janitor droid...the PCs laughed- thinking this was the emergency cleanup crew, and directed him to the fires...so they blew through the first and second encounters. 


The landing bay door was being guarded by 6 (one per PC!) guards, and this time Jin-Rio was able to bluff and get them to head off to help with the explosion. They headed out and disabled the shuttle by removing a rare, crucial part they could re-install later.


After fighting through 12 storm troopers (the Duros spy pulled a 'Han on the Deathstar' charge and led them into an ambush set up near the rec room.)  the diplomat succeeded with her deception check to get into the control center....but rolled a despair! I had the despair trigger Sarev's 'surprise' escape to the garage through the tunnel. 


They left the technicians and lesser officers to their own devices and pursued to the garage. They broke into the remaining AT-ST and grabbed a couple of speeder bikes to give chase. 


They managed to bring down Sarev's walker right before they reached the river...not sure how I was going to deal with the river, so that worked out. 


In the end it worked out great for a one-off con game...but linking it to the next adventure, you really want to deal with the prisoners before taking off and leaving the base you just took to fall back into enemy hands. Also, speeder scouts are super easy to take down in minion groups. I think next time I will run them as individual rivals to up the challenge. 

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Posted 13 September 2014 - 07:27 AM

What if one of the pre-generated characters is a local?


One of those indentured workers manages to sneak out the code for the garage door and the team whom were smuggled into the village use their contact to reach the base and get in using an otherwise okay code but a team of troopers are sent into the garage to double check as the team by then has cut the comm link as per the start of the game?


Internal security cameras' are still being installed as per a previous message in this thread and the base is currently understaffed due to the effort to keep its existence a secret so the gradual build up in personal via that lambda shuttle as the base is about to go fully operational...


After reading the above I have this vision where an npc is introduced and later revealed to be an Imperial Agent who helps the rebel team because Sarev murdered a friend of his who just happens to be a Rebel.


Have this scary image in mind where Sarev recognises the npc and the team realises they only gained entry into the base because the Agent knows all of the codes and lets them keep the base as long as they keep his identity a secret from their superiors as he knows the Rebel Alliance has leaks and he's been trying to help the Rebels because he sees them as a useful tool for improving the Empire.


Given what I read in that game I think that might make a better explanation for how they got inside and found out about the base and given them a recurring ally/nemesis who they're willing to talk to once they realise he's more likely to help than hinder them if its truly for the greater good.


Yes I'm plumbing the depths of other nefarious threads but could that work? 

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