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Ratcatcher and Waywatcher builds - looking for suggestions

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#21 Ghost of Snori

Ghost of Snori


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Posted 09 May 2014 - 12:53 PM

Carcosa & Eradico Pravus, our game hasn't actually started, but should next month. Will be running the group through a modified version of " A Day Late and a Shilling Short" due to the large amount of players in the group. I'll keep you all posted in the GMs section.

#22 Carcosa



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Posted 10 May 2014 - 03:32 AM

Snorri, do you run any house rules, or is it all out of the box?

#23 Carcosa



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Posted 10 May 2014 - 08:09 AM



I have nutted out 2 advance schemes for the 2 toons you were after, I will do them in 2 separate posts with some ideas.


First the Waywatcher because they are a fairly focussed kind of concept.


Starting Stats:

STR:  3      INT:   2              WND: 12

TOU:  3      WIL:  4              WEALTH: 2

AGI:   5      FEL:  2              Stat cost: 11


Skills: (2)                        Actions: (3)                     Talents: (2)

Ballistic skill (elf)            Improved Dodge             Tactic:- Lead from the Front

- Spec: Long Bow

Co-ordination                 Accurate Shot                 Focus:- Cool as Ice

Stealth                           Arrowstorm

Nature Lore                    Acrobatic Strike


Total CP's = 20


Now, this is a little bit of a *twink* build in regards to stats, but if you want an Archer, I feel it is probably a very good build for it. Focused idea's lend themselves to focussed stats, at least right out of the gate. The skills, barring nature lore are all AGI based so you can be as effective as you can be for a starting character. As for the actions, some may say drop the Improved Dodge and Acrobatic strike but the idea here is to still create a balanced character. With those 4 skills you are effective at range, CAN be effective in melee every so often and can stay alive.

The two Talents also bounce off the rest of the build as chances are you will go first, which will consistently trigger lead from the front, and Cool as Ice will help you out with the accurate shot cooldown, or any other if you use accurate shot or suffer stress. (which bounces off your high Willpower)


Now, for Advancement build.

10 Slots available, 4 chosen by the rules.

Here is my take.


Action: Threading the Needle.

Talent: Focus:- Jack of all trades.

Skill: Athletics

Wound: Yes Please!!


Fortune dice:- Agility

Wound: Yep!!

Action: Sniper Shot

Action: Predator or Prey

Conservative Stance slot

Skill:- Ballistic Skill.


The only suggestions I would make on those advances would be your first or second would be your Stance die or your Fortune die. The extra ballistic Skill MUST be last as it only becomes available when you hit rank 2 at 10 advances.


Lastly, Wealth.

Wealth 2 give you 2 gold which allows you to buy 3 things you should want. A rapier, buckler and mail shirt. and give you 40s in change. This setup gives you a fast weapon which helps on the cooldown  on acrobatic strike (and makes sense for an Elf) and gives you 2 black dice in defence and 2 soak to help keep you alive. Soak 5 is hardly stellar, but it is not bad for a non-melee character. What you are really after is defence, and Advanced dodge lays down an extra purple and IF they miss you get to disengage for free!! In addition, you have the stats and gear to use Block, Parry and Dodge.


Where to go after this class??

I see 2 good options here, either the scout class, or the Assassin class, mostly because they are AGI/INT (and I think you will want more INT), but that's really just opinion. The good thing here is that you have by the end of one career a very solid basis to go pretty much anywhere. Yes, it will always be an archer at it's core, but you could go social over 2 careers, or melee over one.


Don't forget, you an always use those 2 off class advances to get stuff if you are not desperate to advance careers, but I find that more useful in your second career when you are building on what you did in your first career.


Hope that helps :)

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#24 Carcosa



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Posted 10 May 2014 - 06:17 PM

Character 2 the Ratcatcher.



This one is a bit "odd" for me in that it is a purely support kind of character. Not only that, it is sorta a gateway type of toon as well, it's not good "now" but it can be quite good down the road.


Here are the Stats:

STR:  3           INT:  3                WND:       13

TOU:  4           WIL: 3                WEALTH: 0

AGL:  3           FEL: 4                Stat cost:  20


Skills: (3)                         Action (1)                 Talent (1)

Animal handling x2         Sage Advice             Rep:- Resourceful

- Spec: Command           Big city Bravado



- Spec: Disease


A much more generic build, but the ratcatcher is one of those careers that doesn't really lend itself to anything in particular. This one is a more social/support build. One alternate option is to ditch one of the Off Class stats of 3 and buy your 2 dog tricks and another action,

I also gave this character 0 for wealth, simply because I can't see a starting rat catcher really having any money. This does hurt the survivability of the character as they can't buy armour however. I guess you could write in finding some gold or gems in the sewers in your background and spend the creation points on it..........



Action:- Cut and run

Skill:- Observation

Talent:- Trick- Harrier

Wound: Of course


Fortune Dice:- Toughness

Extra Obediance

Extra Trick

Talent:- Trick- Mans Best Friend

Talent:- Trick- Nip at heels

Skill: Stealth


Personally, I would probably get the Dog related ones first, possibly cut and run as well to help out with some survivability. Besides that, it's a pretty boring old build.


Where to go after?

This is where it gets a little more interesting. After this, you can go into pretty much anything. You could go into a more social career with access to skills like charm and guile and become a more social primary or support character. You could go into a career like soldier and become a melee support character playing of leadership based skills or using Improved guarded position. Whichever way you go however, I would very much suggest buying one of the skills you intend to use from your next career as a out of class advance so when you transition across you can train in it again in your second rank, that way you are as effective as character who started in the career.




Total CP's = 25

#25 Ghost of Snori

Ghost of Snori


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Posted 13 May 2014 - 02:52 PM

Snorri, do you run any house rules, or is it all out of the box?


Its mostly out of the box,I treat each action card ability as unique so each player can have their own niche. I've disallowed the ironbreaker from taking saga of grungi (were every one attacks him). I've allowed everyone to have their suggested trappings for their staring characters (I'm rather a generous gm for starting games) and I've house ruled that Elves can also be wizards.

#26 Carcosa



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Posted 15 May 2014 - 04:44 PM

You know, having everyone attack you when the encounters are geared towards *8* players may not be a crash hot thing in the long run..............

Death by 1000 cuts is still death, and even a soak of 11 (Armour 5 tough 5 shield 1) will fall to some Gors with 2hd weapons. Throw in some pierce attacks or spells and being the only viable target.............

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