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Teleportarium Rules

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Posted 20 April 2014 - 12:39 PM

I know that thers been a few home brew Teleportarium rules floating around. This is just my slant at them, and I would like the communities opinion. I've taken points fromn a few people, so all credit to them

Teleportation rules

· Range is 5 VU, +0 tech use test. See below for modifiers.

· Tech use isn’t needed if 1 hour is used to calibrate the cogitators. I.e. planet travel, unless it’s an emergency, i.e., smash and grab. Outside of combat only.

· Can’t be used if void shield is up, on either ship, unless within 1 VU, where void shields overlap anyway.

· A focused augury is needed before teleportation can be attempted, of either ship or planet.

· Hit and run can be more than 1 VU distance away (Max 10)

· When boarding the ship has to be within 1VU as per normal boarding rules, as actual boarding parties need to be present as well. The teleportarium just allows you to do surprise attacks on key structures, sending some men to bypass key defensive positions.

· Hit-and-run members must have a teleport locator. It is a specialised, much compacted vox caster. It has enough charge to send out a single 2 minute beam of data to enable the teleportarium to locate his position. It is approximately the size of 4 frag grenades, and better quality versions can be found smaller. It must be recharged after each use, and are acquired at a –30.

· 100 people can fit in a teleportarium. Cool down is 15 minutes. In one turn, 100 hit and run attackers can be sent and recalled.

· Boarders do not need a locator, unless they want to return to the ship by teleportation.

· Tech use failures: Every degree of failure adds +10 to a d100 roll on the Teleportarium mishaps: eg, Khlightus tries to send 100 men on a hit and run against the Indomitable. The Indomitable is 6 VU away. The Indomitable is also doing evasive maneuverers. His intelligence is 55, and has tech-use +10. The 6VU distance gives him a -10. The evasive manoeuvres give him another -10. He therefore needs to roll 45 or below. He rolls 89! Horror of horrors! He rolls on the Teleportarium mishaps table. He has 4 degrees of failure, so he rolls a 1d100+40. He rolls 56, plus 40 equals 96. Disaster! The teleportarium is broken. However, he is glad that it was not so bad as to send his friends spinning through the warp.

Teleport homers
These homers are different from locators. Essentially teleport are much enhanced vox casters, with cogitators and auspexes in-built to aid with triangulation. They can be used to teleport large groups of people to the teleportarium. They add triangulation bonuses as well. Common quality Teleport homers are roughly 1x1 meters, square. Good versions have anti-grav engines for ease of transport. Best quality types are backpack sized. Poor versions are poorly made, which means they are only just able to perform their function, but do not help triangulation. The homers can transport up to 100 people or similar volume objects back to the teleportarium. Roll tech use the same. Teleport homers can be made, but only by using extensive tech-rituals with powerful teleportariums. As such, only highly advance forge worlds can make them. They count as Extremely Rare to acquire, however, can be *fairly* easily acquired on a forge world, as assuming you have a teleportarium, most Magos would gladly trade a few to examine more Archeotech.

Teleportarium mishaps
Either ship is not stationary or on a straight course.
Warp area is stormy or turbulent.
Must roll on teleportation mishaps table. All other modifiers apply
There are strong electromagnetic signatures. Eg from a nearby sun.
The target is 1 VU away or less
The target is 2 VU away
The target is 3 VU away
The target is 4 VU away
The target is 5 VU away
The target is 6 VU away
The target is 7 VU away
The target is 8 VU away
The target is 9 VU away
The target is 10 VU away
The target is more than 10 VU away
A teleport homer is used (poor/common/good/best)
Null is being teleported

Roll 1d10. If 3 or above, teleportation occurs, but refuses to work for 20 min or 1 turn in spaceship combat. If below 3, in built safety mechanisms stop the teleportation, and refuses work as above.
Roll 1d10. If 5 or above, teleportation occurs, but refuses to work for 1 day. If below 5, in built safety mechanisms stop the teleportation, and refuses work as above.
In built safety mechanisms stop teleportation, but the teleportarium refuses to work for a 1d10+3 days
In built safety mechanisms stop teleportation, but the teleportarium is now broken, and cannot be repaired unless with a –30 tech use. Can be reduced with appropriate facilities.
The teleport occurs, but users are scattered 5d10 meters. Roll 1d100. on a 100, he materialises in a wall and suffers appropriately. Ship boarding parties give no bonus (the +20 for teleportarium and half bonuses of teleporting specialised troops eg storm troopers or murder servitors) and Hit-and-run actions now have a -20 command test instead of a +0. All specialised troops have half bonus. Roll another d100 to determine condition of teleportarium.
The teleport occurs, but takes 1d5 turns. All users take 1d10+turns corruption and insanity points, and are counted as stunned for the number of turns equal to insanity points gained. In ship to ship combat, all command tests are done at a –20, regardless of troop quality. Roll another d100 to determine condition of teleportarium.
The teleport occurs, but all users vanish for 1d5 days. They may or may not re-appear in safe conditions, GM decides. If they survive, all users take 5d10 corruption and insanity. They are also count as stunned for 1d5+2 days minus willpower bonus. Roll another d100+20 to determine condition of teleportarium. Treat any value above 100 as 100.
The teleport occurs, but all users vanish. PC’s may burn a fate point to survive. If so, they suffer 7d10 insanity and corruption, as well as anything the GM deems suitable. Roll another d100+50 to determine condition of teleportarium. Treat any value above 100 as 100.
The teleportarium implodes. It destroys the ship it is in, and 1d6 hits at 1d10+2 damage to any ship within 6 VU, reduced by armour and void shields, calculated like a macrobattery hit.

Soz bout grammar, and any spelling mistakes

Edit: Why does the formating of this site screw everything up?

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Map of Calixis Sector and Koronus Expanse


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Posted 21 April 2014 - 03:29 AM

I like it.  It's short, sweet, and to the point.  I do have a minor minor confusion with something though. 


N/M.  Figured it out. 


Not to sure about the adjacent shield thing though.  Still think the shields need to be down by either attacking the ship or disabling/destroying/damaging the shield generator. 

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