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Desecrated Tomb 2 - Alric Farrow wielding Shield of Zoreks Favor

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#21 Charmy



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Posted 28 October 2014 - 09:38 AM


I believe the intent was that only Sir Alric Farrow’s attacks could harm Khorayt. I would play that way.


Nathan Hajek
Creative Content Developer
Fantasy Flight Games


This situation has never arose for me since I always try to avoid Death on the Wing, but I'd still go with RAW in this case. I agree with most of this thread that if the Overlord won the shield, he definitely earned it, and he rarely gets bonuses like this.


Nathan's e-mail is not even a ruling on this matter, merely a statement of preference.


I'm guessing he didn't want to pronounce a definitive ruling with eventual FAQ errata backup since the best person to answer this question would be Adam Sadler, one of the original designers at the time of Shadow Rune.

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#22 amoshias



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Posted 29 October 2014 - 09:18 AM

Hey guys,


I just wanted to report back from our last gaming night. After some discussion our overlord agreed that the heroes would stand no chance in Desecrated Tomb and decided to just pick a different quest. I don't think I mentioned beforehand that this was our first quest in Act II, so our heroes were relieved to play something that seemed a bit easier.


Thanks for all the help and input, it was greatly appreciated.


This is weird to me. I've always viewed Descrated Tomb as essentially a freebie for the heroes - one of the ones that they had almost no chance to lose. You may want to suggest to your heroes that they reconsider their skills and items leading to the finale if they they think that Desecrated Tomb is difficult. Or, you may NOT want to suggest that to them :-)

#23 Zaltyre



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Posted 29 October 2014 - 11:03 AM

I agree with amoshias. If obviously depends on several factors, but in general I don't think Desecrated Tomb is that difficult for the heroes. I also don't see a problem with the shield damaging Khorayt, though I respect Nathan's ruling.

#24 DAMaz



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Posted 29 October 2014 - 11:53 AM

The Desecrated Tomb is the wierdest and worst written quest in the whole shadow-rune campaign. There are a ton of unnatural and weird situations, all which are not even mentioned.


1.) Khoryat is treated as a shadowdragon, yet has not even shadow. Why they write specifically "shadowdragon"?


2.) Khoryat is a dragon that attacks bad guys and is activated after the last heroes turn, yet his moves are acted out by the OL who can decide to spend the surges in the weakest way possible. This is such a mess. He activates at the end of the heroes' turn like any allies of the heroes. He attacks the bad guys, like any other ally of the heroes. Yet everything he does is acted out by the OL. Why couldn't they just write that he activates at the start of OL's turn? Would have made things much clearer imo.


3.) As the OL acts out Khoryat, he decides how to spend surges. Luckily the small detail that he has to spend every surge was erratad (I don't see how they could've forgotten to mention that). Nevertheless that's where it gets ridiculous: Khoryat tries to kill the one holding Dawnblade? He only really tries if it's a hero who can't even harm him, the one that tries to kill him suffers the least damage possible. The weilder of the dawnblade nearly kills the dragon? Better use firebreath instead of +dmg to kill the heroes who didn't even scratch the dragons pawns.


4.) There is no restriction of OL cards you can play on the dragon. The dragon attacked the only threat really hard? Better reroll the die and hope for less damage/a miss. The dragon attacks the heroes without the blade? Add surges and +dmg cards to burn them. The lieut. is attacking the dragon and Khoryat makes a good defense roll? Better play a card to reroll that roll hoping for less shields.


how thematic.


I really wish they could write the whole text again and at least mention if these things are legal/intended or not.


btw. I don't think this quest is an easy win for the heroes. If the OL draws good OL cards in the first encounter and this is the first Act II quest (or you don't have an Act II weapon because of poor shop-draws) it gets pretty hard. The way you can reinforce in the first encounter and the fact every hero has to get back to the exit can get extremely problematic if you can't easily kill the monsters and the OL's tripwires do their job.

Then the OL needs only a dash and a frenzy and the quest is nearly won, especially considering all the Khoryat stuff.

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#25 Whitewing



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Posted 29 October 2014 - 01:17 PM

It's one of the reasons I don't particularly like The Shadow Rune campaign, I much prefer to play Nerekhall or Labyrinth. It's obvious it's their first try at writing a campaign with their new rule set and they didn't have a great grasp of their own mechanics quite yet.

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