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Road to Redemption

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#1 Drop Bear 2.0

Drop Bear 2.0


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Posted 12 April 2014 - 10:06 AM

Bean a wile since I've played a regular DH game, though I have had a few pick up games of my Red Pilgrim character from time to time. any-how we have started a new (planed to be) regular DH game, we have kind of defaulted to a Red Redemption themed game due to the death of all non-redemption themed characters to date.


Characters are: Gabriele Blaze, Shrine Word Cleric, Redempetionst Alt Rank, Redemptionst Firebrand background and Cult of Red Redemption Elite Advance, she's rocking the Sheild Robes, Flamer and Chainsword combo. Born to Adepts on a Shrine World, she felt the orthodox creed lacked the passion the Emperor deserved so she fell in with the Red Redemption underground, she left her family, friends and adept studies to join the redemption where her zeal saw her rise in to the priesthood.


Ternt Vicker, Shrine World Adept, Faters Militia Alt Rank, Pilgrim background, Cult of the Red Redemption Elite Advance. he started with a Pump-action Shotgun, a hand full of shells and some devotional items, he's scavenged up enough trade goods to get himself a Mono Sword, some Mesh body armor and a few utility odds & ends. Not too distantly descended from Priests of the Minstoriam his branch of the family have bean lowly copiests and clerks for the last few generations, after the girl he had a crush on left the Hab he grew up in he became more restless until he abandoned his hereditary post to join the Faters Militia and go off on Pilgrimage/Crusade eventually he fell in with the Red Redemption.


Inez, Feral World Scum Faters Militia Alt Rank. started with a PA Shotgun, Bladed Chain and an attitude, her flack vest & leathers a Flack Coat & Cowl, she has a Mono Sword and an Armageddon Autogun that she cant keep the ammo up to so she still uses the Pumpy a lot. Though not formaly part of the Red Redemption Cult she dose follow a Credo very close to it.


other characters weve had have bean a Void-born Tech-Preist, a Scholar Guardsmen, a Noble Assassin and an Imperial world Scum, but there all dead now (over the cause of two adventures) there players have to make new characters before next session.

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#2 Drop Bear 2.0

Drop Bear 2.0


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Posted 12 April 2014 - 06:39 PM

I should point out my character is Trent the formally poor pilgrim, now the only slightly less poor vagabond religious fanatic. The Girl he had a crush on is now The Reverend Sister Blaze who still hasn't noticed him or returned his feelings.


only three of the four party deaths have bean due to enemy action or misadventure, the forth was a purposeful party kill when the character turned Mutie in Shattered hope, we flamed him and dismembered his corpus, then burnt the bits.

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